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LaVar Ball Has Better Odds of Becoming President than Lonzo Has of Becoming MVP

Eric Rosales

by Eric Rosales in NBA Basketball

Updated Mar 31, 2020 · 2:33 PM PDT

Lonzo Ball with his dad, Lavar
LaVar Ball offers some words of wisdom to Lonzo. Photo by Joseph Cianciotto (Flickr).
  • Lonzo Ball’s MVP odds are worse than his father’s odds of becoming President of the United States
  • LaVar Ball finds the spotlight no matter what
  • Who would you take: father or son?

Step aside, Kardashians, there’s a new family threatening to move in on your finely manicured “American Royalty” corner.

Just as the Kardashian’s usurped the Kennedy’s, the Ball’s are doing everything they can to crash the party and claim the throne.

Relative unknowns just two years ago, LaVar Ball and his three basketball playing sons – Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo – have become fixtures on the basketball circuit, and are essential rockstars in the state of California.

If you ever needed proof to cement that they are here to stay, online sportsbooks have you covered.

Odds to Win 2020 US Presidential Election

Name  Odds
Donald Trump +150
Kamala Harris +1000
Bernie Sanders +1400
Joe Biden +1600
Mike Pence   +1600
Oprah Winfrey  +3300
Michelle Obama +4000
Dwayne Johnson +5000
Mark Zuckerberg   +10000
Kanye West +15000
LaVar Ball +25000

Tucked away, deep at the bottom of the list, residing with the likes of Will Smith and hot on the heels of +15000 challengers Steve Bannon, Bill Gates, Stephen Colbert and Kanye West is LaVar – Freaking – Ball.

Of course, dragging his poor son (and lone current representative in the NBA) Lonzo into the mess is what he does best, so it has to be mentioned that the LaVar Ball has better odds to be POTUS than Lonzo does of claiming an MVP trophy (+26500). Let that sink in.

LaVar Ball certainly has plenty of bravado and a well-known knack for making noise when anyone holds a mic to his face.

Does LaVar even care that LeBron James is the reason the Lakers are relevant this year?

Well, gee, any other shots you’d like to take at the King while we’re here?

It’s extra funny too because LaVar Ball has already had a run-in with current Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump when his middle son LiAngelo got into some hot water shoplifting during a UCLA hoops trip to China.

The Donald, in his usual “You couldn’t have done it without ME” mode, blasted the UCLA players who were pardoned, and offered some not so parting shots at the youngsters.

LaVar Ball didn’t even flinch. In fact, he posted one of the most incredible clap back responses ever, with the hashtag #stayinyolane for added salt.

What a dizzying trip already.

So, if you’re deciding to bet on this action of LaVar vs Lonzo, remember this: Lonzo Ball, as of now, is still teammates with LeBron James, the early odds-on-favorite to nab his fifth career MVP trophy.

Anything that Lonzo is able to accomplish is probably going to be tied in deeply with James.

Ball as president of anything other than Big Baller Brand is a long shot, but hey, after what we’ve seen, nothing is out of the realm of possibility.

Even Kyrie Irving’s best season (25.2 points per game on 47% field goal shooting and 40.1% from beyond the arc) never got him an MVP sniff.

So the pick is LaVar. If we’re going by recent presidential elections, he’s bringing the no-nonsense, big-talking emptiness the American public tends to crave these days.

Ball as president of anything other than Big Baller Brand is a long shot, but hey, after what we’ve seen, nothing is out of the realm of possibility.


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