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Odds on Conor McGregor’s Next Opponent in UFC: Cerrone Favored, Gaethje & Diaz Given Short Odds

Dylan Bowker

by Dylan Bowker in Mixed Martial Arts

Oct 23, 2019 · 4:46 PM PDT

Conor McGregor giving an interview
Speculation is running rampant about McGregor's next opponent in UFC. Photo by @The Diddy Bop (Twitter).
  • Odds are out on McGregor’s next opponent in the UFC
  • “Cowboy” Cerrone is the betting chalk at +200, but five fighters are shorter than +1000
  • Prop on whether Notorious will wrestle in WWE before 2020 ends

October 2018 was when Conor McGregor last entered the UFC Octagon. McGregor has been in several scrapes with the law since then and is now embroiled in a sexual assault investigation.

Despite this, he stated at a recent press conference that he wants to, not only fight again, but ramp up his schedule. Below, find the odds on who McGregor’s next opponent will be in the UFC, followed by my predictions and analysis, and a brief foray into whether Notorious will take his talents to the WWE.

Odds on McGregor’s Next UFC Opponent

Fighter Odds
Donald Cerrone +200
Justin Gaethje +350
Nate Diaz +400
 Jorge Masvidal +600
Khabib Nurmagomedov +900
Tony Ferguson +1000
 Frankie Edgar +1600
Georges St-Pierre +1800

Odds taken Oct. 23.

A McGregor vs Cerrone fight has long been buzzed about. Though Cerrone is heavily favored to be McGregor’s next UFC opponent, Duke Roufus threw some cold water on that idea. Roufus has said that details for a rematch between Pettis and Cerrone were being finalized per MMA Junkie.

Shortly after the Cowboy talks happened, Nate Diaz was brought up.

McGregor’s Next Opponent Has Been Discussed for Months

With Diaz, there’s a built-in history. The two are tied at one apiece in their series and the rubber match between Diaz and McGregor seems inevitable. Talks cooled off briefly and while Diaz’s name re-emerged in July, yet again the talks didn’t lead to Diaz being McGregor’s next opponent in UFC. All of this took place before Diaz’s big return win over Anthony Pettis and subsequent callout of Jorge Masvidal.

Briefly in early June, McGregor tweeted out that he wanted to fight Mark Wahlberg. The hypothetical bout led to oddsmakers actually posting a moneyline for McGregor vs Wahlberg. Then in August, there was a brief dialogue about McGregor rematching Jose Aldo. To me, this always seemed like the least likely rematch option proposed during this timeline. Aldo is a legend but McGregor KOed him in thirteen seconds.

As far as Frankie Edgar goes, that was a proposed fight that confused many. McGregor respects Edgar and wants to (or wanted to) get in the cage with the former lightweight champion before he retires. Dana White came out publicly to say this wasn’t going to happen. It likely won’t, in part due to lack of public interest.

A Khabib Rematch Is Not in the Cards

McGregor has pretty steadily campaigned for a Khabib rematch since he was beaten by the reigning UFC lightweight champion. He was finished pretty emphatically in that bout so the idea of an immediate rematch doesn’t seem super appealing to many. In bringing up Khabib, it also eliminates Ferguson and GSP from the running. Both of those fighters are only willing to fight Khabib next. Both seem disinterested with the notion of a McGregor fight right now.

The most lucrative fight he can take at this point is the winner of Diaz vs Masvidal. McGregor is already planting seeds for that by claiming to be the OG BMF ahead of the BMF title fight.

Overall, this is a return fight that would make sense. Making a final pick is predicated on selecting a winner in Diaz vs Masvidal. I think Diaz gets it done with Masvidal and becomes McGregor’s next opponent in UFC.

 Pick: Nate Diaz (+400)

Odds McGregor Wrestles in WWE before 2021

Fighter Odds
Yes +150
No -200

There are some theorizing that McGregor will make a jump to WWE. After all, he did retire earlier this year. Some were thinking that World Wrestling Entertainment would become McGregor’s new home.

With the present landscape featuring high-profile fighters like Tyson Fury and Cain Velasquez, it’s not a crazy notion. But McGregor seems like, if he were to come back, he would want to allocate a hundred percent focus to MMA.

I think it’s a forgone conclusion that he eventually jumps over to WWE. Right now, though, it’s all about McGregor’s next opponent in UFC.

Pick: No (-200)
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