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June Democratic Debate Props: Everything You Can Bet On & Where You Can Bet On It

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden shaking hands.
Bernie Sanders (left) and Joe Biden (right) will meet on stage in the second night of the June Democratic Primary Debates on Jun. 27. Photo: public domain.
  • The first Democratic debates take place Wednesday (Jun. 26) and Thursday (Jun. 27) in Miami, FL
  • The field is 20-candidates deep, necessitating two separate debates with 10 candidates in each session
  • We have gathered all the props that bettors can wager on in the build up

Tonight and tomorrow (Jun. 26-27) in the sweltering heat of Miami, Fl., the 20 Democrats hoping to earn their party’s nomination for the Presidency will meet face to face on a debate stage for the first time.

Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren enter as the frontrunners to challenge Trump in 2020, but this is just the nascency of primary season. One slip-up, one insensitive comment, one awkward scream can bring a candidate down at a moment’s notice.

Per usual, online sportsbooks have posted a number of prop bets related to the debates.

As a sort of public service — hey, maybe we should run for office! — our political team has gathered all the available wagers. Below, you can find every proposition you can bet on tonight and tomorrow, along with the up-to-date odds, and where you can bet on it.

They are grouped into the following sections:

Trump-Related Over/Unders

Proposition Over Odds Under Odds Where to bet it?
Number of times candidates say “Trump” [on] Wed. and Thu. [combined] Over 20.5 (-120) Under 20.5 (-120) REDACTED
How many times will Donald Trump be mentioned during June debates? Over 45.5 (-115) Under 45.5 (-115) REDACTED
President Trump’s approval rating on July 1st Over 42.0 (-120) Under 42.0 (-120) REDACTED
Number of times Trump Tweets during Wed. debate Over 1.5 (-200) Under 1.5 (+150) REDACTED
Number of times Trump Tweets “Pocahontas” [on Jun. 26] Over 0.5 (+145) Under 0.5 (-190) REDACTED
Number of times Trump Tweets “Alfred E. Neuman” [on Jun. 27] Over 0.5 (+300) Under (-500) REDACTED
Number of times Trump Tweets “Sleepy Joe” [on Jun. 27] Over 1.5 (+300) Under 1.5 (-500) REDACTED

For more information and the parameters of specific wagers, visit the site itself via the link in the table.

We will be updating this page with the latest props and any changes in the odds throughout the day.

What Will the Candidates’ Actually Say/Do?

Proposition Odds Odds Where to bet it?
Will Biden hug Harris, Gillibrand, or Williamson on Jun. 27? Yes (+200) No (-300) REDACTED
Will any candidate apologize during the debates? Yes (+425) No (-800) REDACTED
Total mentions of word “Impeach” during Democratic Primary Debates Over 2.5 (-200) Under 2.5 (+150) REDACTED
Will any candidates resign before the end of the second debate? Yes (+1000) No (-2500) REDACTED
How many times will “Buttigieg” be mispronounced? Over 1.5 (+160) Under 1.5 (-200) REDACTED
Total mentions of “UBI” by Andrew Yang Over 1.5 (-200) Under 1.5 (+150) REDACTED

Which Topic Will the Moderator Bring Up First on Night #1?

Topic Odds to be brought up first by moderator on Jun. 26 Where to bet it?
Gun Control +350 REDACTED
Health Care +350 REDACTED
Climate +450 REDACTED
Economy +500 REDACTED
Impeachment +550 REDACTED
Immigration +650 REDACTED
Iran or North Korea +750 REDACTED
Wall/Border Security +1000 REDACTED
Retirement +1500 REDACTED

Which Candidate Will Speak the Most on Night #2?

Candidate Odds to speak the most on Jun. 27 Where to bet it?
Biden +225 REDACTED
Sanders +225 REDACTED
Harris +550 REDACTED
Buttigieg +550 REDACTED
Yang +1000 REDACTED
Gillibrand +1250 REDACTED
Williamson +1250 REDACTED
Bennet +1250 REDACTED
Swalwell +1500 REDACTED
Hickenlooper +1500 REDACTED

Polling Numbers After the Debates

Candidates’ Hill HarrisX Polling Numbers on July 1st Over Odds Under Odds Where to bet it?
Biden Over 30.5% (-130) Under 30.5% (-110) REDACTED
Sanders Over 13.5% (-120) Under 13.5% (-120) REDACTED
Warren Over 8.5% (-120) Under 8.5% (-120) REDACTED
O’Rourke Over 6.5% (+100) Under 6.5% (-140) REDACTED
Harris Over 5.0% (-120) Under 5.0% (-120) REDACTED
Buttigieg Over 5.0% (-120) Under 5.0% (-120) REDACTED

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