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Who’s Going to Win Florida? Trump, Biden Deadlocked at -120 Odds

Robert Duff

by Robert Duff in Politics

Sep 14, 2020 · 7:43 PM PDT

Joe Biden speaking at a town hall
The latest betting odds on the 2020 US Presidential election give both incumbent Donald Trump and challenge Joe Biden equal -120 odds to win Florida. Photo by Phil Roeder (Flickr).
  • The 2020 US Presidential election odds show Florida to be a dead heat
  • Both incumbent Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden are given odds of -120 to win the state
  • Of all the so-called battleground states, Florida’s 29 Electoral College votes are the most

Florida was a big win for Donald Trump along his path to the White House during the 2016 US Presidential election. For the longest time, it seemed like the Gulf State was his to lose as he runs for reelection in 2020.

The latest data is indicating that Trump could very well lose Florida.

A cross-section of the 14 most-recent polls in the state reveal seven listed as a toss up. Five others show the state to be leaning toward the Democrats. Two list Florida as tilting in the direction of Biden, individually.

None of the polls favor Trump taking the state.

The 2020 election odds are listing Trump and Biden to be in a dead heat. Both have a betting line of -120 to win the Sunshine State.

Odds to Win Florida in 2020 Election

Candidate Odds at Bet365
Joe Biden (Democrat) -120
Donald Trump (Republican) -120

Odds taken Sept. 14th

Election day in the USA is Nov 3.

Florida Up for Grabs

With just three weeks to go until voters can begin to cast mail-in ballots, the Florida race is about to get red hot. There’s good reason for that.

The state offers 29 Electoral College votes. That means the winner in Florida will be accumulating more than 10% of the 270 required to win the Presidential election.

It’s also the most Electoral College votes available of any of the so-called battleground states. Polls taken by both FiveThirtyEight.com and Quinnipiac University put Biden three points ahead of Trump as of the Labor Day weekend. On average, Biden leads Trump by two points in the polls.

Trends in Florida shows that it always tends to be a state that is split right down the middle politically. Seven elections held in the state over the past decade have been decided by 1.2% or less.

Bloomberg Banking on Biden

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is swinging his sizeable bank account behind the Biden campaign in Florida. The billionaire, at one time briefly a candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination, is investing $100 million in Biden’s campaign to help him win in Florida.

There’s a hate-hate relationship between native New Yorkers Trump and Bloomberg and clearly that’s helping to fuel Bloomberg’s passion to put Trump out of office.

At one stage, Trump’s campaign held a financial war chest vastly superior to that of Biden but several big backers like Bloomberg have closed that gap.

“Mike Bloomberg is committed to helping defeat Trump, and that is going to happen in the battleground states,” Bloomberg advisor Kevin Sheekey told Reuters.

Trump indicated that, if need be, he’ll invest his own money to help win Florida.

“Whatever it takes,” Trump told Reuters. “We have to win.”

Florida Win a Solid Barometer of Presidential Race

When it comes to picking the winner of a Presidential election, following the outcome in Florida is usually a reliable forecast of what’s to come. The last six Presidents and 13 of the past 14 winners all carried Florida on election day.

The same polls that on average show Biden ahead by two points indicate that 5% of Floridians remain undecided. Those voters could swing the state either way.

Due to its aging population, Florida is a popular state for mail-in ballots. A worrisome sign for Trump, who’s led a propaganda campaign against voting by mail, is that over 639,00 more Florida Democrats than Republicans have requested mail ballots.

Pick: Joe Biden (-120)

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