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FLOTUS Odds: Will Melania Trump Visit LeBron’s “I Promise” School?

Eric Rosales

by Eric Rosales in News

Aug 22, 2018 · 8:46 AM PDT

Melania Trump
Will Melania Trump visit LeBron James' I Promise School in Akron? Photo by The White House.
  • Will Melania Trump visit the I Promise School in Akron?
  • FLOTUS has been on the opposite side of POTUS before
  • LeBron James’ personal project is the epitome of #BeBest

Proving that you can find action on almost anything, sportsbooks have crossed the sports world with the political arena for a dandy.

They’re offering odds on whether First Lady Melania Trump will in fact visit the I Promise School in Akron, Ohio – the brainchild of NBA demigod LeBron James, and current newest sworn enemy du jour of her husband, US President Donald Trump.

Let’s check the numbers.

Odds FLOTUS visits the I Promise School by End of 2018 

Yes Odds No Odds

This summer, the Team James camp, with assistance from the public school board of Akron, created the I Promise School – a school built to take on at-risk and inner-city youth, and give them every chance at an education and success.

It is legitimately dope. It’s a well thought out, highly progressive and holistic attempt at creating the proper environment for kids to work at being their best. What other school offers this kind of program?

They’re so serious, the staff have to hold up their end of the bargain too!

When the school opened, James was interviewed by CNN’s Don Lemon, and stated his platform that isn’t hard to find. He’s not fond of what Trump is doing.

Apparently, the president who never watches CNN, watched, and lashed out.

Shortly after came the FLOTUS comments. And here we are.

Let’s be honest. This isn’t anything we could define as normal. We’ve never seen a president use cyberspace (mainly Twitter) as an attack-style sounding board, to foreign leaders (both of the combative and kind variety), the media, and celebrities.

And we’ve never had a First Lady pour her efforts into a cause that flies directly in the face of her man’s antics.

This is not the first time that Melania has flown against the grain of her husband’s wishes, either. Apparently, Air Force One is a no-CNN zone, but maybe only when the Donald is rolling with his cronies.

Which is why that +200 is looking awfully good. It appears that the First Lady is defiant, willing to distance herself from the actions of Trump, and stand in direct contrast to what he is spewing when everything tells her that it’s wrong.

But more than that, is this all posturing? If so, consider this visit a nice little “get out of jail free” card that can be activated in the case of a Trump blunder that completely grabs hold of the media and puts White House staff into damage control mode. Hmmm, I wish there were examples that I could offer…

Deploying Melania to the school, and perhaps a face-to-face visit with James would be a nice little side distraction. Right, conspiracy theorists?

But there’s a caveat to that. The NBA regular season starts on October 16th. If it doesn’t happen before then, it’s going to be a scheduling miracle to plan that visit before December 31st.

So hold off until then. If there’s still no visit, grab the -300. It’s a virtual lock FLOTUS will not be visiting.

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