Odds of Chargers’ Melvin Gordon Playing Week 1 Set at 3-2; Antonio Brown Heavily Favored to Play

Will Melvin Gordon miss Week 1 of the NFL season embroiled in his holdout? Photo from @BleacherReport (Twitter)
  • Melvin Gordon has been holding out since camp began 
  • Antonio Brown has been dealing with his frostbitten feet and helmet saga 
  • Will either play in Week 1?

Melvin Gordon has been holding out due to his current salary and whether or not he plays Week 1 is a question we’ve been asking for the entire preseason.

He is set to be paid $5.6 million this season but wants to be paid a salary closer to that of Todd Gurley in the top tier of NFL running backs.

Antonio Brown, meanwhile, has had his frostbitten feet hamper the beginning of his training camp with the Raiders, and his uncertified helmet saga keep him off the field for recent practices with the Oakland Raiders.

Sportsbooks have released props on whether or not Gordon or Brown will play in Week 1.

Will Melvin Gordon Play Week 1

Outcome Odds
Yes +150
No -200

*All Odds Taken 08/23/19

As of last week, the prop for yes would have had the value, but recent reports have come out that favors the Los Angeles Chargers star sitting out Week 1.

Gordon is not happy with his contract and has made it known for weeks on end. The two-time Pro-Bowler  rushed for 885 yards along with 10 touchdowns last season and in 2017 ran for 1105 and five touchdowns.

He also can do damage in the receiving game as he caught four touchdowns in both 2018 and 2017 and was a key receiver out of the backfield last season.

There is no question Gordon is a huge asset to the Chargers roster, but the real belief of him sitting out during the regular season has only started to come to fruition. In early July, the odds favored the 26-year-old to play week one as him missing week 1 was +155. In early August that is when the tide started to change as the odds for him to miss week 1 became -300.

As of right now, at -200, the value is on the ‘no’ prop as all signs point to the 26-year-old sitting out Week 1 until the Chargers give him the contract offer he wants.

Pick: No (-200)

Will Antonio Brown Play Week 1

Outcome Odds
Yes -500
No +300

Antonio Brown’s situation is much more clear than Gordon’s. But, nothing is a guarantee with the league’s preeminent diva.

He is filing a grievance against the NFL as they told him he can’t wear the same brand of helmet he has been wearing his entire pro career as it no longer passes safety the league’s safety checklist. Many players were mad at the situation including Tom Brady, yet Brown is the only one refusing to switch helmets, frustrating Raiders coaching and management.

Brown’s agent Drew Rosenhaus released this statement about the situation:

“To say that A.B. is upset about the decision to not let him wear his helmet is accurate, but we’re still processing it and figuring it out,” Rosenhaus said.

Meanwhile, Raiders GM Mike Mayock is growing frustrated with the situation and when asked about the situation had this to say:

“At this point, we’ve pretty much exhausted all avenues of relief,” Mayock told reporters. “So from our perspective, it’s time for him to be all-in or all-out.”

Most of this just seems like posturing by Brown and his camp, with all signs pointing to him suiting up in Week 1 and playing for Oakland.

Pick: Yes (-500) 

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