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Odds of Cardinals Selecting Kyler Murray in NFL Draft Listed at -850; Is There Value Betting on Another Team to Take Him?

Kyler Murray
Kyler Murray is a heavy favorite to be drafted by the Arizona Cardinals. Photo By @nfltrade_rumors (Twitter)
  • Kyler Murray won the 2018 Heisman Trophy
  • He is projected to be selected 1st overall by the Arizona Cardinals by many experts
  • The Oakland Raiders own four of the draft’s top 35 picks and could be looking to make a splash

The worst kept secret in football is Kyler Murray will be the first player selected in the NFL Draft. But who will it be selecting him?

The odds have changed drastically since Murray was projected to be taken in the middle of the 1st round but it’s almost a lock he goes first now.

Will the Cardinals keep the pick or trade down and allow another franchise to land the franchise QB?

Thanks to the folks at MyBookie you can now wager on which team will land the Oklahoma Sooners’ Heisman Trophy winner.

Which Team Will Draft Kyler Murray?

Team To Draft Kyler Murray Odds at MyBookie
Arizona Cardinals -850
New York Giants +800
Miami Dolphins +900
Oakland Raiders +900
Washington Redskins +1300
Cincinnati Bengals +3000
Jacksonville Jaguars +3300

*Odds taken April 18, 2019

With all signs pointing to the Arizona Cardinals selecting Murray the odds are heavily in favor of that being the result.

Paying -850 is too rich when predicting anything to do with what is almost always a volatile NFL draft.

So I looked deep into the value of a team further down the board and arrived on a pick I believe has a great chance at providing a big-time pay day.

Could the Cardinals Keep Josh Rosen and Trade Down?

It seems like a good possibility the Cardinals decide to keep Josh Rosen and trade down to add draft capital. Murray isn’t a can’t-miss prospect like Andrew Luck and there are differing opinions on him.

All of the talk about how much they love Murray could be an attempt to boost the value for that top pick by Arizona. If they were locked in on drafting Murray why the secrecy?

They could trade Rosen and announce it now – there’s nothing stopping them. With the real possibility they move down, the new question is which team listed provides the most likely opportunity to move up and make a splash by acquiring the number one overall pick?

The team with most assets to complete a trade like this also happens to be the team most likely to make a major move like this, the Oakland Raiders. Soon to become the Las Vegas Raiders, what better way to jump-start your franchise than with a new star under center?

It seems like a good possibility the Cardinals decide to keep Josh Rosen and trade down to add draft capital.

They own three 1st round picks and four of the top 35 selections in the draft. That, in combination with whatever assets they could get for current starter Derek Carr, would be more than enough to make such a move and still be left with other selections.

Bet On Jon Gruden to Make Waves

One key to consider here is the reputation of Jon Gruden.

He took massive blow back after trading Khalil Mack. But consider what his reputation might look like if he uses the assets he acquired to land the top QB in the draft?

He might just go from being questioned, to being considered a genius of sorts. At the very least, there’s a ton of value in picking Oakland to make this deal at +900 and it’s an option you should definitely consider.

Pick: Oakland Raiders (+900)

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