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Printable 2021 March Madness Bracket – Make Your Picks for the NCAA Tournament

Sascha Paruk

by Sascha Paruk in College Basketball

Mar 14, 2021 · 3:33 PM PDT

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Make your 63 picks for the 2021 NCAA Tournament.

The Selection Committee has spoken and the 68-team field has been set for the 2021 NCAA Tournament, which will take place entirely within the state of Indiana.

Action starts on Thursday, March 18, with the “First Four” at Mackey Arena in West Lafayette. The winners of those four games will move onto the traditional first round (the round of 64), which will take place on Friday and Saturday (March 19-20). The round of 32 will follow immediately on Sunday and Monday (March 21-22).

Below, find a printer-friendly version of the full 2021 March Madness bracket.

Printable NCAA Tournament Bracket

>> Download printable 2021 March Madness bracket <<

How to Fill Out Your Bracket

  1. The process is as simple as it gets. Decide which team you think will win in the first round matchups and write that team’s name on the horizontal line for the second round directly adjacent.
  2. Once you have filled out all your first-round picks, follow the same procedure for the second round: decide which teams you think will win the second-round games and move their names into the third round (Sweet 16) spots. Repeat until you have a national champion.
  3. There is no reseeding in the NCAA Tournament. The winner of the #1 vs #16 games in the first round will always play the winner of the #8 vs #9 game in their region.
  4. Don’t forget to fill out the tiebreaker, which is traditionally the total number of points scored in the championship game.

How to Score the Brackets

This is up to the administrators of each bracket contest. Arguably the most-common is to award one point for each correct pick in the first round and then double the points for each succeeding round. That ends up as follows:

  1. 1 point for each correct pick in the first round
  2. 2 points for each correct pick in the second round
  3. 4 points for each correct pick in the third round (Sweet 16)
  4. 8 points for each correct pick in the fourth round (Elite 8)
  5. 16 points for each correct pick in the fifth round (Final Four)
  6. 32 points for picking the correct national champion

You (traditionally) do not have to correctly predict both participants in a game in order to get points for that game. As an example, if you had #1 Gonzaga defeating #9 Missouri in the second round, but Gonzaga was actually facing  #8 Oklahoma, you would still be credited with a correct pick as long as Gonzaga advanced.

Looking for Advice on Your Picks?

The seeding of teams does not always correlate with which team is favored to win. If you want to know who oddsmakers and bettors think will win any given game, visit SBD’s college basketball odds page, which will show the point spread, moneyline, and game total for every game in the tournament

March Madness Schedule

Round Date(s) Number of Teams Remaining
First Four Thursday, March 18 68
First Round Friday, March 19, and Saturday, March, 20 64
Second Round Sunday, March 21, and Monday, March 22 32
Third Round Saturday, March 27, and Sunday, March 28 16
Fourth Round Monday, March 29, and Tuesday, March 30 8
Fifth Round Saturday, April 3 4
Sixth Round (Title Game) Monday, April 5 2
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