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Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather reportedly lost over $13 million betting on the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 48. Will the boxing legend look to recoup some of those losses with a big-money bet on this year's big game? Photo by SO MAX O (Flickr).
  • Largest wager expected to be made at Nevada sportsbooks pegged at $2 million on Super Bowl props
  • Floyd Mayweather sporting short odds of making a seven-figure wager on this year’s Super Bowl
  • Recent legal troubles expected to keep Vegas Dave out of the sportsbooks this time around

Now that the stage is set for Super Bowl 54, Nevada’s sportsbooks are bracing for a busy two weeks leading up to the big game.

While the total betting handle on last year’s Super Bowl declined following three straight record-breaking years, the long-awaited return of the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco Giants to championship contention is expected to stimulate plenty of action ahead of kickoff at Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday, February 2.

Super Bowl 54 Largest Wagers Odds

Prop Line Over Odds Under Odds
Largest Wager Taken by Nevada Sportsbooks $2 million -120 -120
Total 7-figure Wagers Taken by Nevada Sportsbooks 5.5 -120 -120
Largest Wager by Floyd Mayweather $1 million -120 -120
Largest Wager by Vegas Dave Oancea $500,000 -120 -120

Odds taken on January 21.

Spread of Legalized Sports Betting Offers Choice to Big-Money Bettors

Fresh blood in this year’s contest is likely to spur an increase in the betting handle and in how much big-time bettors will lay on the game. However, another factor that could impact both the total handle and number of seven-figure wagers taken by Nevada sportsbooks is the growing number of betting options now available in the US market.

With the number of US States with legalized sports betting ballooning to 11 with more on the way, sports bettors no longer have to flock to the desert to get in on Super Bowl betting action.

That reality increases the likelihood that high rollers looking to bet seven figures on the Super Bowl will shop around at sportsbooks outside of Nevada, making “Under” 5.5 seven-figure bets at Nevada sportsbooks the value wager.

A year ago, an unidentified sports bettor known only as “Bettor X” lost a reported $3.8 million on three separate moneyline bets on the Rams, placed at Las Vegas sportsbooks.

While high rollers like Mattress Mack have taken their betting action to sportsbooks in New Jersey and Mississippi, the biggest money is still expected to be wagered in Nevada. A year ago, an unidentified sports bettor known only as “Bettor X” lost a reported $3.8 million on three separate moneyline bets on the Rams, placed at Las Vegas sportsbooks, the largest of which was pegged at $2 million. Those losing wagers ended a spectacular streak that netted the mysterious bettor an estimated $20 million in winnings over the previous two years.

There’s been no sign of “Bettor X” since last year’s Super Bowl betting debacle. However, with the number of sports bettors aiming to make headlines with big-money bets, the -120 odds favoring at least one bettor topping $2 million offers plenty of value.

Picks: Total 7-Figure Bets Under 5.5 (-120); Largest Wager Over $2 Million (-120)

Mayweather Quiet Since Huge Super Bowl 48 Loss

One celebrity sports bettor with a history of laying big money on the Super Bowl is boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. The former world champion is undefeated in the ring, but has not been so lucky with his Super Bowl bets. Mayweather made headlines, and was a target of ridicule, after losing a reported $13.8 million in multiple wagers laid on the Denver Broncos ahead of their embracing 43-8 loss to the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl 48, six years ago.

A fixture on the Super Bowl props since making those losing wagers, “Money” has never come close to publicly making such big wagers since, and is a strong -120 bet to keep his largest Super Bowl bet “Under” $1 million this time around.

Pick: Largest Mayweather Wager Under $1 Million (-120)

Vegas Dave Barred from Nevada Sportsbooks

Controversial sports bettor and tout Vegas Dave Oancea also got burned with a recent big-money Super Bowl bet. Much to the delight of sports betting Twitter, Oancea snatched defeat from the jaws of victory with his $5 million bet on the Atlanta Falcons ahead of their 34-28 meltdown loss to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 51.

Vegas Dave rose to prominence by raking in millions with winning bets on the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50, and the 2016 World Series champion Kansas City Royals. But after recently agreeing to a plea deal that keeps him out of prison after facing charges relating to illegal bets made at Las Vegas sportsbooks, Oancea has been barred for wagering at Nevada sportsbooks for three years, and has publicly stated that he would have to be “a complete moron” to return to placing sports bets.

Of course, with Vegas Dave, anything is possible, but right now taking the “Under” on his largest wager on this year’s big game looks to be a no-brainer.

Pick: Largest Vegas Dave Wager Under $500,000 (-120)

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