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Elizabeth Warren Coming on Strong in Latest US Presidential Election Odds

Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren has climbed the board but is she a good bet to win the election? Photo by ElizabethForMA (Wikimedia Commons) [CC License].
  • Elizabeth Warren has managed to stand out from a crowded field
  • Warren was as high as +3900 but her odds are now down to +2000
  • If the economy remains this strong, Trump will likely be re-elected

Elizabeth Warren has seen her 2020 US Presidential Election odds improve significantly. She’s managed to stand out from a crowded field, which is now up to 23 contenders on the Democratic side after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio joined the fold on Thursday. Is Warren worth a bet at this point?

2020 US Presidential Election Odds

Candidate 2020 US Presidential Election Odds at BetOnline
Donald Trump +100
Joe Biden +500
Bernie Sanders +1000
Andrew Yang +1400
Kamala Harris +1400
Pete Buttigieg +1400
Beto O’Rourke +2500
Elizabeth Warren +2500
Amy Klobuchar +5000
Cory Booker +6600
Tulsi Gabbard +6600
Mike Pence +8000
Howard Schultz +10000
John Kasich +10000

*Odds taken 05/16/19. For a full list of candidates, click the link in the table above.

Warren Has Stood out From the Crowd

There are now more than 20 people running to become the Democratic Party’s nominee and the biggest challenge for the vast majority of them is standing out. What’s Andrew Yang going to do as president? What are Corey Booker’s plans? What can Julian Castro bring to the table? Nobody knows.

Warren has big plans for healthcare, student debt, and abortion, and it’s resonating with the progressive left.

One person who has not only had a voice but has managed to distinguish themselves has been Elizabeth Warren. She has big plans for healthcare, student debt and abortion, and it’s resonating with the progressive left. She’s had a few semi-viral moments and several good tweets, which have bumped up her profile.

The challenge with Warren is just long-term, she’s not a great option. She has bold ideas but few believe she can execute them. That’s a big problem. She’s also escaped scrutiny to this point, for the most part, but if she continues to climb, she’ll get under the microscope. That won’t help her cause.

Skepticism Surrounding Biden, Sanders

There’s a really big push and pull in the party right now – specifically, with the two favorites. Progressives would love to go for a guy like Sanders but many moderate Democrats would be concerned. Meanwhile, Biden would work for many moderates but progressives don’t feel he offers much change.

That’s created a lane for somebody to fill, but the question is who? Is it Mayor Pete? Is it someone else? It’s clear that Biden and Sanders are raising the most money right now and are the biggest brand names. At the same time, they don’t satisfy everyone and that’s leaving the door open for someone else to emerge.

Trump Train Continues

It’s going to be very difficult for any Democrat – at least right now – to unseat Trump. Incumbents often roll to re-election when the economy is doing well and it is roaring under Trump. If that changes in the next year, the door becomes wide open for a change.

He’d be my bet to win, but overall but if you’re looking at just the Democratic nominee, I like Pete Buttigieg right now. He’s a moderate, he’s young and he’s progressive. He checks a lot of the boxes and if he picks an experienced running mate, he could be the Democrats best bet to unseat Trump.

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