Odds On McGregor’s Next Career Move: Will Retired UFC Star Wrestle Gronk in WWE?

Conor McGregor flexing at a weigh-in.
Where will fans next see Conor McGregor's winning smile: a WWE ring or a UFC Octagon? Photo by Gene Blevins/Icon Sportswire.
  • Conor McGregor just announced his retirement from MMA
  • Books have a prop on his next endeavor, tabbing the WWE wrestling as the early favorite
  • We set some of our own odds on Notorious’ future

The UFC’s biggest personality has announced his retirement from MMA. On Tuesday (Mar. 26), Conor McGregor tweeted the following:

According to books, McGregor may be headed for a realm that seems perfectly suited to his brash persona: professional wrestling.

What Will Conor McGregor Do Next in His Career?

Activity Odds
Fight in WWE +150
MMA Fight +300
Boxing Match +400
Get Arrested +500
Commentate for UFC +1000
Act +1200
Open a Bar +1200
Perform as a Stripper +2000

What’s the Best Bet on McGregor’s Next Endeavor?

The WWE’s biggest event of the year, WrestleMania, is not far off, taking place on Apr. 7 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ.

Finn Balor, the biggest Irish star in the WWE, tweeted at McGregor, hinting that his countryman may be slated to appear at the “Super Bowl of Sports Entertainment.”

But the +150 odds on McGregor fighting in WWE are too short to bet on based on one cryptic tweet. Apart from that tweet, and the WWE’s history with bringing in real-life fighters for one-off performances (see Floyd Mayweather), there’s not much to suggest that McGregor will actually be in the ring at WrestleMania 35.

Remember, this prop says, “Fight in WWE,” not “Attend WrestleMania.”

Remember, this prop says, “Fight in WWE,” not “Attend WrestleMania.”

If I were putting money down on this, I’d wager (a very small amount) on McGregor’s next act being acting. He’s been in commercials already and is constantly trying to grow his brand.

I don’t actually think he’s going to stay retired from MMA, but it also takes a long time to schedule McGregor fights. He is a notoriously intransigent negotiator, though that’s not where the nickname comes from.

You’re probably looking at a minimum six-month window for him to jump back into the acting game.

It would be nice to have a little clearer picture on what satisfies the “Act” bet, of course. Does the movie/TV show/commercial have to actually air, or is it enough for him to film something? (Consider contacting  sportsbook customer service for clarification.)

SBD’s Conor McGregor Props

Conor McGregor is not the only high-profile star to retire this week, nor is he the only recently retired star linked to the WWE.

In a massive coincidence, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski retired on Monday, and books released a very similar prop bet on Gronk’s future.

Are they both headed to the world of sports entertainment, and if they are, could they square off against each other in an ironically amateur professional-wrestling showcase?

Here’s our take on McGregor/Gronkowski novelty props.

McGregor vs Gronkowski Props

Prop SDB’s Odds
O/U days McGregor stays retired from MMA 182.5
McGregor ever wrestles Gronk in WWE 49/1
McGregor wrestles Gronk at WrestleMania 35 74/1
McGregor appears in WWE before Gronk 2/1
McGregor returns to MMA before Gronk returns to NFL 2/3
McGregor and Gronk co-star in Magic Mike in Las Vegas 499/1

Call me an optimist, but I can’t see McGregor and Gronkowski both going to the WWE, and I certainly can’t see them wrestling each other.

As much as some people like to bash professional wrestling for its scripted nature, it takes real talent and experience to put on a quality show in the squared circle. Having two guys with no real pro-wrestling experience face each other on the biggest stage of all is a recipe for disaster.

As for a star-turn in the live Magic Mike show in Vegas, don’t mistake the long odds as an indictment of Gronk’s gyrability, a word I had to make-up because Gronk’s dancing needs neologisms to be accurately described.

It’s just that something tells me the Magic Mike producers don’t quite have the budget to bring in a fighter who once earned $100 million for a single night of work.

While McGregor’s retirement came as a shock, Gronk’s had been rumored for some time now. Each of the big-four leagues has its share of stars nearing retirement age, though Tom Brady has brought the definition of “retirement age” into question.

Who will hang them up before next season?

Superstar Retirement Odds

Player League, Team SDB’s Odds to Retire Before Next Season
Dirk Nowitzki (before 2019-20 season) NBA, Mavericks 1/2
Vince Carter (before 2019-20 season) NBA, Hawks 3/2
Joe Thornton (before 2019-20 season) NHL, Sharks 3/1
Tom Brady (before 2020 season) NFL, Patriots 5/1
Albert Pujols (before 2020 season) MLB, Angels 39/1
Miguel Cabrera (before 2020 season) MLB, Tigers 150/1
Sidney Crosby (before 2019-20 season) NHL, Penguins 999/1

Disco Dirk still hasn’t said he’s going to retire after this season, but the league has treated 2018-19 as a farewell tour for the best Euro the NBA has ever known. Meanwhile, VC said in early March that he thinks he can play another year, so the question there is whether Atlanta (or any other team) will want to bring him in on another one-year deal.

On the baseball side, the Angels would love it if Albert Pujols retired. But the unproductive 39-year-old would be giving up $60 if he hung up his cleats after the 2019 season. Cabrera is three years younger than Pujols and has $64 million more reasons to keep going.

The NHL is likely to lose a star or two after the 2019 season, and Joe Thornton tops that list. But don’t worry about Sid the Kid; at just 30 years old, the fiercely competitive two-time Stanley Cup champ will be back for another run at Lord Stanley.

Odds on McGregor’s Fighting Future

Potential McGregor Activity Odds on what Conor McGregor will do next
He fights in 2019 +180
He fights in 2020 +250
Arrested before he fights again +300
Rematch with Mayweather in boxing +400
Trilogy fight with Nate Diaz +900
Never fights for UFC again +100
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