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Midway Through Round Robin, SK Telecom T1 Sees Odds Shorten to +200, While G2 Now +275 at LoL World Championship

Matthew Hempstead

by Matthew Hempstead in eSports

Oct 16, 2019 · 12:02 PM PDT

SK Telecom T1
SK Telecom T1 poses at a fan meet prior to the start of Worlds 2019. Photo By @T1LoL (Twitter).
  • The League of Legends World Championship group stage is halfway completed and the second half begins on October 17th
  • Through the first round robin, only G2 and SK Telecom T1 have a perfect record at 3-0
  • Team Liquid has the highest odds to win of any North American team at +3500

The Main Event of the League of Legends World Championship began back on October 12th. The first half of the group stage saw a lot of upsets and surprises which have heavily affect the LoL World Championship Odds. The second half of the group stage runs from October 17-20.

LoL World Championship Odds

Team Odds
SK Telecom T1 +200
G2 Esports +275
FunPlus Phoenix +500
Invictus Gaming +900
Royal Never Gave Up +1000
DAMWON Gaming +1100
Griffin +1600
Team Liquid +3500
Fnatic +4000
J Team +5000
Splyce +8000
Cloud9 +20000
GAM Esports +20000
Hong Kong Attitude +50000
Clutch Gaming +100000
ahq esports club +100000

*All odds taken 10/16/19

Searching for Number Four

The three-time World Champions in SK Telecom T1 have opened Worlds 2019 with a bang. Even though they were placed in the toughest group of the tournament, SKT hasn’t dropped a single game. SKT absolutely manhandled Fnatic and Clutch Gaming, but they had a difficult encounter with RNG. If not for a well executed backdoor, SKT would have a blemish instead of a perfect record.

The way that Faker is playing, they should probably be viewed as the favorites. Their odds to win have gone up from +310 to +200 as a result of their early strong showing.

The Kings of Europe

G2 is the only team alongside SKT to have a perfect record after the opening three games. For the most part they’ve been incredibly dominant. Their only stumble came against the supposedly weakest team in their group. Although they struggled, G2 would eventually turn on the gas and close out the game against Hong Kong Attitude. Although they had issues against HKA, they had a convincing win over the second seeded LCK team in Griffin.

It was a brilliant way to start the tournament and reading into the match against HKA would be a mistake. I’ve previously picked G2 to win this tournament and although their odds have gone from +460 to +275, they’re still my pick to win it all.

The Falling FunPlus Phoenix

Outside of G2 and SKT, heading into Worlds 2019, many people viewed FunPlus Phoenix as another top contender. However, it’s a very young team and their nerves were evident in their opening game. They had a very shaky performance against J Team as FPX started Worlds at a disappointing 0-1.

Luckily, they’re in the weakest group of Worlds and rebounded with wins over Splyce and GAM Esports. As each game goes on, FPX starts to look better and better. If that trend continues, they could return to the form that saw them win the LPL Summer Split. It’s an even more intriguing bet now that they’ve dropped to +500.

North America’s Dying Breath

The opening weeks of Worlds has been disappointing for NA fans. Cloud9 faltered against Griffin, and Clutch has been consistently outperformed. Team Liquid is the only NA team left standing that has a solid chance of making playoffs. They’re in a three-way tie for first in the group and picked up a huge win over DAMWON Gaming to kick off their tournament.

Even if TL makes it into playoffs, there’s almost no chance that they can win a series over G2 or SKT. Stay away from any of the NA teams.

Pick: G2 Esports (+275)

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