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We are tracking the odds to win the 2021 AFC and NFC Championships all season long, also read as which two teams will play in Super Bowl 55, from the moment they open. The graphs below were generated by averaging the odds from multiple sources.

Top AFC Championship Contenders

  • [November 23] Baltimore’s AFC Championship odds faded from +600, the third-best in the conference, to +1050, the fourth-best, after losing to the Titans in Week 11. Also, the New York Jets became the first team eliminated from playoff contention
  • [November 16] The Dolphins have overtaken the Raiders for seventh-best odds to win the AFC Championship after Week 10; Baltimore’s odds faded from +483 to +600 after being upset by New England, but still hold the third-best odds in the conference
  • [November 10] Miami’s odds to win the AFC Championship have gone from +6500 to +2725 in the two weeks since Tua Tagovailoa took over
  • [November 2] A win over the Ravens in Week 8 resulted in the Steelers overtaking Baltimore for the second-best odds to win the AFC Championship
  • [October 26] The Steelers’ AFC Championship odds improved from +563 to +416 after beating the Titans to become the NFL’s only undefeated team after Week 7
  • [October 20] After being blown out by the Steelers, the Browns’ AFC Championship odds have worsened from +1500 to +2400
  • [October 14] After beating the Bills, the Titans now have the fourth-best odds to win the AFC, improving from +1525 to +950
  • [October 6] A loss to the Chiefs in Week 4 resulted in the Patriots’ AFC Championship odds fading to +1550, the seventh-best in the conference
  • [September 29] After the Chiefs handily beat the Ravens in Week 3, Kansas City has separated themselves as the sole favorite to win the AFC Championship
  • [September 22] The Chiefs and Ravens are listed as co-favorites to win the AFC Championship ahead of their Week 3 matchup; the Steelers’ odds improved from +1038 to +925, the third-best odds in the AFC
  • [September 15] Indianapolis’ AFC Championship odds faded to +1650, seventh-best, after being upset by the Jaguars in Week 1; the Browns also saw their odds take a big hit, going from +1725 to +2825 after being dominated by the Ravens
  • [September 8] The Colts and Patriots are tied for the third-best odds to win the AFC after New England’s odds faded from +900 to +1125
  • [July 28] With many Patriots deciding to opt out of the 2020 NFL season, including Dont’a Hightower and Marcus Cannon, among others, their odds to make Super Bowl 55 have slipped from +850 to +900; the Bills’ odds have improved from +1375 to +1250
  • [June 29] New England’s odds to represent the AFC in Super Bowl 55 improved from +1150 to +850 after signing Cam Newton
  • [May 26] The Patriots’ AFC Championship odds continue to fade after losing Tom Brady, and not acquiring any of the quarterbacks on the market, now landing at +1150, just in front of the Colts and Bills for third-best
  • [April 27] After a solid 2020 NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens closed the gap between them and Kansas City, seeing their odds shorten from +376 to +348; the Raiders, on the other hand, saw their odds fade from +2150 to +2375
  • [April 22] The Philip Rivers-led Colts are a popular pre-draft bet and have seen their odds shorten from +1600 to +1250
  • [March 24] Despite a pretty quiet free agency, the Steelers see their odds to make Super Bowl 55 continue to improve, now sitting at +1350, the fifth-best in the AFC
  • [March 18] With Tom Brady heading south, the Patriots AFC Championship odds have plummeted from +600 to +1000; the Texans saw similar movement after trading DeAndre Hopkins, as well
  • [March 3] The Chiefs have opened as the favorites to represent the AFC in Super Bowl 55; the Patriots have opened at +600, much longer than the +400 odds they opened with last season

AFC Championship Odds

Team Odds
Kansas City Chiefs +165
Pittsburgh Steelers +240
Baltimore Ravens +900
Indianapolis Colts +950
Buffalo Bills +1200
Tennessee Titans +1300
Cleveland Browns +2600
Las Vegas Raiders +3000
Miami Dolphins +3000
New England Patriots +6500
Denver Broncos +14000
Houston Texans +14000
Los Angeles Chargers +20000
Cincinnati Bengals +50000
Jacksonville Jaguars +100000
New York Jets N/A

Odds updated November 23

Some trends to consider before placing any wagers on who will win the 2020 AFC Championship game:

  • The New England Patriots have won 11 AFC Championships, the most conference championships of any team in the NFL
  • Three AFC teams have never been to a Super Bowl: Cleveland Browns, Houston Texans, and Jacksonville Jaguars
  • The Patriots have won each of the three of the last four AFC Championships, and four of the last six
  • No AFC South team has won an AFC Championship since 2010 – the Indianapolis Colts

