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Answers and Outcomes for All Super Bowl 55 Props

Matt McEwan

by Matt McEwan in NFL Football

Updated Feb 10, 2021 · 8:38 AM PST

Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady shaking hands
Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (12) congratulates Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) after their NFL football game in Tampa, Fla. The Super Bowl matchup features the most accomplished quarterback ever to play the game who is still thriving at age 43 in Brady against the young gun who is rewriting record books at age 25. (AP Photo/Jason Behnken, File)
  • Finding answers and outcomes to Super Bowl props can be very difficult, especially when your sportsbook doesn’t grade them right away
  • We are grading every Super Bowl 55 prop we’ve seen, including national anthem, coin toss, halftime show, and broadcast props among others
  • See the answers to all your props below

Has your sportsbook not graded some of your Super Bowl props? Wondering what the answer/outcome was to Super Bowl props you lost? Don’t bother trying to re-watch the game to figure out what was said first or who was shown first. We’re doing all that work for you.

You can use the links below to quickly navigate to the specific props you are looking for, or use CTRL+F to search for keywords on this page.

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Answers to Super Bowl National Anthem and Coin Toss Props

National Anthem Props Answer
Over/Under 2 mins for national anthem Over
Will Jazmine Sullivan or Eric Church forget/omit a word from the National Anthem? NO (-5000)
Will Eric Church forget or omit a word from the National Anthem? NO (-5000)
Will Jazmine Sullivan forget or omit a word from the National Anthem? NO (-5000)
Any player kneel on sideline during anthem? NO (-5000)
Any player raise fist on sideline during anthem? NO (-5000)
Will any scoring drive take less time than it takes Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church to sing the National Anthem? YES (-260)
If President Joe Biden in attendance, shown during anthem? NO
Who will sing the most words of the anthem? Church (-135)
Coach shown first during the anthem: Reid or Arians? NONE
QB shown first during the anthem: Mahomes or Brady? Mahomes
Player shown first during the anthem: Kelce or Gronk? Gronk
What will be shown first during the anthem: KC player/staff or TB player/staff? TB Player/Staff
Coin Toss Props Answer
Coin toss result? Heads
Will the team that wins the coin toss win the game? (KC) NO
Who will win the coin toss? KC
Buccaneers choice if they win the coin toss? N/A
Chiefs choice if they win the coin toss? Defer

This will be the first section we have (almost) completely filled out during the game. We will just be waiting on the one prop on whether the team who wins the coin toss will also win the game.

Answers to Super Bowl Halftime Show Props

Halftime Show Prop Answer
First Song Performed by The Weeknd Starboy (+300)
Last Song Performed by The Weeknd Blinding Lights (-240)
Color of The Weeknd’s Jacket When First Seen? Red
The Weeknd First Seen with Gloves on Hands? Yes
The Weeknd First Seem with Sunglasses? Yes
The Weeknd Performs with Bandage(s) on Head? No
Ariana Grande is Onstage During Halftime Show? No
Bella Hadid Shown During Halftime Show? No
Doja Cat is Onstage During Halftime Show? No
Drake is Onstage During the Halftime Show? No
Kenny G is Onstage During the Halftime Show? No
The Weeknd Mentions Donald Trump? No
A Football is Used as a Prop? No
The Weeknd Mentions Canada? No
The Weeknd Mentions Joe Biden? No
There is a Wardrobe Malfunction? No
Wardrobe Changes: Over or Under 0.5? Under
Amount of Songs: Over or Under 8? Push
Final Song is Original or Cover? Original

We’ll be filling out the answers to the Super Bowl halftime show props above as they come up during The Weeknd’s performance. They will all be filled out before the second half of Super Bowl 55 gets underway.

The Weeknd opened with “Starboy”, which cashes at +300 odds, and closed with “Blinding Lights”, which was the heavy favorite at -240 odds.

