The ATS Checkdown: Week 7

Sascha’s palate got lucky that Matt was in New York City for the week with the host of our Out-Pick A Pro Contest, Antonio Pierce. His 3-5 record was worthy of punishment, but we’ll give him a week to sort himself out.

In a week where I brought my dog on to make some picks, we should have expected the underdogs to perform so well. I managed to go .500 on the week, but like the Cleveland Indians, Sascha (11-5 in Weeks 4 and 5, combined) learned the hard way that momentum can easily be halted.

Let’s see if his new role as Week 7 host helps get his picks back on track.

Before we offer our ATS plays for all the games on the Week 7 slate (except Tampa/Buffalo, which is off the board), Sascha and I take a minute (or ten) to discuss which struggling team we have more faith in right now: the Oakland Raiders or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

For one more week, you can get our ATS Locks of the Week in a separate article. Come Week 8, you’ll have to start listening to the sweet sound of the ATS Checkdown for all our picks.

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