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McCarron vs Allen: The Battle To Be the Bills’ Starting QB

Eric Rosales

by Eric Rosales in NFL Football

Aug 7, 2018 · 1:33 PM PDT

Aj McCarron as a Bengal
Will AJ McCarron be able to hold off rookie Josh Allen in Bills' training camp? Photo by Keith Allison (Flickr) [CC License]
  • Which quarterback will be in the spotlight for the Bills in Week 1?
  • McCaron impresses early in training camp
  • Despite a strong showing from McCaron, Josh Allen remains in the mix for the Bills

Just asBookmaker released its odds on who would be the Bills’ starting quarterback to open the NFL season, Bills wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin spouted off about his surprisingly unhappy time as a Carolina Panther.

He unknowingly put his current pivots on blast, and Twitter had a field day with it.

Given this controversy, things should get interesting. Let’s get to the odds.

Buffalo Bills 2018 Week 1 Starting Quarterback Odds

Player Games Started Last Season Odds (courtesy of Bookmaker
AJ McCarron 3 -150
Josh Allen N/A +120

It’s safe to say this quarterbacking trio is the least experienced in the NFL. McCarron is the clubhouse leader in starts, with three.

Nathan Peterman, already relegated to third-string duty, had two starts last season, including a nightmare debut. There are no odds available for him.

Josh Allen is the first round pick that Bills swapped two first rounders for to get into the seven slot.

AJ McCarron Impresses Early, But Will He Start?

You have to go back to 2015 to find any substantial footage for McCarron, but you’ll see he’s got decent skills, and he has a strong pedigree as a quarterback after starring at Alabama.

All he’s ever wanted is the chance to compete as a starter in the NFL, and he’s getting it in Buffalo. So far, his work at camp has him working with the starting offense and all signs point to him starting in Week 1.

Does training camp footage get you giddy? Buckle up.

Despite His Pedigree, Questions Swirl Around Josh Allen’s Readiness

Meanwhile, Allen has had a shakier start. Nothing gets irrational Bills fans more riled up than watching their supposed franchise cornerstone throw a play action check down pass like this:

That was early on, but he’s been coming on strong in the last few days, looking more like that the big-armed franchise savior at pivot the Bills haven’t seen since Jim Kelly.

Personally, I really like Allen, even though he’s the popular pick for the first-round bust of the 2018 NFL draft. It may take some time, bu its still entirely possible he eventually wins the starter’s job.

The Bills’ Corey Coleman pickup is a move designed to eventually utilize Allen’s biggest strength as a quarterback: stretching the defense.

Bet On McCarron to Start in Week 1

But for now, the safe bet is McCarron. This opportunity could really jump start his career.

He’ll have to show the Bills’ brass that he’s willing to do what former QB Tyrod Taylor wouldn’t: take shots down the field.

If he does, he’ll force Allen to win the job from his cold, dead hands. It’s not an issue right now for the Bills but it could be somewhere down the line if Allen still isn’t ready to take the reins and McCarron finds success.

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