Answers to Super Bowl Broadcast Props

Broadcast Prop Answer/Outcome
Over/Under 0.5 times Trump is said at TikTok Tailgate Under (-2000)
Will Miley Cyrus’ navel be seen? YES (-120)
Will Miley Cyrus’ side-boob be seen? NO (-200)
Primary Color of Miley Cyrus’ Hair Blonde (-125)
Word said first in Biden’s CBS interview: Chiefs vs Bucs/Buccaneers Chiefs (-120)
Biden picks a winner in CBS interview? NO (-1000)
Over/Under 224.5 seconds for length of CBS’ Biden SB interview Over (-130)
Word said first in Gorman’s poem: Hero vs Pandemic Pandemic
Word said first in Gorman’s poem: Chiefs vs Bucs/Buccaneers N/A
Said First During Amanda Gorman poem: Super/Pandemic/Unity/Healing/Impeach PANDEMIC (+100)
Mentioned First by Amanda Gorman During Her Poem: Martin/Dorner/Davis James Martin (+110)
Over/Under 284.5 seconds for length of Amanda Gorman poem recitation Under
First Shown on a Player’s Cleat(s): Breonna Taylor or George Floyd NONE
Coach to Be Shown First After Kickoff: Reid or Arians Arians
Coordinator Shown First: Bieniemy/Spagnuolo/Leftwich/Bowles Eric Bieniemy
Coach to Be Mentioned First After Kickoff: Reid or Arians Andy Reid
QB First Mentioned After Kickoff: Mahomes or Brady Tom Brady
Coach to Have Nostrils Seen First During Game: Reid or Arians Bruce Arians (-200)
Andy Reid’s Mask Design Chiefs branded/logo (-1000)
Primary Color of Bruce Arian’s Flat Cap White
Primary Color of Patrick Mahomes’ Headband White
How Sarah Thomas Will Wear Her Hair Down (In Pony)
Half Sarah Thomas Is First Mentioned During 1st
Will Jerry Rice make paper football FG in Frito-Lay commercial? YES
Will “wax on” be said by boy in E-Trade commercial? No (-1000)
Will a face shield be seen in WeatherTech commercial? NO
Will Daveed Diggs sing in DoorDash commercial? YES
Will an M&M’s spokescandy be wearing a mask? NO
Will there be a commercial for major motion pic? YES (-250)
Will there be a COVID vaccine comm? NO
Will there be a Star Wars commercial? NO
Over/Under 4.5 commercials with a dog in it? Under (+150)
Over/Under 2.5 commercials to show person wearing mask? Under (+250)
First interracial couple shown in commercial: (1) White Woman / Black Man vs (2) Black Woman / White Man White Woman / Black Man (-150)
What will be shown first in a commercial: (1) Interracial Couple vs (2) LGB Couple Interracial Couple (-500)
Who will speak first in Frito-Lay pregame commercial: (1) Peyton Manning vs (2) Eli Manning Peyton Manning (-200)
Race of Baby Shown First in Huggies Commercial? Black (+125)
Which Bag Will Be Seen First During Frito-Lay Commercial? Doritos (+225)
Which Device Will Be Shown First During Fiverr Commercial? Laptop (+125)
First Anheuser-Busch Brand Commercial to Run Bud Light (+120)
First Character to Appear in DoorDash Commercial Big Bird (+350)
Word said first during broadcast: Covid vs Pandemic Pandemic
Word said first during broadcast: 2020 vs 2021 N/A
Word said first during broadcast: Mask(s) vs Coronavirus N/A
Word said first during broadcast: Groin vs Hamstring N/A
Phrase said first during broadcast: Super Bowl MVP vs Super Bowl Ring(s) Super Bowl MVP (-500)
Phrase said first during broadcast: Tom Brady’s 10th Super Bowl vs Tom Brady’s Age 43 Brady’s 10 SB
Phrase said first during broadcast: Mahomes will be a father/daddy/having a kid vs Mahomes is engaged/getting married N/A
Former Bucs’ Player Mentioned First During Broadcast: Sapp/Barber/Brooks N/A
Said First by Tony Romo: Read/Penetration/Blitz/A-Gap/Trick Play Blitz
Over/Under 0.5 times “Home Field Advantage” is said Under
Over/Under 1.5 times Queen Latifah is said by Jim Nantz Under
“Baby GOAT” said in reference to Patrick Mahomes NO (-3000)
“LeBron” said during broadcast YES (+550)
Over/Under 0.5 times Trump is mentioned? Under (-1000)
Over/Under 1 time Belichick is mentioned? Under (+145)
Over/Under 2 times Patriots are mentioned Over (+115)
Over/Under 1 time Biden is mentioned? Under
Clip of Jon Gruden shown Super Bowl 37? NO
Spread or total is referenced? NO
Over/Under 0.5 times T. Romo mentions his “kids/children” Under (-300)
Over/Under 0.5 times “kindergarten” is said Over (+500)
Over/Under 0.5 times “Biden” is said Under (-550)
Over/Under 0.5 times “Trump” is said Under
Over/Under 0.5 times “home field advantage” is said Under
Over/Under 1 time “Belichick” is said PUSH
Over/Under 1.5 times Gisele Bundchen is shown Under (+170)
Over/Under 1.5 times Roger Goodell is shown Over (+150)
Over/Under 1.5 times chains are brought out for measurement Under
Sarah Thomas gets knocked to ground by a player? NO
Tom Brady attempts to high-five an official? NO
A player slaps Sarah Thomas on the butt? NO
Referred to First by MVP in Speech: Teammates/God or Religion/USA/City/Family/Coaches/Team Owner Teammates (+100)
“Disney” said by MVP in speech NO (-400)
“Burger” said by Andy Reid NO (-1500)
Over/Under 0.5 times Biden tweets during game Under

