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  • Browns coach Kevin Stefanski won the 2023-24 NFL COY award
  • Stefanski was the heavy favorite entering the NFL Honors, but he was far from a favorite for the majority of the season; see how the NFL COY odds changed below
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Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski won the 2023-24 NFL Coach of the Year award, his second time being named COY. However, Stefanski was an afterthought for much of the season and an extreme longshot at the beginning of November. See how the NFL COY odds changed throughout the 2023-24 NFL season below.

2023 NFL Coach of the Year Award Odds & Favorites

We saw coaches like Dan Campbell, whose Lions had a great opportunity to take the next step in their turnaround, Sean Payton, who took over a Broncos team who may have been the biggest disappointment in the league the previous year (but continued to be such), Robert Saleh, whose Jets looked like a real threat with Aaron Rodgers but were now given an opportunity to overcome a major injury as well, and Matt Eberflus, who seemed to be getting the Bears on the right track in his first year last season, all open with good odds to win the award.

However, Payton, Saleh, and Eberflus’ odds tanked pretty early in the season. Meanwhile, Kevin Stefanski took over as the favorite for the first time this season after Week 16. Dan Campbell was a close second at the time.

The AP announced their NFL COY finalists: Kevin Stefanski, Dan Campbell, DeMeco Ryans, John Harbaugh, and Kyle Shanahan.

Kevin Stefanski, who won NFL COY in 2020, was the heavy favorite to win 2023-24 NFL Coach of the Year with -950 odds when they were last available. Stefanski led the Browns to the playoffs in spite of needing to start five different QBs.

Here are some more notes on the movement we have seen:

  • [February 8] Kevin Stefanski was named the NFL Coach of the Year for the 2023-24 season at the NFL Honors
  • [January 25] Kevin Stefanski, Dan Campbell, DeMeco Ryans, John Harbaugh, and Kyle Shanahan have been named the Associated Press’ finalists for NFL Coach of the Year.
  • [January 2, 2024] With Cleveland clinching a playoff berth in Week 17, which saw Joe Flacco make the Jets pass defense look mediocre at best, Kevin Stefanski has moved to a very heavy -950 favorite to win COY. Dan Campbell, who had been favorite two weeks prior, saw his odds fall way off, and he is now no longer among the top five contenders, after his Lions were robbed of a win over the Cowboys.
  • [December 26] After the Browns crushed the Texans in Week 16, making it extremely likely they will make the playoffs, we have seen Kevin Stefanski become the new favorite to win NFL COY. Stefanski is receiving a ton of credit for Cleveland remaining competitive in spite of being on their fourth starting QB.
  • [December 18] A dominant win over the Broncos in Week 15 has Dan Campbell back to being the favorite to win NFL COY. Demeco Ryans and Shane Steichen are given short +350 odds as well following each of their big wins over the weekend.
  • [December 12] Even though all of the Lions, Dolphins, and Texans lost in Week 14, Demeco Ryans’ loss was deemed the “best” of the bunch, evident by Ryans becoming the new favorite to win NFL COY. Dan Campbell and Mike McDaniel are both still very close behind.
  • [November 14] Demeco Ryans’ Texans got a huge win over the Bengals in Week 10, moving Ryans’ odds from +500 to +315, surpassing Mike McDaniel for the second-best odds behind Dan Campbell.
  • [October 10] Dan Campbell has taken back over as the favorite to win 2023 NFL Coach of the Year after Week 5. Mike McDaniel is a very close second. These two make up the upper tier of favorites following Week 5.
  • [September 18] After Week 2, Mike McDaniel has taken over as the new favorite to win NFL Coach of the Year. McDaniel’s Dolphins have started the season 2-0 after beating the Patriots on the road in Week 2. His odds improved from +1400 to +700. Arthur Smith still has the second-best odds, but he also saw his odds improve, going from +1200 to +800. Dan Campbell, on the other hand, was the favorite entering Week 2, but a loss to the Seahawks has resulted in his odds fading from +800 to +950.
  • [September 11] Arthur Smith saw his odds improve from +1400 to +1100 after the Falcons beat the Panthers in Week 1. Atlanta’s head coach now has the second-best odds on the board. Sean Payton, who had the second-best odds entering Week 1, faded from +900 to +1400 after the Broncos were upset by the Raiders at home. The biggest move comes from Todd Bowles, who had the worst COY odds entering Week 1, moving from +6000 to +3500 after the Bucs upset the Vikings.
  • [March 6] Dan Campbell has opened as the favorite to win the 2023-24 NFL COY award with +1100 odds. Sean Payton has the next best odds at +1200.

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