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You Can Bet on How Tall Kyler Murray Will Be at the NFL Combine

Kyler Murray
All eyes will be on Kyler Murray at the NFL Draft Combine. Photo courtesy @247Sports (Twitter)
  • Kyler Murray has declared for the NFL draft, but concerns over his height may impact when he’s selected
  • He’s listed at 5’10” but there is a strong belief that he’s shorter than that
  • Will Murray measure over or under 5’10” at the NFL combine?

Kyler Murray’s decision to declare for the NFL draft means his entire world is now under the microscope.  Every decision, every throw, and every trait will be obsessed over by NFL teams for the next three months, including the reigning Heisman Trophy winner’s height.

How tall he’ll measure at the NFL Combine has become such a hot button issue that BetOnline has released a prop on the topic, setting the line on Murray’s height at 5’10” inches.

Kyler Murray NFL Draft Combine Height Odds

Kyler Murray’s Measured Height at NFL Combine Odds at BetOnline (01/18/19)
Under 5’10” -200
Over 5’10” +150

Regardless of what the tape measure reads, Murray is still favored to be a first round pick, but the definitive answer could determine just how high a pick he might be, and who will select him.

How Tall is Murray Listed?

That’s a tricky question because it varies depending on who you ask.  Oklahoma football lists him at 5’10”, but Oklahoma baseball says he’s 5 ’11”.  Does this look like someone who’s 5’11” to you?

To throw more gas on the fire, a member of the Sooners athletics department tweeted out that Murray actually measured 5 ‘9″ and 7/8 inches in socks prior to the start of last season.  The title of shortest quarterback on an NFL roster currently belongs to Russell Wilson at 5 ’11”.

Does Height Matter?

Murray’s height certainly didn’t limit his ceiling at the college level, and while there isn’t a long list of sub 6-foot-tall quarterbacks in the NFL, his athleticism and arm strength should be able to make up for his lack of size.

His decisiveness and quick delivery has drawn comparison to former teammate Baker Mayfield, who despite only being 6’0″, didn’t seem to have any problem finding success in the NFL.

The Pick

Football is a game of inches, and teams lie about their players’ heights all the time.  A study done at the 2016 NFL combined revealed 28 invitees measured a full two inches shorter than their listed heights. Murray looks smaller than 5’10” and we have confirmation that he measured below that height a few months ago.  Lay -200 and bet the Under.

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