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Odds of Chargers Trading Melvin Gordon Listed at -300

Can the Chargers salvage their relationship with Mevlin Gordon? Photo from @BleacherReport (Twitter)
  • Melvin Gordon is holding out for a new contract
  • Odds now favor the Chargers trading the disgruntled RB
  • Is there value on him not being traded?

Melvin Gordon is one of the best running backs in the NFL and is currently holding out from the Los Angeles Chargers as he is frustrated with his contract. He has remained adamant he wants to get paid what is worth and is okay with sitting out the season to get that.

Now, with the Chargers uncertain of his future, the odds favor him being traded.

Melvin Gordon’s Odds to be Traded

Outcome Odds at BetOnline
Yes -300
No +200

*All odds taken 09/06/19

Is there any value on no?

Right now, there is some value to the outcome of him not being traded. All signs point to this holdout lasting awhile. If it does, I suspect the Chargers to grow frustrated with him and move on and trade him to at least get a return for him.

As week one has begun, the Los Angeles Chargers have already appeared to move on as they aren’t talking about Gordon or focused on what he does.

“Don’t get me wrong,” head coach Anthony Lynn said. “I don’t want to talk about the Melvin Gordon situation, but I love Melvin Gordon. We’re definitely a better team with Melvin, but he’s not here right now. My focus is on the guys that are here. I have to get these guys ready to play this team because this is a very talented team coming here on Sunday. I don’t want any distractions.”

Add in the fact that the general manager has stated they have postponed contract talks until after the season and it makes me believe they will ultimately trade him.

If Gordon has sat out for the first couple games, I think teams will start to call with trade offers and, eventually, the Chargers will pull the trigger to trade him.

Gordon has also been granted permission to seek out a trade which makes it likely he will be traded during the regular season and will play elsewhere for the 2019 season.

However, there is some value on no, as he could sit out a couple of games and realize he won’t get what he wants and instead will return to the lineup. But, to me, that is an unlikely scenario as he is committed to this holdout. I do see a scenario where the Chargers struggle out of the gate in which they could decide they need Gordon and pay him what he wants, but that is unlikely.

Pick: Yes (-300)

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