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Scott Brooks Favored to Be the Next NBA Coach Fired

Eric Rosales

by Eric Rosales in NBA Basketball

Updated Apr 9, 2020 · 3:29 PM PDT

Scott Brooks
Washington Wizards head coach Scott Brooks is on the hot seat after a 1-6 start to the season. Photo by Keith Allison (Flickr) [CC License]
  • Scott Brooks has jumped to the top of the NBA coach chopping block
  • Luke Walton has found some short term security for now
  • Who is the best value bet of the bunch?

Tyronn Lue’s sudden dismissal just six games into the post-LeBron era may have been surprising for some (read: me), but the oddsmakers have adjusted their numbers accordingly and their latest roll out looks pretty accurate.

If you happen to be the head coach of a certain underachieving, infighting squad based out of Washington, DC, you know the leash is short, and one false step could see two head coaches on the unemployment line less than two months into the NBA regular season.

Odds to Be the Next NBA Head Coach Fired

Coach Team Odds to Be the Next NBA Head Coach Fired
Scott Brooks Washington Wizards +160
Fred Hoiberg Chicago Bulls +175
Billy Donovan Oklahoma City Thunder +350
Tom Thibodeau Minnesota Timberwolves +500
Luke Walton Los Angeles Lakers +500

The Wizards are a Mess – How Much is Scott Brooks’ Fault?

Brooks’ unwavering desire to stagger the playing time of his All-Star backcourt duo of John Wall and Bradley Beal could be his undoing.

Through Washington’s abysmal 1-6 start, Wall and Beal have logged 206+ minutes together, and each a little more than 30 minutes in lineups apart.

This has been a constant critique of Brooks’ style dating back to his days with the Thunder when he had Russ and KD.

While this team is deeper than ever with emerging stars Kelly Oubre and Otto Porter, along seasoned role players like Markieff Morris, Austin Rivers and Jeff Green, not having Wall or Beal as the fulcrum of those units is a minus.

The Wizards have just one five man combination on the floor for Beal and Wall, according to Basketball Reference. Beal’s unit is +30.7 points per 100 possessions in eight minutes. Wall and his four other mates are +7.8 points in over six minutes of play.

How Much is the Players’ Fault?

There is no coaching clinic to teach effort and professionalism. No coach needs to tell you in a close game to make sure to box out in case of a miss.

And if your players aren’t inspired enough to play hard when they are out there – you know, be professional – chances are you’re going to see more sequences like this.

Also, when one of your franchise players looks out of shape and doesn’t seem totally focused on, you know, leading his team, maybe that’s an issue too.

When you are surrendering the most points per game than any team in the conference at 122.4 and the second highest point differential, (-10.6), even if it’s not on the coach, those are all pretty key tune-out indicators. And remember, Dwight Howard has yet to suit up for them this year!

Who is the Best Bet of the Bunch?

The Wizards have OKC tonight and the Knicks Sunday. If they go blowout, no-show, this is as good a lock as you can get.

Conversely, there’s another coach that I really like to also get the axe, that happens to cross Brooks tonight. Billy Donovan may have bought himself some time after the Thunder righted the ship to the tune of three straight wins after an 0-4 start.

But there’s no tuning out their ever non-evolving offensive flow. This is a team that sort of mirrors the Wizards: star power, but almost no direction to get them to compete with the league’s best.

Donovan at +350 is nice. It’s the best value pick of the bunch.

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