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Odds Favor Peyton Manning’s Team Over Tom Brady’s Team in Potential Golf Match With Tiger & Phil

Michael Harrison

by Michael Harrison in Golf

Apr 2, 2020 · 2:09 PM PDT

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  • A sequel to the Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson “match” is rumored to be in the works after Phil Mickelson replied to a fan on Twitter
  • Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are also believed to potentially be participating as celebrity partners
  • Should Brady or Manning’s team be favored if the match ends up happening? 

While there won’t be golf for quite a while on the highest stage because of the coronavirus pandemic, there are rumors circulating that Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will have a sequel to the match they held in Las Vegas in 2018.

This time, however, the belief is that they’ll be joined by legendary quarterbacks Tom Brady and Peyton Manning as playing partners to spice up the event.

It should come as no surprise that Tiger is favored to win, despite Phil getting the better of him in a 22-hole duel the last time around. The location and date of the potential event haven’t been confirmed yet, but oddsmakers are favoring any team including Manning to emerge victorious over a Brady duo.

Odds on Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady Golf Match With Tiger & Phil Winner

Result Odds
Peyton Manning’s Team -135
Tom Brady’s Team -105

Odds taken April 2nd

Manning Apparently Better Than Brady

It’s believed that Peyton Manning has a slightly better golf game than Tom Brady, but not by much. Though their handicaps aren’t officially known, Manning does keep track of his USGA scoring, while the former Patriot apparently does not. If all indications are correct, the former Colt and Bronco plays to an eight handicap, and Brady is anywhere from an eight to a ten.

There haven’t been a ton of appearances by the two sure fire Hall of Famers at the biggest pro-am golf tournament held at Pebble Beach every February for one very simple reason – they often competed in Super Bowls around that time. There’s not a ton of intel to glean from, apart from Manning’s handicap seeming much more secure, thus given him the better odds – but even that is up for debate.

Better Value Betting on Brady

With it being so close between them, you might be wise to select Brady’s team – after all, he did get the better of Manning in their respective football careers, winning 11 of 17 meetings. It’s not as if he’s a slouch on the golf course as he’s displayed when he has had the time to compete at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

In theory they’d pair up the better golfer with the worse quarterback, so based on that logic, Tiger would be playing partners with Brady and Manning would be with Lefty. Then it becomes a question of which pro you trust more which will be augmented by their quarterback partner.

Manning did finish in a tie for ninth at Pebble Beach this year, but why not take the extra little bit of value where you can find it and put your trust in the six-time Super Bowl champion? You know the stakes will be high and pride will be on the line should they stage the match yet again.

Pick: Tom Brady’s Team Wins (-105)

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