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2019 NFL Mock Draft Based Purely Off the Odds at Sportsbooks

Dwayne Haskins could be coming off the board earlier than originally expected after Dan Snyder has reportedly taken over the Redskins first round of the draft. Photo from @HogsHaven (Twitter)
  • The NFL Draft is just one day away, scheduled for Thursday, April 25 at 8pm EST
  • We crafted a first-round mock strictly based off what the odds favor at our top online sports betting sites
  • See which players will be selected from picks 1-32 along with which team will select them

Online sports betting sites are offering a heathy serving of 2019 NFL Draft props. You can bet on everything from who will be selected with the first overall pick to how many players from each school will be taken in the first round.

While they don’t explicitly spell out each pick in the first round of the draft, they do provide enough props with odds that favor one option over the other(s) to fill out an entire first-round mock. So we’ve gone ahead and done that for you.

Here’s how the sportsbooks foresee the first round playing out:

SBD’s Odds-Based 2019 NFL First-Round Mock Draft

SBD's odds-based 2019 NFL first-round mock draft

>> See SBD’s Odds-Based First-Round Mock Draft <<

Want to fill out your own first-round mock draft and take on the sportsbooks? Head over to our 2019 NFL Mock Draft Contest to fill out your own version.

Curious as to what went into this? Using parameters including, but not limited to:

  • odds to be selected with the first three picks
  • odds on who will draft certain players
  • draft position over/unders for nearly 20 players
  • over/unders on number of players at each position drafted in the first round
  • odds to be the first player selected at each position group
  • over/unders on number of players selected from a handful of schools as well as the Power 5 conferences in the first round
  • over/under on the number of trades made in the first round, along with trades made with top ten picks

… and, of course, factoring in team needs, we pieced together this giant puzzle.

Anything you strongly disagree with here? Let us know in the comments below!

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