AFC Contenders by Division

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Top NFC Championship Contenders

  • [November 24] After Week 11, there are five teams in the NFC with better than 6-1 odds to win the conference championship: New Orleans, Green Bay, Tampa Bay, Seattle, and Los Angeles (Rams)
  • [November 17] As Seattle’s struggles continue – they’ve now lost three of their last four – their NFC Championship odds are starting to see major movement; the Seahawks entered Week 10 with +400 odds, the second-best in the NFC, but are now listed at +725, the fourth-best. New Orleans remains the favorite despite Drew Brees set to miss a little bit of time
  • [November 9] The Saints not only handed the Buccaneers a sound beating in Week 9, but also overtook them as the favorites to win the NFC Championship
  • [November 3] The Rams NFC Championship odds fell from +850 to +1225 after a bad loss to the Dolphins in Week 8
  • [October 27] With the Seahawks suffering their first loss of the season in Week 7, and the Bucs putting forth another strong performance, Tampa Bay now has the best odds to win the NFC Championship
  • [October 20] Tampa Bay has the second-best average odds to win the NFC Championship after handing Green Bay their first loss of the season in Week 6
  • [October 13] Two of the early-season top contenders, the 49ers and Cowboys, have seen their NFC Championship odds plummet after Week 5; the former is due to a 2-3 start with a bad loss to the Dolphins, while the latter is due to the season-ending injury to Dak Prescott
  • [October 6] A 4-0 start has resulted in the Packers improving to the second-best odds to win the NFC Championship; Week 4 losses saw the Cowboys and 49ers odds fade to sixth and seventh-best, respectively
  • [September 28] The 3-0 Seahawks are favored to win the NFC Championship for the first time this season; the Packers saw their odds improve from +775 to +617, tied for second-best, after beating the Saints
  • [September 22] Despite being upset by the Raiders in Week 2, the Saints remain the slight favorites to win the NFC Championship; the Seahawks now have the second-best odds in the conference
  • [September 15] For the first time this year, the 49ers are not favored to win the NFC Championship after losing Week 1 to the Cardinals, who are now among the top seven contenders with their odds improving from +2350 to +1375; the Saints now have the best odds
  • [September 8] Dallas’ NFC Championship odds continue to improve ahead of kickoff, now listed at an average of +713, just behind the Bucs for third-best in the conference
  • [July 28] After acquiring Jamal Adams, the Seahawks’ NFC Championship odds have improved from +1075 to +950, entering the top five contenders
  • [June 29] Dallas’ NFC Championship odds have improved from +938 to +825 simply due to money coming in
  • [May 26] Green Bay’s odds continue to fade, moving from +1150 to +1300, tied with Minnesota for seventh-best
  • [April 27] Sportsbooks didn’t like the Bears’ draft, as their odds worsened from +1700 to +1900; the Rams saw the biggest improvement, jumping from +1750 to +1600
  • [April 22] The Bucs made another big offseason splash, acquiring recently retired TE Rob Gronkowski, who will come out of retirement to play reunite with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay
  • [March 24] The hype created from the Cardinals getting DeAndre Hopkins has died down, as Arizona’s NFC Championship odds continue to fade, landing at +2650
  • [March 18] After landing Tom Brady in free agency, the Bucs are now a top three contender to make the Super Bowl out of the NFC
  • [March 3] The Saints and 49ers have opened as co-favorites to represent the NFC in Super Bowl 55

NFC Championship Odds

Team Odds
New Orleans Saints +260
Green Bay Packers +500
Los Angeles Rams +500
Seattle Seahawks +500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +550
Arizona Cardinals +1600
Philadelphia Eagles +3700
Minnesota Vikings +4800
San Francisco 49ers +5000
Chicago Bears +5500
Dallas Cowboys +5500
New York Giants +6000
Washington Football Team +7000
Detroit Lions +10000
Carolina Panthers +15000
Atlanta Falcons +25000

Odds updated November 24

Some trends to consider before placing any wagers on who will win the 2020 NFC Championship game:

  • Since 1999, only one team has repeated as NFC Champions: the Seattle Seahawks in 2014 and 2015
  • The NFC’s no. 1 or 2 seed has represented the conference in the Super Bowl each of the last eight years
  • No NFC North team has won an NFC Championship since 2011 – the Green Bay Packers
  • The Detroit Lions are the only NFC team who has never won the conference championship

NFC Contenders by Division

Archived NFL Conference Championship Odds: 2020

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