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The Lede: Price Scratched for More than Spring?

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Don’t have time to read through 1,000 words, but need some informed betting tips? Here’s a quick rundown on today’s biggest sports story, and how it impacts the way you should bet. Missed yesterday’s? See it here.

David Price may Require Tommy John Surgery

Red Sox lefty David Price was scheduled to make his first Spring League start this Sunday (March 5), but has been scratched due to soreness in his left elbow and forearm. Price has undergone an MRI and is still awaiting the results. However, there is serious concern within the Red Sox organization that one of their aces may require Tommy John surgery. If so, Price’s season would be over before it even began.

Although it is currently just speculation, should you start worrying if you have laid early money on Boston? The Sox proved last season that they didn’t need him to pitch to his ace status to win games. Price recorded a very average 3.99 ERA and 1.20 WHIP, yet Boston still won 93 games and took the AL East. Then the team went out and acquired one of the best pitchers in baseball, Chris Sale, in the offseason. So the AL favorites should be fine, right?

I’m not so confident.

Boston’s 2016 success was largely due to the offense. Of course, AL Cy Young winner Rick Porcello was a major contributor, but the Red Sox scored 101 more runs than any other AL team. That offense won’t be as potent without RBI leader David Ortiz, who retired in the offseason. Not to suggest the rest of their lineup is mediocre, but they won’t produce as many runs without Big Papi’s 127 RBIs. Boston’s rotation was already going to be relied on more heavily this season, and Price was a huge part of that. Numbers say Porcello won’t put up Cy Young numbers again, and it’s tough to bank on Steven Wright.

I’m going to sprinkle some money on the Cleveland Indians for the AL pennant.

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