We will be watching for all the broadcast tweets above in real time and will get the answers filled out ASAP after they have each come up. Many of the props at the top of the table will be filled in before the game kicks off, or quickly after we kickoff Super Bowl 55.

The first answers are rolling in on the TikTok Tailgate. Miley Cyrus came out with blonde hair, which cashes at -125 odds. We also saw the President Biden interview air on CBS, where “Chiefs” were said before “Buccaneers”, and the President would not offer a pick on the game.

Answers to Super Bowl 55 Game Props

Game Prop Answer
Either Team to Score Opening Drive TD NO (+115)
Both Teams to Score Opening Drive TD NO (-1100)
Either Team to Score on First Offensive Play NO (-8000)
First Scoring Play FG (+170)
First to 20 Points TB (+120)
First to 25 Points TB (+150)
First to 30 points TB (+220)
Either Team to Score Three Straight Times NO (+175)
Either Team to Score in Final 2 Minutes of 1st Half Yes (+220)
Both Teams to Lead in 1st Half YES (+115)
Both Teams to Lead in 2nd Half NO (-180)
Both Teams to Lead in 4th Quarter NO (-430)
Either Team to Record a Safety NO (-1667)
Either Team to Have Successful 2-Point Conversion NO (-305)
Total TDs: 6.5 Under (-113)
Total Yards of Longest TD: 45.5 Under (-114)
Total Yards of Shortest TD: 1.5 Under (-215)
Total Yardage of all TD: 121.5 Under (-140)
Total TD Passes: 4.5 Under (+110)
Total Yards: 799.5 Under (-115)
Total Pass Attempts: 80.5 Under (-120)
Total Pass Completions: 52.5 Under (-110)
Total Pass Yards: 635.5 Under (+100)
Total Rush Attempts: 50.5 Under (-120)
Total Rush Yards: 190.5 Over (-138)
Total First Downs: 48.5 Under (-138)
Total Yards of Longest Drive: 84.5 Under (-130)
Total Sacks: 4.5 Under (-137)
Total Interceptions: 1.5 Over (+134)
Total Turnovers: 2.5 Under (-155)
Total Penalties Accepted: 10.5 Over (-138)
Total Made FG: 3.5 Over (+112)
Total Yards of Longest Made FG: 47.5 Over (+100)
Total Yards of Shortest Made FG: 27.5 Over (-106)
Total Yardage of All Made FG: 125.5 Over (-106)
Total Punts: 6.5 Over (+115)
Total Yards of Longest Punt: 56.5 Under (-106)
Either Team to Miss a FG No (-150)
Either Team to Miss an Extra Point No (-250)
Either Team Not to Punt No (-1115)
Punt Downed Inside the 5-Yard Line No (-455)
Any Player to Score 3+ TD No (-950)
Special Team or Defensive Touchdown Scored No (-300)
Highest Scoring Quarter Combined Points: 20.5 Under (+130)
Lowest Scoring Quarter Combined Points: 3.5 Under (+160)
Halftime/Full-time Result TB/TB (+245)
Game To Go Into Overtime No (-2300)
Will the Team to Score First Win the Game? No (+140)
Winning Margin Buccaneers to win by 19-24 (+2400)
Either Team to be Shutout No
Total Points: Odd or Even? Even

