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At SBD, we’re tracking all the NFL Draft odds and props available across all sportsbooks. Among others, we will have odds to be taken with the first overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, draft position over/unders, first player taken at each position, and many more as the year goes on.

The 2023 NFL Draft is currently set for Thursday, April 27 in Kansas City, Missouri.

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The odds in the graphs below are an average from multiple sportsbooks and will be updated with every major change.

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NFL Draft Odds on First Overall Pick

Alabama’s Bryce Young is the heavy odds-on favorite to be selected with the first overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. Ohio State’s CJ Stroud opened as the favorite, saw Young take over as the favorite in early January, took back over as the favorite after the Panthers traded up for the first pick, but has now seen Young take back the top spot just a few weeks away from the draft.

Sportsbooks must have felt the Panthers were big fans of Stroud, but some potential insider info obviously had them doubting that in early April. Bryce Young canceling his other draft meetings after visiting with the Panthers has now turned him into an extremely heavy favorite.

Odds to Be First-Overall NFL Pick

Player Odds
Bryce Young (QB) BAMA -5000
CJ Stroud (QB) OSU +1200
Will Levis (QB) UK +1200
Anthony Richardson (QB) FLA +5000
Will Anderson (EDGE) BAMA +10000
Jalen Carter (DT) UGA +10000
Tyree Wilson (EDGE) TAM +10000
Paris Johnson Jr (OT) OSU +10000
Jaxon Smith-Njigba (WR) OSU +25000
Peter Skoronski (OT) NU +25000

Unlike last year, there are a ton of quarterbacks atop the odds to be the first overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. All of the top four options are QBs. The favorite right now is Alabama’s Bryce Young, who is given -5000 odds to go first overall. If you put a $20 bet on Stroud to be the first pick, you’d only win $0.40 and return $20.40.

In a surprise turn of events in the final couple days leading up to the NFL Draft, the second-best odds to be the first-overall pick belonged to Will Levis. The Kentucky product saw his odds go from +4000 to +425 on Tuesday morning but has now faded back to +1200, the same odds as CJ Stroud. Rounding out the top five are Anthony Richardson (+5000), and Will Anderson (+10000).

*Odds as of April 27 at DraftKings Sportsbook. If you’re not already betting with DraftKings, don’t miss the best DraftKings promo code for new users. 

Here are some notes on the odds movement we’ve seen:

