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Trump’s 2020 Presidential Election Odds Now Worse Than 2-1

Robert Duff

by Robert Duff in Politics News

Updated Mar 31, 2020 · 4:07 PM PDT

US President Donald Trump speaking to supporters
US President Donald Trump's odds of being re-elected in 2020 are the worst they've been since January of 2018. Photo by Gage Skidmore (Flickr).
  • Is time running out on Donald Trump’s Presidency?
  • Trump is still favored to win the 2020 Presidential Election, but his odds have grown to +200
  • Trump’s odds on Jan. 22 were +180

Who is going to win the 2020 US Presidential Election?

Well, the oddsmakers still say it will be the incumbent, Republican Donald Trump. But with each passing day, they seem less and less certain that this will be so.

Some sportsbooks now list Trump at +200 to win the Presidency in 2020. As recently as Jan. 22, Trump’s odds were no worse than +180.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds

Candidate Odds to Win 2020 U.S. Presidential Election
Donald Trump +200
Kamala Harris +600
Beto O’Rourke +1000
Joe Biden +1200
Bernie Sanders +1200
Elizabeth Warren +2000
Mike Pence +2000
Cory Booker +2000
Tulsi Gabbard +2200
Amy Klobuchar +2500

All odds taken 2/2.

Trump’s odds of winning the 2020 Presidential Election on Jan. 10 were +120.

The Donald’s Wall Is Crumbling

Literally and figuratively, walls are tumbling down all around President Trump.

His coveted border wall was basically put on the back burner when he reopened the government on Jan. 25 and in essence admitted defeat. Democratic forces refused to fund his vanity project in the federal budget in order to allow Trump to keep his promise to his base.

The impact of that setback has proven to be twofold: (1) it has emboldened the Democrats, and (2) turned many of the staunchest Trump supporters against their hero. Trump’s approval ratings are also in decline.

Trump trashed his own national security and intelligence advisers when they testified in front of Congress to the opposite of what the President was saying about immigration and terrorist threats, then hurriedly tried to backpedal when his words blew up in his face.

A recent CNN poll showed that Trump’s support among white working class people without college degrees, who voted overwhelmingly for him in 2016, has slid to 47%, the first time it’s ever polled under 50%.

There are also indications that support among the GOP for the President is beginning to disintegrate. The Republican-controlled Senate on Thursday voted overwhelming 68-23 to oppose Trump’s plan to  withdraw US troops from Syria and Afghanistan.

Who’s Going To Win 2020 Presidential Election?

If not Trump, then who should you be putting your money on to be the next President of the United States when voters go to the polls in 2020?

Perhaps smelling blood, Democratic candidates continue to come forward to bid for the party’s 2020 election nomination. The latest to enter the fray is New Jersey Senator Cory Booker.

California Senator Kamala Harris continues to be the front runner among the Democratic hopefuls at +600. We still think the ones to watch haven’t officially declared – Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar (+2500) and failed Texas Senatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke (+1000).

Set to deliver the State of the Union Address on Tuesday, Trump continues to muse about declaring a state of emergency to build his wall, ignoring words of caution from his own party.

If you think the end is even nearer for Trump, but believe the Republicans can hold on to the White House, Vice-President Mike Pence (+2000) might be a good bet.

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