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The Lede: Cavs’ Title Hopes Snapped?

Matt McEwan

by Matt McEwan in NBA Basketball

Mar 7, 2017 · 11:32 AM PST

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Don’t have time to read through 1,000 words, but need some informed betting tips? Here’s a quick rundown on today’s biggest sports story, and how it impacts the way you should bet. Miss yesterday’s? See it here.

Andrew Bogut Fractures his Tibia in Cavs Debut

It’s safe to say Andrew Bogut’s debut with the Cleveland Cavaliers didn’t go as planned. Just 58 seconds after entering the game, the Australian took a knee to his shin, fracturing his tibia. Bogut had to be helped to the dressing room and was taken to the hospital for further evaluation. The injury will end Bogut’s season, and send the Cavaliers searching for another rim protector. Making matters worse, Cleveland lost its second-straight game, both to Miami, and have now lost four of its last six.

So how does this affect your future NBA betting? Should you abandon the Cavalier title ship? The quick response is sort of. Let me explain. If you were already a passenger on that vessel, I wouldn’t panic too much. With LeBron James captaining the ship, Cleveland will still make it out of the east. Boston doesn’t have the defense to beat them in a seven-game series; and even when Kyle Lowry returns, Toronto’s offensive scheme isn’t built for playoff basketball.

However, if you were still looking for a boat to board, I would stay away from Cleveland. So long as Kevin Durant returns, I count three teams in the west that would take down the King and co. If you need me, I’ll be sun bathing with a tropical drink in my hand on the S.S. Spur.

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