  • [April 27] On draft day, Bryce Young’s odds to be the first-overall pick have gone from -1600 to -5000. Sportsbooks are saying it is a near certainty that the Panthers draft him with the first pick.
  • [April 25] Just two days prior to the NFL Draft, we have seen major movement behind the favorite, Bryce Young, to go first-overall. We’re not sure how much of this is due to a Reddit thread, where someone claimed they just spoke to Levis and he was told the Panthers would be taking him, but the move was quick. Levis’ odds went from +4000 all the way down to +400.
  • [April 17] After meeting with the Panthers, who hold the first-overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, Bryce Young has canceled all his other draft meetings. This has led to speculation that Carolina informed Young they would be taking him, and the Alabama QB’s odds have gone from -120 to -1400 as a result. CJ Stroud has faded from -105 to +700, which are still the second-best odds to go first-overall.
  • [April 8] Bryce Young has taken back over as the favorite to be selected first overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. The move comes without any direct cause in the news. This is likely the result of some insider info. Young’s odds improved from +240 to -120, while CJ Stroud, who was the favorite prior to Easter weekend, slipped from -330 to -105. With both Young and Stroud having short odds, the result has been Anthony Richardson’s odds plummeting from +900 to +2000.
  • [March 23] A little over a month away from the NFL Draft we have seen some of the Anthony Richardson hype start to cool. Richardson’s odds to be taken with the first pick went from +450 to +750, still third-best on the board, though.
  • [March 10] The Carolina Panthers have traded with the Bears for the first-overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. After the trade was announced, CJ Stroud’s odds to be selected first went from +300 to -425, making him the overwhelming favorite. Bruce Young’s odds faded from -200 to +380. Basically every defensive player saw their odds fade dramatically due to the likelihood of the Panthers only making this move if they are going to get a QB.
  • [March 6] After an outstanding performance at the NFL Combine, Anthony Richardson’s odds to be taken first overall have continued improving. Richardson went from +650 to +350 now, tying him with CJ Stroud for the second-best odds on the board, only behind Bryce Young.
  • [March 2] Jalen Carter’s odds to go first overall have plummeted from +850 to +2500 after the defensive lineman was arrested on charges of reckless driving and racing in connection with a crash that killed a former Bulldogs teammate and staff member. As a result, edge rusher Will Anderson saw his odds improve from +1200 to +650. Anderson took over the best odds among non-QBs to go first overall.
  • [February 24] Florida QB Anthony Richardson has seen his odds to be taken first overall make massive moves lately. As recently as mid-February, Richardson’s odds were +10000. Those odds have been steadily improving in the second half of February, now landing at just +750, which are the fourth-best odds on the board.
  • [January 25] Kentucky quarterback Will Levis has been receiving a lot of buzz as the leadup to the NFL Draft begins. Some scouts have been rumored to like Levis more than Bryce Young and CJ Stroud. As a result, Levis’ odds to be taken first overall have improved from +1500 to +550.
  • [January 10] Young remains the odds-on favorite to be selected first-overall after the Chicago Bears finished the regular season with the worst record, therefore claiming the first pick in the draft. There is already much speculation of the Bears preparing to trade the first pick with them already having Justin Fields in the organization.
  • [January 3] In spite of CJ Stroud looking very good against the Georgia defense in the CFP semifinals, and almost upsetting the reigning national champs, Bryce Young has become the odds-on favorite to be selected with the first pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. Young’s odds improved from +153 to -118.
  • [December 6] Stroud and Young are now listed as co-favorites to go first overall in the NFL Draft as we approach college football bowl season.
  • [September 7] Bryce Young has started taking over as the favorite at some online sportsbooks. Stroud is still the favorite at DraftKings, but Young is atop the board at Caesars Sportsbook, and listed as co-favorite alongside Stroud at FanDuel.
  • [April 29] Ohio State quarterback CJ Stroud has opened as the favorite to go first-overall in the 2023 NFL Draft at +200 odds. Bryce Young is a close second at +225.

Previous NFL First Overall Picks

Year 1st Overall Pick
2022 Travon Walker (DE)
2021 Trevor Lawrence (QB)
2020 Joe Burrow (QB)
2019 Kyler Murray (QB)
2018 Baker Mayfield (QB)

Here are a few trends to note with the first overall pick:

  • Notre Dame, USC, and Oklahoma are tied for the most first overall picks coming from their respective schools with five each
  • Here’s the positional breakdown of the 86 total first overall picks: 34 have been quarterbacks, 23 running backs, 16 defensive linemen, seven offensive linemen, three wide receivers, three linebackers, and one defensive back
  • The first overall pick has been a quarterback in four of the last five drafts, and six of the last eight
  • No running back has been selected first overall since Ki-Jana Carter in 1995
  • Three of the last five first overall picks won the Heisman Trophy in their final college season – Trevor Lawrence and Travon Walker, the most recent first overall picks, did not

