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Dolphins & Jaguars Listed as Co-Favorites to Land Nick Foles in 2019

Nick Foles at Eagles Super Bowl parade
Nick Foles has bought his way out of the extra year Philadelphia exercised in his contract, making him a free agent. Photo by Governor Tom Wolf (Wiki Commons) [CC License].
  • Nick Foles is expected to be traded by the Philadelphia Eagles
  • The Dolphins and Jaguars are the favorites to land the 30-year-old QB
  • The trade is expected to be completed well before the NFL Draft (April 25th)

After buying out of the option the Eagles exercised on him, as expected, Nick Foles appears on his way out of Philadelphia, and Bovada has released odds on where he’ll end up for the 2019 NFL season.

Odds on Nick Foles’ Team in 2019

Which Team Will Nick Foles Play for in Week 1 of 2019 NFL Season? Odds at Bovada
Miami Dolphins +250
Jacksonville Jaguars +250
Washington Redskins +275
Denver Broncos +400
New York Giants +900
Oakland Raiders +1200
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +2000
Carolina Panthers +2200

*Odds taken 2/6

Any one of these teams outside of the Panthers (+2200) would have great reason to want Foles under center next year.

He’d provide an upgrade over what they currently have at the most important position on the field.  Here is the case for two of the favorites and against the team you absolutely should fade.

The Case for the Miami Dolphins

It’s looking increasingly likely the Ryan Tannehill experiment in Miami is finally coming to a close. With new Head Coach Brian Flores in the fold after winning the Super Bowl with Patriots, it is the perfect time to move on with new blood.

Foles is 30 years old and won a Super Bowl himself with the Eagles after replacing the injured Carson Wentz. A conservative, successful veteran could be exactly what Flores is looking for to reshape a franchise that’s been stuck in the middle of the AFC East pack for way too long.

The Case for the Jacksonville Jaguars

Trying to name a team that underachieved more than the Jacksonville Jaguars this season would be a difficult task. A large part of that blame falls squarely on the shoulders of Blake Bortles.

He threw for only 13 touchdowns and had 11 interceptions for a team that had not only playoff aspirations, but Super Bowl hopes at the start of the year. Like Tannehill, he was given a long leash that finally seems to have hit a snag.

If Jacksonville is looking for a playoff birth and potentially a deep run, they’ll rely on a top defense and adequate production from the QB position. Foles’ passer rating of 96.0 would be a massive upgrade over the 79.8 Bortles posted this season.

After seeing the Rams struggle mightily against the Patriots in the Super Bowl, Jacksonville may have their proof that Foles is worth paying the price.

The Case Against the New York Giants

The New York Giants have had stability at the quarterback position ever since landing Eli Manning in the 2004 draft. Expect the organization to go a similar route with the next player to take the reigns, in spite of the fact that they were the favorites to acquire Foles back in December.

This year, the Giants pick 6th overall and could be the first team to pick a QB.

Dwayne Haskins from Ohio State is the likely choice and would be the perfect fit in New York. He’s big, athletic, accurate, and comes from a program that was constantly in the spotlight.

The likelihood the Giants pass on the opportunity to get Haskins, even if it requires moving up a few spots in the draft to do so, is extremely unlikely. The price may look enticing at +900, but I’d fade it no matter what the number.

Who Will Land Nick Foles?

The Miami Dolphins (+250) are the best value and the smartest play.

They want to be prepared for whenever Tom Brady and the Patriots slow down in the AFC East and adding a championship caliber QB in Nick Foles is just the way to jump start that process.

Pick: Miami Dolphins (+250)

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