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Odds of Richard Sherman Taking an Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalty vs Seahawks in Week 10 Set at +225

SBD Staff Writer

by SBD Staff Writer in NFL Football

Nov 6, 2019 · 4:18 PM PST

Richard Sherman closeup
Current 49er and former Seahawk Richard Sherman is known for having a fiery temper. Photo: public domain.
  • The undefeated San Francisco 49ers will host the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football in Week 10
  • Current 49er and former Seahawk Richard Sherman is known for his fiery personality
  • The odds say it’s unlikely that Sherman takes just his third career unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on MNF

The San Francisco 49ers are the sole remaining undefeated team entering week 10 of the NFL season and will face the Seattle Seahawks, the second-place team in the NFC West, on Monday Night Football (Nov. 11).

One of the subplots of Monday’s contest is cornerback Richard Sherman facing off against his former team. Online betting sites have posted a prop bet for the game focused on whether Sherman will commit an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against his former team. The “No” is heavily favored.

Odds Sherman Commits Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalty (Week 10)

Outcome Odds
No -350
Yes +225

Odds taken Nov. 6.

Up in Seattle, the Stanford product was a three-time First-Team All-Pro and a four-time Pro Bowler. In addition to Sherman’s individual accolades, he was also the driving force of Seattle’s “Legion of Boom” secondary that won the Super Bowl back in 2014.

Part of what made Sherman so impactful was his and the mind games he played with wide receivers. With the 49ers, Sherman is in a different phase of his career but still has an impact on the field at age 31.

Sherman’s Unsportsmanlike History

According to the odds, he’s unlikely to commit an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Monday.  In the corner’s 127 career games, he’s only taken two such penalties.

Last year, when the Seahawks and 49ers went toe to toe, the teams split the divisional series one win each. Sherman didn’t take an unsportsmanlike penalty in either game.  Sherman’s two previous unsportsmanlike conduct penalties came when he lost himself in the moment.

In the clip above against the Tennessee Titans,  Sherman vehemently disagrees with the pass interference call and removes his helmet to argue with the side judge, which draws the flag.

The other came against the Arizona Cardinals back in 2016 during a blowout Seahawks win for taunting after a play was already over. The point being that Sherman for all of his bluster is a pretty heady player between the ears. If the game’s at a crucial point, he’s not going to do something to hurt his team.

This is purely a dart throw in terms of betting for value. Investing anything more than a flyer amount in “yes” wouldn’t make sense.

Sherman’s taken an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in less than .02 percent of the games he’s played. In a crucial divisional matchup that will have home-field advantage implications for the playoffs, it’s up to players like Sherman to keep a young 49ers team in the moment.

The Pick: No (-350)

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