Odds to Be a Top Pick in 2023 NFL Draft

Player Odds to Be 2nd Pick Odds to Be 3rd Pick Odds to Be 4th Pick Odds to Be 5th Pick Odds to Be 6th Pick Odds to Be 7th Pick Odds to Be 8th Pick Odds to Be 9th Pick Odds to Be 10th Pick
Bryce Young +1500 +5000 +5000 +7000
CJ Stroud +300 -140 +300 +500 +1000 +400 +550 +4000 +4000
Will Anderson -350 +250 +800 +400 +600 +1500 +3500 +4000
Anthony Richardson +3000 +1000 +150 +400 +1200 +800 +1200 +1500 +1000
Will Levis +750 +650 +120 +2500 +3000 +1000 +3000 +2000 +2500
Tyree Wilson +500 +650 +1500 +600 +650 +500 +650 +1200 +2500
Jalen Carter +3000 +1000 +4000 -300 +400 +1300 +800 +400 +700
Christian Gonzalez +25000 +3500 +5000 +4000 +800 +250 +850 +1600 +1000
Bijan Robinson +25000 +5000 +10000 +10000 +2000 +4000 +150 +500 +650
Will McDonald IV +1500
Paris Johnson Jr +10000 +400 +1200 +4000 +3000 +350 +1500 +350 +450
Peter Skoronski +50000 +5000 +8000 +4000 +3000 +700 +2000 +400 +250
Devon Witherspoon +10000 +2500 +5000 +2000 -210 +450 +850 +2000 +2000
Jaxon Smith-Njigba +25000 +10000 +10000 +8000 +5000 +7000 +5000 +1300 +2500
Quentin Johnson +50000 +8000 +8000 +8000 +6000 +6000 +6000
Myles Murphy +7500 +2000 +2500 +2000
Hendon Hooker +50000 +25000 +5000 +5000 +6000 +4000 +6000 +8000 +5000
Broderick Jones +25000 +2000 +900 +800
Zay Flowers +8000 +4000
Darnell Wright +50000 +5000 +10000 +10000 +2000 +7000 +225 +1400
Nolan Smith +2000 +5000 +400 +1800 +300
Lukas Van Ness +7500 +5000 +400 +2000 +400
Joey Porter Jr +3000 +2500 +2500 +1400
Dawand Jones +4000 +3500
Michael Mayer +6000
Dalton Kincaid +6000

As of April 18, Will Anderson took over as the favorite to be the second-overall pick, which is currently held by the Houston Texans. Prior to April 18, it was either Bryce Young or CJ Stroud given the best odds to go second-overall. As of April 25, Will Levis took over as the new favorite to be the second-overall pick. That only lasted a day, though, as Tyree Wilson became the favorite for the first time on Wednesday. As of draft day, we are back to Will Anderson being the heavy favorite to go second-overall.

The favorite to go third-overall depended on where you were looking. DraftKings had Paris Johnson Jr while others have Will Anderson on Wednesday. As of Thursday, all sportsbooks have come to a consensus with CJ Stroud being the favorite. This means sportsbooks feel the Cardinals will move down.

Will Levis was the favorite to go fourth-overall to the Colts for a very long time, but that came to an end today. Sportsbooks now either list Levis and Anthony Richardson as co-favorites or Richardson as the lone favorite.

Anthony Richardson enjoyed a brief moment of being the favorite to go fifth-overall but Jalen Carter now holds that title.

The table below showcases the odds to be a top 5, 10, and 31 (first round) pick.

Players Top 5 Odds Top 10 Odds First Round Odds
Will Levis -1400
Will Anderson -900
CJ Stroud -450
Tyree Wilson -400
Jalen Carter -300
Anthony Richardson +135 -650
Paris Johnson Jr +150 -1000
Devon Witherspoon +1100
Christian Gonzalez +1800 -300
Peter Skoronski +3000 +100
Bijan Robinson +4000 -165
Luke Van Ness +10000 +240
Hendon Hooker +10000 +2500 -130
Will McDonald IV +10000 +2500 -350
Broderick Jones +10000 +500
Jaxon Smith-Njigba +10000 +750
Myles Murphy +10000 +1100
Darnell Wright +10000 +225
Joey Porter Jr +10000 +1500
Zay Flowers +15000 +4000
Tanner McKee +20000 +30000
Quentin Johnson +20000 +6000 -400
Nolan Smith +110
Deonte Banks +3500
Bryan Bresee +2000 -205
Anton Harrison +4000
Jordan Addison +5000
Dalton Kincaid +6000
Michael Mayer +6500
Brian Branch +6500
Dawand Jones +8000 +300
Drew Sanders +8000 +120
Jack Campbell +8000 +300
Mazi Smith +10000 +100
O’Cyrus Torrence +15000 -175
Darnell Washington +15000 +105
Emmanuel Forbes -475
Calijah Kancey -400
Joe Tippmann -185
Keion White +130
Felix Anudike-Uzomah +160
Adetomiwa Adebawore +160
John Michael Schmitz +200
Kelee Ringo +200
Jalin Hyatt +250
Steve Avila +140
B.J. Ojulari +310
Jahmyr Gibbs -300
Cody Mauch +380
Cam Smith +400
Trenton Simpson +380
Jonathan Mingo +400
DJ Turner +200
Sam LaPorta +350
Tyrique Stevenson +600
Josh Downs +250
Luke Musgrave +250
Cedric Tillman +700
Zach Charbonnet +1100
Tyjae Spears +1600

