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Wall to the Spurs? Beal a Raptor? Odds on Trade Destinations

John Wall and Bradley Beal
Will John Wall and Bradley Beal soon find themselves in different backcourts? Photo by Keith Allison (flickr) CC License
  • Washington Wizards guards John Wall and Bradley Beal could be on the move according to the latest odds from MyBookie 
  • Will Wall remain with the Wizards past the trade deadline?
  • Will Beal team up with Kemba Walker in the Hornets’ backcourt?

John Wall and Bradley Beal might want to get in touch with their real estate agents ASAP.

The All-Star guards could soon be playing in new zip codes according to the oddsmakers at MyBookie, who believe the pair will be anywhere but Washington following the NBA’s February 8th Trade Deadline.

Wall and Beal have been hot commodities since entering the NBA, but speculation about their future has grown increasingly louder this season as Washington has stumbled out of the gates with a dismal 6-11 record. The Wizards presently rank 18th in offensive rating and 28th in defensive rating despite having the NBA’s fifth highest payroll.

The Wizards’ slump seems to be getting to Wall, in particular, who reportedly cursed at head coach Scott Brooks during practice. He was subsequently fined by team management.

Will Washington really have a new backcourt soon? Let’s dive into the odds and analyze each player’s prospects of staying in our nation’s capital.

Team John Wall is on After the 2019 NBA Trade Deadline

Which Team Will John Wall Be on After the NBA Trade Deadline? Odds at MyBookie
FIELD -300
Washington Wizards +170
San Antonio Spurs +750
Miami Heat +1000
New York Knicks +1000
Los Angeles Lakers +1200
Indiana Pacers +1200

No one has ever questioned John Wall’s talent. His temperament is another matter altogether. The combustible point guard has clashed repeatedly with teammates and coaches over the years, and has developed a reputation as one of the league’s most prickly stars. That alone will make Wall very difficult to move, but it isn’t the biggest impediment for the Wizards’ front office.

The most significant obstacle is Wall’s gargantuan salary. The five-time All-Star signed a lucrative four-year, $170 million extension that will pay him an average of $42 million a year until 2023. That’s a whole lotta moolah for a disgruntled player with knee issues.

Washington will likely be able to find teams willing to absorb Wall’s salary, but they’ll have to be willing to accept pennies on the dollar to get the deal done. Do they really want to jeopardize their ability to compete for the next three seasons just to ship Wall out of town? We don’t think so, which is why we’re putting our money on the Wizards at +170.

Betting Advice: Washington Wizards +170

Team Bradley Beal is on After the 2019 NBA Trade Deadline

Which Team Will Bradley Beal Be on After the NBA Trade Deadline? Odds at MyBookie
FIELD -300
Washington Wizards +170
Toronto Raptors +900
San Antonio Spurs +1000
New York Knicks +1000
Los Angeles Lakers +1000
New Orleans Pelicans +1200

Although Wall can be something of an acquired taste, Beal is the kind of modern floor spacer that every NBA team covets. The 25-year-old is a career 39% shooter with a surprising amount of bounce in his game. He can hit shots from anywhere within half court, but also has enough speed and athleticism to attack the rim when teams run him off the three-point line.

It should come as little surprise then that several franchises have already called to inquire about Beal’s availability. His most recent suitor has been the Charlotte Hornets, who would love to pair Beal with Kemba Walker to create the Eastern Conference’s most explosive backcourt.

Charlotte isn’t on MyBookie’s list of most likely destinations, but they make a lot of sense. The Hornets have a number of veteran players like Marvin Williams, Nicolas Batum, and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist whose contracts would match up well with Beal’s. They also have attractive young players like Miles Bridges and Malik Monk to help sweeten the deal. None of them are Beal’s equal, but they would allow the Wizards to re-tool on the fly.

Another destination to consider is Boston. The Celtics have been struggling to find any kind of rhythm this season and have a surplus of young players, valuable vets, and draft picks to satisfy Washington’s needs. Would Wizards General Manager Ernie Grunfeld be able to say no if Danny Ainge dangles Jaylen Brown and a first rounder?

The reality is that Beal can fit in seamlessly on any team given his impressive skillset and the proliferation of three-guard lineups being employed by most franchises. For that reason, and more, the field remains the safest bet.

Betting Advice: The Field -300

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