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Odds Heavily in Favor of Josh Rosen Being a New York Giant Week 1 of 2019 Season

Ryan Bolta

by Ryan Bolta in NFL Football

Apr 2, 2019 · 2:23 PM PDT

Arizona QB Josh Rosen throwing a pass.
Josh Rosen is a longshot to remain with the Cardinals in 2019. Photo by Twitter user @sportsusa_net.
  • Arizona is expected to take QB Kyler Murray with the #1 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft
  • The Cardinals just drafted Josh Rosen with the #10 pick last year
  • The odds favor Rosen getting dealt to the Giants

A lot has changed since the last time we talked about where Josh Rosen will play next season, but one thing remains the same: the overwhelming belief is that it won’t be with the Arizona Cardinals.

Where Will Josh Rosen Play Next Season?

Team Odds on Rosen’s 2019 team at Bookmaker
New York Giants +154
Los Angeles Chargers +366
Arizona Cardinals +432
New England Patriots +525
Washington Redskins +1743
Cincinnati Bengals +1859
FIELD +417

*odds taken 4/2

There’s one curious thing when you look at the teams on the board from Bookmaker: none of the teams really need a quarterback.

The Cardinals are going to take Kyler Murray, which would leave Dwayne Haskins for the New York Giants.

Washington and Cincinnati could draft a quarterback or go with what they have for another year and push the pebble down the road.

It’s appearing the most likely scenario is that Rosen is acquired by a team that doesn’t plan on starting him right away, instead keeping him as a successor to what they already have.

With that in mind, there’s one clear team down the board providing value.

Could Rosen Replace Brady In New England?

Rob Gronkowski retired and it drove home the realization that this Patriots dynasty isn’t forever. They’ll eventually need to transition away from Tom Brady.  He’s still playing at a high level, but he’ll be 42 at the beginning of next year and the end is near.

When trading away or trading for players, Bill Belichick always bases his decisions on longterm value.  Rosen provides great longterm value at the price they could get him at.

It’s hard to find a franchise talent at the QB position and the price is usually very steep.  The Patriots won’t be picking at the top of the draft any time soon, so trading for Rosen could be the quickest way to finding their next star under center.

Remember, Rosen was very highly touted going into the draft last year.  Give him a head coach like Belichick, as opposed to the mess he dealt with in Arizona, and he’d likely reach his full potential.

The fact he could be had for a mid-level draft pick is something New England will surely be interested in.

Patriots the Best Option at a Great Price

The Giants are likely to look to the draft to find a quarterback and the only other teams ahead of the Patriots in the odds are the Chargers, who have the much younger Phillip Rivers still going strong at 37, and the Cardinals, who absolutely cannot keep Rosen if Murray is their choice in the draft.

That makes the Patriots the most likely destination and you can lock in that pick with incredible value at +525.


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