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Printable Super Bowl Squares – How to Play and See Which Sportsbooks are Offering Contests

Brady Trettenero

by Brady Trettenero in NFL Football

Feb 2, 2023 · 12:00 PM PST

Printable Super Bowl Squares
  • Super Bowl Squares are a fun way to bet on the big game taking place February 12th
  • Several online sportsbooks are running Super Bowl square contests for Chiefs vs Eagles
  • Read below for printable Super Bowl Squares, plus details on how to play and sign up

With USA sports betting becoming legalized across 36 states, there have never been more ways to wager on the Super Bowl between the Chiefs and Eagles. However, sometimes conventional ways are still the best.

Super Bowl squares are one of the classic ways to bet on the Super Bowl, and online sportsbooks are bringing back the nostalgia for Super Bowl LVII. We’re adding to the fun here at SBD by offering printable Super Bowl squares.

Before Super Bowl LVII kicks off at State Farm Arena in Arizona, download your printable Super Bowl Squares and get an explanation of how to play and which sportsbooks are offering contests.

Printable Super Bowl Squares

Printable Super Bowl Squares

Click on the image above or on the link below to download your printable 2023 Super Bowl squares.

>> Download Your Printable 2023 NFL Super Bowl Squares PDF <<

How to Play Super Bowl Squares

Playing Super Bowl Squares is pretty straightforward. A standard Super Bowl square consists of 10 vertical columns and 10 horizontal rows that intersect. This means there are 100 total squares. Each team playing in the game is assigned to the columns and rows.

For Super Bowl LVII, we’ve assigned the rows to the Kansas City Chiefs and the columns to the Philadelphia Eagles. Each corresponding column and row will be assigned a numerical value of 1-9, selected randomly. This allows for any possible score combination.

Online square layouts will automatically select the number sequence, but you can also do it offline by filling out the numbers in a way that does not create patterns. After you’ve filled out the red and green colors with numbers, you can either assign the white squares randomly to the players or let them purchase specific spots.

In most Super Bowl squares, a winner will be determined at the end of the first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, plus the final game score. The winner is decided by looking at the last number in each teams’ score and then matching those digits on the grid to see where the squares intersect.

As an example, if the final score of Super Bowl LVII is 27-13 Philadelphia over Kansas City, the winner would be whichever played filled out the square where the horizontal “7” and vertical “3” intersect.

How to Fill Out Your Printable Super Bowl Squares

There is some strategy involved when it comes to filling out your Super Bowl squares. The best numbers to play with are typically a variation of 7,3 and 0 due to how NFL scoring works. For example, the score at the end of first quarter in the 2022 Super Bowl was 7-3 LA over Cincinnati.

Another popular strategy is picking squares in a diagonal fashion to gain more exposure to number variety. If you play with a group that allows players to bid on specific squares, you’ll want to research previous Super Bowl scores to gain an upper hand on the competition.

Which Sportsbooks Offer Super Bowl Squares Contests?

There is no shortage of online sportsbooks running Super Bowl squares contests. Some of the most popular contests right now can be found at DraftKings Sportsbook and Caesars Sportsbook, which are among the top online NFL betting sites.

DraftKings Super Bowl Squares

DraftKings is putting its own unique spin on the popular Super Bowl betting game for Super Bowl LVII. DK has added a sponsor this year, and “Wrangler Squares” features a prize pool of $57,000.

If you aren’t signed up at DraftKings yet, you can sign up today using our promo code to enter the free-play contest.


Here’s how to play DraftKings Super Bowl Squares:

  • Pick your square on the DraftKings digital board by clicking on any square to select it. This will be your square for all quarters.
  • Wait for the start of Super Bowl LVII when DraftKings will reveal which numbers have been randomly assigned to the columns and rows.
  • If the final digit of both teams’ score matches the numbers for your square at the end of each of the first 3 quarters or full time, you win a cash prize!
  • Each square on the board can and will be selected by multiple users. All entrants with the winning square will share the prize pool for that quarter.


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Caesars Super Bowl Squares

Caesars Sportsbook is running a Super Bowl Squares promotion that is different from DraftKings. They are offering betting odds for every possible Super Bowl squares option.

You can bet on what the last digits of each team’s final score will be at various odds. Currently, Caesars is favoring Kansas City 7 – Philadelphia 0 at +2000 odds.

Caesars understands predicting the last digits of the score is difficult, so they’re offering a $1,250 deposit bonus to new customers who want to play Super Bowl squares.

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Here’s how to play Caesars Super Bowl Squares:

  • Create your new Caesars Sportsbook account by clicking HERE
  • Enter registration details
  • Promo code will automatically be applied during the sign-up process
  • Make an initial deposit and bet on Super Bowl squares
  • Caesars will match your first deposit and bet up to $1,250!


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