You see a lot of blanks in the table above because sportsbooks don’t want to offer odds propositions they believe are certainties, such as Will Levis being a top ten or first-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. Some of the more interesting odds above are as follows:

  • Hendon Hooker now being favored to be selected in the first-round. Hooker was believed to be an early second-round pick up until a couple days ago.
  • Paris Johnson Jr being -475 to be a top ten pick – this one has corrected itself since I highlighted it. I hope many of you jumped on it! Johnson’s over/under was set at 9.5 with the over favored. The under is now heavily favored with the line movement.
  • Kelee Ringo being +200 to be a first-round pick – Ringo has been one of the most up-and-down prospects in the draft depending on which sportsbook you take your odds from.

Draft Position Over/Unders

Player Over Odds Under Odds
Anthony Richardson Over 4.5 (-150) Under 4.5 (+110)
Tyree Wilson Over 4.5 (-195) Under 4.5 (+155)
Devon Witherspoon Over 6.5 (+180) Under 6.5 (-230)
Bijan Robinson Over 10.5 (-140) Under 10.5 (+110)
Nolan Smith Over 10.5 (-250) Under 10.5 (+200)
Peter Skoronski Over 10.5 (-140) Under 10.5 (+110)
Jaxon Smith-Njigba Over 12.5 (-300) Under 12.5 (+235)
Broderick Jones Over 14.5 (-220) Under 14.5 (+180)
Lukas Van Ness Over 14.5 (+125) Under 14.5 (-165)
Myles Murphy Over 18.5 (-250) Under 18.5 (+200)
Joey Porter Jr Over 19.5 (-220) Under 19.5 (+175)
Deonte Banks Over 20.5 (+100) Under 20.5 (-130)
Michael Mayer Over 21.5 (-130) Under 21.5 (+100)
Dalton Kincaid Over 24.5 (+200) Under 24.5 (-250)
Quentin Johnson Over 26.5 (+160) Under 26.5 (-205)
Bryan Bresee Over 29.5 (-200) Under 29.5 (+160)
Hendon Hooker Over 31.5 (+125) Under 31.5 (-150)

Sportsbooks have been a little shy about opening draft position over/unders this year. We will continue to update the table above as more odds become available. When betting this prop, keep in mind the “under” means they will be selected before that pick, while the “over” means they will be selected after that pick.

No more than a month ago, Anthony Richardson’s over/under was set at 3.5 with the under heavily favored. His line is now 4.5 with the over favored. Tyree Wilson is another player who has seen swift movement. He was favored to be the second-overall pick on Wednesday, but is now seeing an over/under of 4.5 with the over favored.

Odds to Be Second Quarterback Selected in NFL Draft

Quarterback Odds to Be Second QB Taken
CJ Stroud -250
Will Levis +300
Anthony Richardson +500
Bryce Young +1500
Hendon Hooker +8000
Tanner McKee +10000
Stetson Bennett +10000
Jaren Hall +10000
Max Duggan +10000
Jake Haener +10000
Dorian Thompson-Robinson +10000
Clayton Tune +10000
Malik Cunningham +10000
Aidan O’Connell +10000

CJ Stroud was originally the favorite to be the first QB taken in the 2023 NFL Draft, but Bryce Young took over as the favorite up until March 10, when the Panthers traded up for the first overall pick. Carolina’s move up the board resulted in heavy line movement in Stroud’s favor, making him the favorite again. That changed again over Easter weekend, though. Young is now given -1000 odds to be the first quarterback off the board in April. Stroud still had the second-best odds at +700 when odds were last available on Monday. Sportsbooks have now closed this prop down as they believe Young is a near certainty to go first-overall.

