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Odds on Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee Favor Amy Coney Barrett at -250

Amy Coney Barrett being sworn in as judge
Amy Coney Barrett, seen here being sworn in as a judge, is a -250 favorite to be President Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court. Photo by: VWEAA (Wikimedia).
  • Amy Coney Barrett is the odds-on favorite to be President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court
  • An opening was created on the court last week by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • Republicans insist that they will push through a new SCOTUS nominee before the Nov. 3 election

Not only is the Republican party insisting that they will nominate and confirm a new justice to the Supreme Court of the United States prior to the Nov. 3 election, it looks as though they’ve already picked out their choice.

All signs appear to be pointing toward Amy Coney Barrett as Trump’s SCOTUS nominee. An opening was created when Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on Friday at the age of 87.

Even the betting odds are strongly backing Barrett as the choice. She’s listed as the -250 favorite.

Odds on President Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee

Nominee Odds
Amy Coney Barrett -250
Barbara Lagoa +125
Joan Larsen +1200
Allison Rushing +1500
Britt Grant +2500
Amul Thapar +3300
Thomas Hardiman +5000
Ted Cruz +7500
Tom Cotton +10000

Odds as of Sep. 22.

If the Republicans are able to push through a new nominee prior to the election, it will be the third Supreme Court Justice appointed by Trump.

Barrett Fits the Bill

It’s easy to see why Barrett’s name ascended rapidly to the top of this list. She checks off all the boxes in terms of a conservative judge.

A devout Catholic, Barrett is a federal appellate judge who’s established herself as a reliable conservative voice on hot-button legal issues ranging from abortion to gun control. She’d be the polar opposite on these matters to Ginsburg, the woman she would be replacing.

She clerked for former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and is said to share his right-wing political ideology. Only 48, if confirmed, Barrett would be the youngest Supreme Court Justice and would likely sit on the nation’s highest court for several decades.

Barrett was a finalist for the SCOTUS position ultimately awarded to Brett Kavanaugh. There are confirmed reports that she met with Trump on Monday at the White House.

Nominee Will Be a Woman

Trump stated during a rally on Saturday in North Carolina that he would appoint a woman to fill the vacant SCOTUS seat. This also should not be surprising.

Trump’s support among suburban women is waning. That backing was a key reason why he ended up beating Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election.

By appointing a woman, Trump will hope to swing some of that demographic back into his camp.  Other strong female candidates include Barbara Lagoa (+125) and Allison Rushing (+1500).

Lagoa is a Cuban American from the key battleground state of Florida. Polls show that Trump is currently trailing Joe Biden in the state.

Rushing served as a clerk for two sitting conservative SCOTUS justices. She’s worked for both Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch.

If the Republicans did decide to opt for a man, the likely pick would be Amul Thapar (+3300). He’s a close ally of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and would be the first Asian American appointed to SCOTUS.

It’s Barrett for SCOTUS

Trump will definitely nominate a woman. His odds to win the election continue to fade. The latest average betting lines in the 2020 election odds show Biden improving to -130 and Trump fading to +108.

He’s desperate and needs to shake things up with just 43 days until Americans go to the polls. Trump indicated he’ll announce his nominee by week’s end.

White House insiders insist that interest in Lagoa is fading. Barrett was the first invited to meet with Trump.

Unless Barrett tanked in the meeting, she’s the nominee.

Pick: Amy Coney Barrett (-250)

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