There are a large chunk of game props in the table above that will be filled out after Kansas City and Tampa Bay’s first drives. Most of the rest will be filled in after the game has finished.

Answers to Super Bowl 55 Team Props

Team Prop Chiefs Outcome Buccaneers Outcome
Total Points Under 29.5 (-103) Over 26.5 (-124)
Total Touchdowns Un 3.5 (-118) Ov 3.5 (+148)
Total Yardage of All Touchdowns Un 66.5 (-115) Un 54.5 (-115)
Score on first their offensive play No (-20000) No (-20000)
Team’s First Touchdown N/A Passing TD (-185)
Team’s Highest Scoring Half 1st (-115) 1st (-115)
First Team to Score YES -127 NO
Last Team to Score NO YES (-105)
Team to Score Longest TD NO YES (+105)
Total Net Offensive Yards Under 429.5 (-115) Under 370.5 (-115)
Total 3rd Down Conversions Under 5.5 (-115) Under 5.5 (-140)
Successful 4th Down Conversion YES (-130) NO (+105)
Total 1st Downs Made Under 23.5 (+100) Over 23.5 (+100)
Team to Have First 1st Down Made YES (-105) NO
Team to Have Most 1st Downs Made NO YES (+105)
Team to Have Longest Drive (Yards) YES (-130) NO
Team to Have Longest Drive (Time) NO YES (-112)
Total Field Goals Over 1.5 (-130) Under 1.5 (-106)
Total Punts Under 3.5 (-200) Over 3.5 (+148)
First Kickoff Results in Touchback NO (+195) NO (+290)
Team to Have First Successful Field Goal YES (-117) NO
Team to Have First Missed Field Goal N/A N/A
Team to Have Longest Successful Field Goal PUSH PUSH
Team to Have Most Successful Field Goals YES (-118) NO
Team to Punt First NO YES (-143)
Team to Punt Most NO YES (-143)
Team to Have Longest Punt Return PUSH PUSH
Total Turnovers Over 1.5 (+190) Under 1.5 (-200)
Team to Have First Turnover KC (-104) N/A
Team to Have Most Turnovers YES (+100) NO

The majority of the team props above will be filled in after Super Bowl 55 has finished.