The table above is now odds to be the second QB taken, where Will Levis surprisingly overtook CJ Stroud as the favorite as of Tuesday. Levis was given -190 odds at the time. Stroud has taken back over on draft day with -250 odds.

Odds as of April 27 at DraftKings Sportsbook.

Odds to Be First Running Back Selected in NFL Draft

Running Back Odds to Be First RB Taken
Bijan Robinson -10000
Jahmyr Gibbs +1000
Zach Charbonnet +7000
Tyjae Spears +8000
Tank Bigsby +8000
Sean Tucker +10000
Kenny McIntosh +10000
Devon Achane +10000
Roschon Johnson +10000
Zach Evans +10000

Based on the betting odds, there is no greater certainty in the NFL Draft than Bijan Robinson being the first running back selected. Robinson is given -10000 odds with Jahmyr Gibbs having the second-best odds at +1000.

Odds to Be First Wide Receiver Selected in NFL Draft

Wide Receiver Odds to Be First WR Taken
Jaxon Smith-Njigba -300
Zay Flowers +250
Jordan Addison +800
Quentin Johnston +800
Jalin Hyatt +3000
Cedric Tillman +7000
Josh Downs +7000
Xavier Hutchinson +8000
Kayshon Boutte +8000
Rome Odunze +10000
Rashee Rice +10000
Parker Washington +10000
Nathaniel Dell +10000
A.T. Perry +10000
Jonathan Mingo +10000
Andrei Iosivas +10000

Odds to be the first WR taken in the 2023 NFL Draft opened in late-January. Jordan Addison out of USC opened as the favorite, but saw Quentin Johnston (TCU) overtake him. After the NFL Combine, there is a new name favored to be the first WR taken: Jaxon Smith-Njigba. The former Ohio State receiver is the odds-on favorite at -300.

Addison has seen his odds plummet from +275 to +800 after a mediocre showing at the NFL Combine that included him exiting with a back injury.

Zay Flowers (+250), Jordan Addison (+800), Quentin Johnston (+800), and Jalin Hyatt (+3000) round out the top five contenders.

Odds as of April 27 at DraftKings Sportsbook.

Odds to Be First Tight End Selected in NFL Draft

Tight End Odds to Be First TE Taken
Michael Mayer -180
Dalton Kincaid +145
Darnell Washington +1000
Luke Musgrave +3500
Sam LaPorta +6000
Zack Kuntz +8000
Will Mallory +8000
Tucker Kraft +10000
Luke Schoonmaker +10000
Josh Whyle +10000
Cameron Latu +10000
McCallan Castles +10000
Brayden Willis +10000
Davis Allen +10000
Brenton Strange +10000
Leonard Taylor +10000
Payne Durham +10000
Blake Whitehart +10000
Travis Vokolek +10000
Noah Gindorff +10000
Jahleel Billingsley +10000
Kyle Patterson +10000

Odds to be the first TE selected in the 2023 NFL Draft opened after the NFL Combine. Dalton Kincaid opened as the favorite, but Michael Mayer took over as the favorite shortly after. Following Easter weekend, we saw this flip-flop again, with Kincaid back to being the favorite. It has shifted again during the week of the NFL Draft with Mayer favored again at -180.

Odds to Be First Offensive Lineman Selected in NFL Draft

Offensive Linemen Odds to Be First OL Taken
Paris Johnson Jr -450
Peter Skoronski +500
Darnell Wright +700
Broderick Jones +1000
Anton Harrison +5000
O’Cyrus Torrence +7000
John Michael Schmitz +7500
Dawand Jones +8000
Joe Tippman +9000
Cody Mauch +10000
Jaelyn Duncan +10000
Matthew Bergeron +10000
Steve Avila +10000

After the NFL Combine wrapped up, sportsbooks released odds on the first offensive lineman to be selected in the 2023 NFL Draft. Paris Johnson Jr opened as the favorite but Peter Skoronski took over shortly after. We now see Johnson Jr listed as the heavy favorite at -450 with Skoronski next on the board at +500.

