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The “Oddcast” Not-Podcast: Damn You Technology!

Sascha was back in studio and the guys broke down the playoff picture before making another fantastic round of picks. It was the perfect mixture of wit, charm, football intellect and raw sex-appeal. This was clearly the best podcast they had ever done. Perhaps it was the best podcast ever done in the history of podcasts?

But unfortunately, no one will ever hear that recording. For all the greatness technology provides us with – like the ability to check scores while you poop, or in my case, gainful employment – it can also be a real bitch sometimes!

While you will no doubt miss the soothing sounds of our incredible hosts voices, you won’t have to miss out on their slightly above-average ability to pick games. Here are the guys’ picks for Week 13.

Sascha’s Week 13 Picks:

  • Green Bay (-3) over Detroit
  • NY Jets (-2) over NY Giants
  • Seattle (pick’em) over Minnesota
  • Houston (+3) over Buffalo
  • Cincinnati (-9.5) over Cleveland
  • Tennessee (-2.5) over Jacksonville
  • Washington (-4) over Dallas
  • Arizona (-5.5) over St. Louis
  • Denver (-4) over San Diego
  • Atlanta (+1.5) over Tampa Bay
  • Pittsburgh (-7) over Indianapolis

Eric’s Week 13 Picks:

  • Detroit (+3) over Green Bay
  •  NY Giants (+2) over NY Jets
  • Seattle (pick’em) over Minnesota
  • Buffalo (-3) over Houston
  • Chicago (-7) over San Francisco
  • New England (-9.5) over Philadelphia
  • Carolina (-7) over New Orleans
  • Kansas City (-3) over Oakland
  • Baltimore (+4) over Miami
  • Tampa Bay (-1.5) over Atlanta
  • Pittsburgh (-7) over Indianapolis

Check back next week when hopefully the computers stop their foolish vendetta against us. If you miss the podcast that much, listen to last week’s episode here.

(Photo Credit: Victor Araiza (Originally uploaded to Flickr)[https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/])

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