Answers to Super Bowl 55 Player Props

Passing Prop Outcome
Tom Brady Completions: 24.5 Under (-112)
Tom Brady Passing Yards: 295.5 Under (-106)
Tom Brady Touchdown Passes: 1.5 Over (-230)
Patrick Mahomes Completions: 28.5 Under (-124)
Patrick Mahomes Passing Yards: 325.5 Under (-112)
Patrick Mahomes Touchdown Passes: 2.5 Under (+125)
Rushing Prop Outcome
Tom Brady Rushing Yards: 0.5 Under (-177)
Leonard Fournette Rush Attempts: 11.5 Over (-112)
Leonard Fournette Rushing Yards: 48.5 Over (-118)
Leonard Fournette Rushing & Receiving Yards: 78.5 Over (-112)
Darrel Williams Rush Attempts: 8.5 Under (-134)
Darrel Williams Rushing Yards: 30.5 Under (-118)
Darrel Williams Rushing & Receiving Yards: 45.5 Under (-152)
Ronald Jones Rush Attempts: 8.5 Over (-112)
Ronald Jones Rushing Yards: 37.5 Over (-112)
Ronald Jones Rushing & Receiving Yards: 41.5 Over (-115)
Clyde Edwards-Helaire Rush Attempts: 7.5 Over (-143)
Clyde Edwards-Helaire Rushing Yards: 30.5 Over (-112)
Clyde Edwards-Helaire Rushing & Receiving Yards: 48.5 Over (-124)
Patrick Mahomes Rushing Yards: 19.5 Over (-130)
Receiving Prop Outcome
Tyreek Hill Receptions: 7.5 Under (-137)
Tyreek Hill Receiving Yards: 92.5 Under (+101)
Tyreek Hill Longest Reception: 26.5 Under (+105)
Clyde Edwards-Helaire Receptions: 2.5 Under (-134)
Clyde Edwards-Helaire Receiving Yards: 15.5 Over (-124)
Clyde Edwards-Helaire Longest Reception: 10.5 Over (-105)
Darrel Williams Receptions: 2.5 Under (-182)
Darrel Williams Receiving Yards: 12.5 Under (+100)
Darrel Williams Longest Reception: 8.5 Over (-125)
Mecole Hardman Receptions: 2.5 Under (-143)
Mecole Hardman Receiving Yards: 28.5 Under (-112)
Mecole Hardman Longest Reception: 14.5 Under (-112)
Travis Kelce Receptions: 8.5 Over (+110)
Travis Kelce Receiving Yards: 94.5 Over (-141)
Travis Kelce Longest Reception: 25.5 Over (-110)
Sammy Watkins Receptions: 3.5 Under (-134)
Sammy Watkins Receiving Yards: 36.5 Under (-112)
Sammy Watkins Longest Reception: 18.5 Under (-125)
Antonio Brown Receptions: 3.5 Over (-112)
Antonio Brown Receiving Yards: 40.5 Under (-112)
Antonio Brown Longest Reception: 18.5 Under (+100)
Chris Godwin Receptions: 5.5 Under (-125)
Chris Godwin Receiving Yards: 77.5 Under (-106)
Chris Godwin Longest Reception: 24.5 Under (-105)
Mike Evans Receptions: 4.5 Under (-105)
Mike Evans Receiving Yards: 63.5 Under (-106)
Mike Evans Longest Reception: 24.5 Over (-110)
Rob Gronkowski Receptions: 2.5 Over (-112)
Rob Gronkowski Receiving Yards: 29.5 Over (-118)
Rob Gronkowski Longest Reception: 15.5 Over (-110)
Leonard Fournette Receptions: 3.5 Over (-150)
Leonard Fournette Receiving Yards: 25.5 Over (-112)
Leonard Fournette Longest Reception: 11.5 Over (-145)
Cameron Brate Receptions: 3.5 Under (+100)
Cameron Brate Receiving Yards: 29.5 Under (-112)
Cameron Brate Longest Reception: 15.5 Under (-115)
Scotty Miller Receptions: 1.5 Under (-162)
Scotty Miller Receiving Yards: 20.5 Under (+100)
Scotty Miller Longest Reception: 11.5 Under (-110)
Ronald Jones Receptions: 0.5 Under (+130)
Ronald Jones Receiving Yards: 2.5 Under (-105)
Ronald Jones Longest Reception: 1.5 Under (+105)
Touchdown Props Outcome
First Touchdown Scorer Rob Gronkowski (+1800)
Anytime Touchdown Scorers Rob Gronkowski (+225), Antonio Brown (+225), Leonard Fournette (+120)

We’ll get the first touchdown scorer in the table above ASAP, as well as the anytime touchdown scorers. But most of the player props above will have their outcomes filled in at the conclusion of Super Bowl 55.

Answers to Cross-Sport Super Bowl Props

NFL-NBA “What Will Be Higher” Prop Outcome
(1) Tom Brady Rushing Attempts +1.5 or (2) Chris Paul Made Free Throws -1.5 Paul FTs (-130)
(1) Tom Brady Pass Attempts -8.5 or (2) Jamal Murray pts+reb+ast +8.5 Brady pass attempts (-115)
(1) Patrick Mahomes TD Passes or (2) Jamal Murray Made 3-Point Shots PUSH
(1) Distance of 1st FG in SB LV -0.5 or (2) Nikola Jokic pts+reb +0.5 Jokic pts+reb (-115)
(1) Leonard Fournette Rush Yards -13.5 or (2) Denver Nuggets 1st Q Points +13.5 Fournette (-115)
(1) Darrel Williams Rushing Yards +5.5 or (2) Kevin Durant pts+reb -5.5 Williams (-115)
(1) Tampa Bay Buccaneers Points +1.5 or (2) Joel Embiid Points -1.5 Embiid (-115)
(1) Tom Brady Passing Yards -57.5 or (2) Nets vs 76ers Total Points +57.5 Nets-76ers (-115)
(1) Travis Kelce longest reception +1.5 or (2) Donovan Mitchell Total Points -1.5  

