The Lede: The Las Vegas Raiders

By BrokenSphere (Wikimedia Commons)

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Raiders Expected to Receive Necessary Votes for Relocation

This afternoon, the 32 NFL team owners will be asked to vote on the Raiders’ proposed relocation to Las Vegas. It’s hardly a secret that the vote will receive the required 24 “yes” votes to approve the Raiders’ second move from the city of Oakland.

The league’s owners aren’t overly concerned with the legacy that will be left behind; instead, they only see dollar signs in Las Vegas. Oakland-Alameda Coliseum opened in 1966, and needs many pricey renovations to bring it up to standard. While Oakland has struggled to gather funds, state and local officials have combined to pledge $750 million in funding toward a new stadium in Las Vegas.

There’s just one problem here: a new stadium takes longer than five months to build. So what does this mean for the Raiders in 2017?



Derek Carr and company have been viewed as legitimate candidates to take down the New England Patriots in the upcoming season. But how will this relocation affect the team? If the Raiders stay in Oakland for one more season, it’s very unlikely there will be many fans spending their money to watch a team that’s abandoning the city. It may also be a little too late to try and find a temporary home for the Raiders.

I won’t be betting any money on the Raiders until I know where they will be playing in 2017. And I certainly won’t be betting on a team that possesses no home-field advantage.