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Will Masters Be Renamed Due to BLM Movement? Odds Favor “No” at -2500

Michael Harrison

by Michael Harrison in Golf

Jun 23, 2020 · 12:54 PM PDT

Wide shot of a fairway at Augusta National
The 2020 Masters will be contested November 12-15th. Photo by Oliver Gunning (Flickr)
  • Amid the “Black Lives Matter” movement, schools and teams are considering changing their names due to racial connotations
  • One sportsbook is offering odds on whether Augusta National will change the name of the “Masters” tournament
  • See the full odds for the prop, as well as best bet below

With the political unrest that has evolved in recent weeks due to the “Black Lives Matter” movement, numerous companies, schools, stores and organizations have changed names due to the racist backgrounds that they were founded behind.

Sports is no different, with plenty of teams deciding to change their names, logos and traditions because of the optics that don’t paint their program in the best of light given the deep history of racism attached to them.

While the Masters tournament was originally scheduled for play in April, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that has been pushed back to November of this year. Along with the usual 2020 Masters odds, bettors can now wager on another aspect of the tournament: will it get its own name change before the year is out?

Odds the “The Masters” Changes Tournament Name

Result Odds
Yes +1000
No -2500

Odds as of June 23rd. Note: prop states that name must be changed by January 1st, 2021.

Augusta National has not escaped criticism for its checkered history with regards to people of color and women members. There’s a school of thought that “The Masters” will change its name due to racial connotations

Deadspin Article Started Conversation for Name Change

At first blush, the “Masters” tournament name wouldn’t seem to have any negative bigotry attached to it, with many suggesting that it only refers to golfers competing to master the game and be crowned champion for the year.

However, a Deadspin article has shone a light onto the fact that, in the South, the phrase “Slave Masters” refers to the golf tournament, noting that it’s a reminder of America’s ugly past.

What can’t be denied is Augusta National’s sordid past: they didn’t allow a black golfer to participate in the tournament until 1975, didn’t allow black members until 1990, and didn’t allow female members until 2012.

Don’t Bank on Augusta National Changing Tournament Name

Augusta National has long operated at a snail’s pace and been resistant to change. Even if they were to alter the name of the tournament, they’d still have to do it by the first day of 2021 for the “Yes” to cash on this prop, not even two months after the conclusion of this year’s event.

It remains very unlikely they’ll change anything unless they are completely pushed to the brink. Even if they did decide to do it, expecting it to happen by New Year’s Day is fool’s gold.

The initial reaction to the Deadspin article has been shrugs and cries of “click bait”, with not a whole lot of people siding with a tournament name change. The choice here is easy.

Pick: The Masters Does Not Change Tournament Name (-2500)

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