Kelce (-115)

(1) Tyreek Hill longest reception -1.5 or (2) Rudy Gobert pts+reb +1.5 Gobert (-115)
(1) Patrick Mahomes Rush Yards +3.5 or (2) Malcolm Brogdon Total Points -3.5 Mahomes (-115)
(1) Rob Gronkowski Receiving Yards -0.5 or (2) Bam Adebayo pts+reb +0.5 Gronkowski (-115)
(1) Patrick Mahomes Incomplete Passes +1.5 or (2) Duncan Robinson Total Points -1.5 Mahomes (-115)
(1) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1st Q points +0.5 or (2) Julius Randle Made FT -0.5 Buccaneers (-115)
(1) SB LV Second Half + OT points -2.5 or (2) Jayson Tatum Total Points +2.5 Tatum (-115)
(1) Patrick Mahomes TD Passes or (2) Mikal Bridges Made 3-Point Shots Bridges (-115)
(1) Chiefs Total Points Scored -4.5 or (2) Kawhi Leonard Total Points +4.5 Leonard (-115)
(1) Buccaneers Total Points Scored -3.5 or (2) Paul George Total Points +3.5 Buccaneers (-115)
(1) Tom Brady Pass Completions or (2) Total 1st Quarter Points by NY Knicks Knicks (-120)
(1) Patrick Mahomes Rushing Yards or (2) Deandre Ayton reb+blk Mahomes (-270)
(1) Ronald Jones III Carries or (2) Chris Paul Assists Jones (-150)
(1) Clyde Edwards-Helaire Carries or (2) NY Knicks 3-point Field Goals made Knicks (-150)
NFL-NHL “What Will Be Higher” Prop Outcome
(1) Tom Brady TD Passes +0.5 or (2) Philadelphia Flyers Goals (vs Washington) -0.5 Flyers (-115)
(1) Harrison Butker Made FG -0.5 or (2) Nathan Mckinnon Points (vs St Louis) +0.5 Butker (-115)
(1) Mike Evans Receptions -0.5 or (2) Las Vegas Goals (vs LAK) +0.5 Vegas (-115)
(1) Patrick Mahomes TD Passes + INT -0.5 or (2) LA Kings Goals (vs Las Vegas) +0.5 LA Kings (+145)
(1) Tom Brady TD Passes or (2) Alexander Ovechkin Total Points Ovechkin (+170)
(1) Patrick Mahomes TD Passes or (2) Alexander Ovechkin Total Shots on Goal Ovechkin (-180)
(1) Ronald Jones III Rushing Yards or (2) Total Shots on Goal Chicago at Dallas Shots CHI-DAL (-225)
(1) Mecole Hardman Receiving+Rushing Yards or (2) Carolina Hurricanes Total Shots on Goal Hurricanes (+110)
(1) Mike Evans Receptions or (2) Total NHL Teams Scoring 4 or more Goals on Feb 7th NHL teams (+140)
(1) Tampa Bay Buccaneers Total Yards or (2) Total Shots on Goal in NHL on Feb 7th Bucs yards (-120)
(1) Total TD’s in Super Bowl 55 or (2) Total Goals Flyers at Capitals Flyers-Capitals goals (+120)
(1) Total Made FG’s in Super Bowl 55 or (2) Total LA Kings Goals Total FGs (-120)
(1) Total Punts in Super Bowl 55 or (2) Total 2-Minute Penalties Flyers vs Capitals Total punts (+110)
(1) Total Sacks in Super Bowl 55 or (2) Total Capitals 2-Minute Penalties Sacks (-140)
(1) Total 1st half Points in Super Bowl 55 or (2) St Louis Blues Shots on Goal SB 1H points (+100)
NFL-PGA Golf “What Will Be Higher” Prop Outcome
(1) Chris Godwin Receptions -0.5 or (2) Dustin Johnson 4th Round Birdies (Saudi) +0.5 Dj birdies (+120)
