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“Odd”ities – Redneck Games Props

Originating in East Dublin, Georgia, this totally real thing has taken off across North America and has been copied in Maine, California, and even Saskatchewan! A day celebrating the blue-collar hill folk stereotype, the Redneck Games feature events such as toilet seat throwing, mud pit belly flop, seed spitting, the cigarette flip, and armpit serenade.

As ridiculous as it may sound to some of you KIA-driving, non-jort-wearing, keep-your-money-in-a-bank types out there, these games are a big deal! And as we’ve proven before here at SBD, we enjoy slapping odds on all games, beer bellies or not.

So here are some odds for the upcoming summer of Redneck Games.

2015 Redneck Games Odds: 

Toilet Seat Throwing:

  • Odds of throwing a ringer: 1/1
  • Odds that this is harder than actual horseshoes: 2/1
  • Odds that, after the game, someone takes the seat home and screws it back on their toilet: 1/99

Mud Pit Belly Flop:

  • Odds the winner has a massive gut: 1/5
  • Odds the winner also has a massive beard: 1/2
  • Odds the winner is the real Santa Claus: 500/1
  • Odds the winner went to an Ivy League school: 200,000/1

Seed Spitting:

  • Odds a contestant can spit a seed farther than they can run: 5/1
  • Odds someone accidentally spits chewing tobacco instead of seeds: 3/1
  • Odds that watermelon stocks skyrocket the day after the event: 400/1

Armpit Serenade:

  • Odds that the winner plays The Star-Spangled Banner: 6/1
  • Odds that the winner covers Toby Keith: 4/1
  • Odds that the winner writes an original song: 10/1

(Photo Credit: Joe Sepielli (Flickr) [https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/].)

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