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Odds on Exact Super Bowl 54 Matchup Favor Patriots vs Saints (22-1), Chiefs vs Saints Listed at 25-1

The Patriots in the Super Bowl again? Say it ain't so! Photo from @ComplexSports (Twitter)
  • Sportsbooks are offering a Super Bowl 54 name the finalists prop 
  • A New England Patriots-New Orleans Saints matchup is the 22-1 chalk
  • Adventurous folks could play the Detroit Lions-Oakland Raiders matchup at 1000-1

When it comes to the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots are like the villain in a horror movie franchise. After each edition concludes, there’s a constituency of people who assume that’s it. Tom Brady and company are done winning now.

Until the next edition comes along and guess what? Here come the Patriots again, haunting the dreams of the other 31 NFL teams in the NFL Conference Championship odds.

Sportsbooks aren’t ready to count the Patriots out just yet. They’re offering a name the finalists prop wager for Super Bowl 54, and the chalk at 22-1 is a Patriots-New Orleans Saints matchup.

Exact Super Bowl 54 Matchup Odds

Matchup Odds
New England Patriots-New Orleans Saints +2200
Kansas City Chiefs-New Orleans Saints +2500
New England Patriots-Los Angeles Rams +2800
New England Patriots-Philadelphia Eagles +2800
Kansas City Chiefs-Los Angeles Rams +3300
Kansas City Chiefs-Philadelphia Eagles +3300
New England Patriots-Chicago Bears +3300
New England Patriots-Green Bay Packers +3300
Cleveland Browns-New Orleans Saints +4000
Kansas City Chiefs-Chicago Bears +4000
Kansas City Chiefs-Green Bay Packers +4000
Los Angeles Chargers-New Orleans Saints +4000
New England Patriots-Dallas Cowboys +4000

*Odds taken 8/28/19. 

New England is included as 50 percent of the equation in three of the top four choices in this wager.

Not Looking For New England?

Well, sorry about your luck then. All signs point to another Patriots Super Bowl party.

To start off with, there’s recent history to speak of. New England has played in every AFC Championship Game since 2011. That’s eight in a row. The Patriots have won three of the past four AFC title games.

For those not proficient at math, that calculates out to 100 percent and 75 percent.

Those are pretty fair odds.

Guess which teams rates out as facing the easiest schedule in the NFL for the 2019 season?

If you said the Patriots, you’d be wrong. It’s actually the Washington Redskins, whose opponents were a combined .469 last season (119-135-2).

Next in line, though, are the Pats at .473 (120-134-2).

Wait – it gets worse. Using a formula devised by CBS Sports combining a variation on strength of schedule, Super Bowl odds of opponents and chances of getting off to a good start to the season, New England rates out to the easiest schedule difficulty at 84.375.

Count Out The Rams

Surprisingly, a Patriots-Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl rematch is the co-third betting choice along with Patriots-Philadelphia Eagles, which would be a rematch of Super Bowl 53.

The Patriots and Eagles previously met twice in the big game. Just one Super Bowl matchup has occurred three times, and it was the Dallas Cowboys facing Pittsburgh Steelers.

You know what’s never happened? A Super Bowl rematch in back-to-back seasons. Seriously, they’ve played 53 of these games and the same teams have never met two years running. That’s quite a precedent.

The Rams are in tough. Just one NFC Super Bowl loser has returned to the game the following season. That was the Cowboys, who suffered a 16-13 loss to the Colts in Super Bowl 5 and came right back to beat the Dolphins 24-3 in Super Bowl 6.

Play the Super Bowl Favorites

Last season, a Rams-Patriots Super Bowl matchup was the chalk and the outcome. In that sense, history will repeat itself in Super Bowl 54, when the Patriots face the Saints.

After playoff heartbreaks two years running, the Saints are due for good luck.

The Pats keep on piling up the Super Bowl records. Why not add another and join the Buffalo Bills as the only teams to play in four straight Super Bowls?

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