(1) Travis Kelce Receiving Yards -28.5 or (2) Bryson Dechambeau 4th Round Score (Saudi) +28.5 Kelce (-115)
(1) Tyreek Hill Receiving Yards -19.5 or (2) Patrick Reed 4th Round Score (Saudi) +19.5 Reed (-115)
(1) Leonard Fournette Receptions +0.5 or (2) Jon Rahm 4th Round Birdies (Wm) -0.5 Fournette (-110)
(1) KC Chiefs Rushing Yards -10.5 or (2) Xander Schauffele 4th Round Score (Wm) +10.5 Chiefs (-115)
(1) Chris Godwin Receiving Yards -7.5 or (2) Rickie Fowler 4th Round Score (Wm) +7.5 Fowler (-115)
(1) Mike Evans Receptions or (2) Lowest Round Score at the Waste Management Open Masters (+100)
NFL-Soccer “What Will be Higher” Prop Outcome
(1) Super Bowl 1st Q Made FG +0.5 or (2) Man City Goals (vs Liverpool): -0.5 Man City (-150)
(1) Tampa Bay Buccaneers TD or (2) Man City vs Liverpool Total Goals City-Liv goals (+100)
(1) Patrick Mahomes 1st Q TD Passes or (2) Mo Salah Goals (vs Man City) Salah (+100)
(1) Tyreek Hill Total TD +0.5 or (2) Parma Goals (vs Bologna) -0.5 Hill (+110)
(1) Chiefs Total Touchdowns or (2) Cagliari + Lazio Total Goals Cag/Laz (-120)
(1) Tom Brady Rushing Attempts +0.5 or (2) Barcelona + Real Betis Goals Barca/Betis (-140)
(1) Travis Kelce Total TD or (2) Lionel Messi Goals (vs Real Betis) Messi (-140)
(1) Accepted Penalties in Super Bowl 55 or (2) Liverpool vs Manchester City Total Corners SB penalties (-120)
(1) Total Made Field Goals in Super Bowl 55 or (2) Total Cards in Juventus vs AS Roma PUSH
(1) Tom Brady Rushing Yards or (2) Total Goals Liverpool vs Manchester City Liv/City (-240)
(1) Patrick Mahomes Interceptions or (2) Penalties awarded in Wolverhampton vs Leicester Mahomes (-110)
(1) Rob Gronkowski Receptions or (2) Total 1st Half Goals Lazio vs Cagliari Gronk (-160)
(1) Darrel Williams Carries or (2) Total Corners Liverpool vs Manchester City Corners (+110)
(1) Tampa Bay Buccaneers made FGs or (2) Total Goals Marseille vs Paris SG Mar/PSG (-180)
NFL-Miscellaneous “What Will Be Higher” Prop Outcome
(1) Total Punts in Super Bowl LV or (2) Total 1st Round Aces by Djokovic in AO TBD
(1) Travis Kelce Receptions or (2) Winning Horse Number Kentucky Derby 2021 TBD
(1) Tom Brady Sacked or (2) 1st Round Stoppages at UFC Fight Night PUSH
(1) Clyde Edwards-Helaire Rushing Yards or (2) Age of Winning QB in Super Bowl 55 Edwards-Helaire (-200)
(1) Chris Goodwin Receptions or (2) Americans Advancing to 2nd Round in Women’s AO Americans in AO (+135)
(1) Tom Brady Passing Yards in Super Bowl 55 or (2) Tom Brady Passing Yards in Super Bowl 53 Brady in 53 (+160)
(1) Patrick Mahomes Passing Yards Super Bowl 55  or (2) Patrick Mahomes Passing Yards Super Bowl 54 Mahomes in 54 (+150)
(1) Travis Kelce 1H Receiving Yards Super Bowl 55 or (2) Travis Kelce Receiving Yards Super Bowl 54 Kelce in 55 (-120)

All of the cross-sport props above will be filled in after Super Bowl 55 has finished.

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