The ATS Checkdown: Week 6

It took a few weeks, but Sascha has found his ATS groove, posting a 6-2 record against the spread in Week 5. Matt joined him above .500 with a 4-3-1 week. Confidence is reaching peak levels around here.

Good things take time, right? You can’t just produce a baby in one month, just like you can’t expect to go 6-2 against the spread in Week 1. (That makes sense, right?) And let me tell you, this ATS baby is starting to crown!

Sascha and I both posted winning records for a second straight week, and are beginning to forget all about our early-season struggles. Whether it’s the sweet smell of success in the air, or all those hot peppers bringing on dementia, one thing is certain: winning picks are coming your way.

Helping us with those winning picks this week is my little pal Pepperoni. After a handful of other guests failed to deliver with their ATS picks, I went and adopted a dog and have been training him to do nothing but pick winners against the spread. My carpet is stained, and several pairs of socks are missing, but boy oh boy can this pooch sniff out winners. You’ll find his video below, followed by the much less cute and entertaining ATS Checkdown.

(If you’re annoyed that you’ve come this far and only wanted to see our Week 6 locks, we’re sorry.)

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There are many things our Brand and Content Manager credits to sports: knowing his multiples of seven, his love for chicken wings, and his unceasing will to win. It didn't take many Sundays on the couch for the passion and competitiveness to blossom. Before landing at SBD, Matt was hosting and producing a sports show on local TV.