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Is This the Funniest Super Bowl Prop of the Year? Betting on Breasts …

Super Bowl broadcast shows the crowd.
Will breasts be shown on the broadcast of Super Bowl LIV? Photo by Brian Allen (Wikimedia).
  • There was a streaker that made it onto the field at Super Bowl 38
  • Breasts were shown on the FOX broadcast at the 2019 World Series
  • Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction once landed bosoms on a Super Bowl broadcast

At the Super Bowl, you never know what you’ll see. Of course, we’ll see some football but given the amount of viewers watching the game, advertisers and influencers are always trying to get some attention. One sportsbook has posted a prop on whether a woman will bare her breasts during the game and if it’ll be shown on the broadcast.

Let’s take a closer look – pun intended – at what type of show may be on display.

Will Breasts Be Shown During Super Bowl LIV Broadcast?

Outcome Odds
No -2500
Yes +1000

Odds taken Jan. 21.

Boobs Bared at World Series

If you’re surprised to be seeing this prop on the board, one of the reasons for it is because boobs were bared at the World Series. As you might recall, Julia Rose and Lauren Summers exposed themselves at the 2019 World Series while Houston Astros’ starter Gerrit Cole was on the mound.

The flashers were a pair of celebrities/influencers who have a habit of doing this type of thing, so some people are wondering if they’ll be able to sneak showgirls into the broadcast of the Super Bowl. If they do, the media attention they receive from the stunt might make the price paid worth it.

Will an Advertiser or Porn Site Try to Pull it Off?

While Rose and Summers are stealthier with their swingers, we’ve seen other entities try and make more blatant attempts. For example, porn sites might pay a woman to streak topless with a website name on her back. That way when people inevitably ask about it, the company will get good advertising.

We’ve seen YouTubers and influencers like Vitaly send out women to streak at events like the Champions League. Maybe he’ll try to pull something off here?

We’ve actually already seen a streaker at the Super Bowl, when the legendary Mark Roberts was paid $1 million to streak at Super Bowl 38. However, he was lacking a few necessary elements for you to cash in on this prop.

How Much Skin Will We See at Halftime?

One other possibility is that we could see some bare skin at halftime. That’s happened once before, as well, as you might recall, when Janet Jackson famously had her “wardrobe malfunction” during the halftime show with Justin Timberlake.

This year, we’ll see Jennifer Lopez performing with Shakira, so technically speaking there is a higher chance of another “malfunction”. But, unless the fates take over and a mishap happens for real, you shouldn’t be expecting history to repeat itself here.

What’s the Best Bet?

While this is a fun prop to bet on, I’m more inclined to swing with the ‘No’.

With what happened at the World Series and the infamous Jackson-Timberlake incident , the NFL will be on high alert. You can be sure that the performers have been warned and that security is prepped.

Also keep in mind it’s harder to get on the broadcast in the NFL – to be in an area of the stadium where the camera is on a fan while regular play is happening – like it would be for an NBA or MLB game. That being the case, I’m not betting on any boobs being flashed at Super Bowl LIV.

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