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Odds Now Favor Rosen Going to Redskins for 2019 Season

Robert Duff

by Robert Duff in NFL Football

Apr 16, 2019 · 1:09 PM PDT

Josh Rosen
Will Josh Rosen be changing zip codes soon? Photo by @pfrumors (Twitter)
  • Sportsbooks now lists the Washington Redskins as the favorites to land Arizona Cardinals QB Josh Rosen in a trade
  • Rosen was the Cardinals’ first-round draft pick in 2018
  • Arizona is expected to select Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray first overall in the 2019 NFL Draft

Would a Rosen in any other-colored NFL uniform project to be just as sweet? We may soon find out.

The Arizona Cardinals recently played host to Oklahoma’s Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Kyler Murray. It’s expected that the Cardinals will spend the first overall pick in the NFL Draft on Murray. That would leave Josh Rosen, the QB they selected third overall in 2018, in limbo.

Anticipation is that the Cardinals will trade Rosen. Sportsbooks have updated their odds on his likely destination. The sportsbook now favors the Washington Redskins to be the team that will deal for the Arizona QB.

Which Team Will Josh Rosen Be on for Week 1 of 2019 NFL Season?

Team Josh Rosen 2019 NFL Team Odds
Washington Redskins +102
Arizona Cardinals +230
New York Giants +562
Los Angeles Chargers +958
New England Patriots +4141
Cincinnati Bengals +5000
Field (Any Other Team) +387

*Odds taken on 04/16/19

As recently as two weeks ago, odds heavily favored the New York Giants being Rosen’s 2019 team.

The Giants have now dropped to third in the odds, behind both the Redskins and the likelihood that Rosen remains with the Cardinals.

Is Josh Getting Jackie-d Around?

What a difference a year makes. At the 2018 NFL Draft, the Cardinals invested their future in Rosen. Now, they appear ready for a quickie divorce as they cast their gaze toward the wonders of Murray.

The NFL Network drew an odd but intriguing parallel to a similar situation. In 1962, starlet Marilyn Monroe performed a sultry version of the Happy Birthday song for President John F Kennedy while Kennedy’s wife Jackie sat stoically next to him.

The scenario also parallels to a scene in the 1993 football film The Program. On campus, Leon Pridgen’s character runs into Omar Epps’ character who has been recruited to replace him on the team.

Yes, it’s that awkward.

Why’s the Bloom Off the Rosen?

Rosen’s detractors insist that his biggest problem is that he thinks too much for his own good. They think he’d be better served simply reading and reacting to on-field situations.

He’s been known to ask coaches why they are doing different things in their system. That never goes over well in the militaristic just follow orders world of pro football.

Rosen started 13 games last season. He went 3-10 with 11 touchdown passes, 14 interceptions, and a dismal passer rating of 66.7.

Might the Cardinals be giving up too early on Rosen’s potential? It wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened to an NFL team. The Atlanta Falcons traded a young Brett Favre. The Pittsburgh Steelers cut a kid named Johnny Unitas.

Washington Makes the Most Sense

The Redskins’ brass has denied any desire to acquire Rosen, insisting that they are more interested in drafting a QB.

It could be noise offered as a distraction. Washington’s QB situation has been a dumpster fire since starter Alex Smith broke his leg late last season. The Redskins tried three different starters – Josh Johnson, Colt McCoy, and Mark Sanchez – who went a combined 1-5.

There is speculation that Smith might not play at all this season.

Washington’s never shied away from moving for a QB. Smith was added from Kansas City. In recent seasons, Rex Grossman, Mark Brunell, and Donovan McNabb were QBs added from other teams. Last month, they picked up Case Keenum from Denver.

Washington remains a logical play. But the next best bet in Rosen staying in Arizona.

Pick: Washington Redskins (+102)

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