Odds to Be First Defensive Player Selected in NFL Draft

Defensive Player Odds
Will Anderson -350
Tyree Wilson +300
Jalen Carter +1500
Devon Witherspoon +2500
Christian Gonzalez +5000
Nolan Smith +10000
Joey Porter Jr +10000
Myles Murphy +10000
Lukas Van Ness +10000
Kelee Ringo +10000
Bryan Bresee +10000

Former Georgia defensive tackle Jalen Carter was the favorite to be the first defensive player taken in the 2023 NFL Draft, but saw his odds fade since being arrested on charges of reckless driving and racing. Carter’s odds went from +110 to +700 now, allowing Will Anderson and Tyree Wilson to jump him on the board.

Anderson was the new favorite to be the first defensive player taken up until draft week, when Tyree Wilson  took over as the favorite. As of Thursday, Anderson has taken back over as the favorite with -350 odds.

Odds to Be First Linebacker Selected in NFL Draft

Linebacker Odds to Be First LB Taken
Drew Sanders -250
Jack Campbell +300
Trenton Simpson +350
Daiyan Henley +2000
Demarvion Overshown +5000
Noah Sewell +6000
Nick Herbig +7000
Henry To’oTo’o +8000
Micah Baskerville +9000
Payton Wilson +9000
Dorian Williams +10000
Ivan Pace +10000
Cam Jones +10000

Jack Campbell opened as the favorite to be the first linebacker selected in the 2023 NFL Draft, but Drew Sanders took over in early April. As of Tuesday, Campbell was back to being the favorite with +100 odds. That changed again less than 24 hours later as Sanders is favored at -250 now. Keep in mind, sportsbooks are referring to inside (or off-ball) linebackers here. They are not including outside linebackers or stand-up edge rushers.

Odds to Be First Cornerback Selected in NFL Draft

Cornerback Odds to Be First CB Taken
Devon Witherspoon -300
Christian Gonzalez +250
Joey Porter Jr +2200
Deonte Banks +2500
Emmanuel Forbes +3500
Brian Branch +4500
Kelee Ringo +5500
Tyrique Stevenson +10000
Cameron Smith +10000

Christian Gonzalez was the heavy favorite to be the first corner selected in the NFL Draft. Gonzalez opened with -190 odds but has since faded to +180 as Devon Witherspoon has taken over as the favorite. Witherspoon is now given -300 odds to be the first corner taken.

Odds to Make the First Pick in 2023 NFL Draft

Team Odds to Make 1st Overall Selection
Houston Texans -135
Indianapolis Colts +225
Carolina Panthers +300
Chicago Bears +750
Las Vegas Raiders +1200
Atlanta Falcons +1200
Seattle Seahawks +1600
Tennessee Titans +2500
Detroit Lions +3000
New York Jets +5000
Washington Commanders +5000
Philadelphia Eagles +7500
Arizona Cardinals +7500

Though the Chicago Bears held the first overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, it was unlikely they would actually make the selection since they have committed to Justin Fields as their starting QB. So, sportsbooks were allowing you to bet on which team will make the first selection.

The Houston Texans were the favorites to make a trade with the Bears to acquire the first overall pick. Houston’s odds were -135. The Colts had the next best odds at +225. The Bears were given +750 odds to hold onto the pick.

This bet has all but settled now, though, as the Panthers have traded up to acquire the first pick from the Chicago Bears. Carolina gives up the ninth-overall pick, 61st-overall pick, a 2024 first-round pick, a 2025 second-round pick, and DJ Moore. Anyone who bet the Panthers is going to be receiving 3-1 off their risk.

2023 NFL Draft Order – First Round

Pick Team
1 Carolina Panthers (from CHI)
2 Houston Texans
3 Arizona Cardinals
4 Indianapolis Colts
5 Seattle Seahawks (from DEN)
6 Detroit Lions (from LAR)
7 Las Vegas Raiders
8 Atlanta Falcons
9 Chicago Bears
10 Philadelphia Eagles (from NO)
11 Tennessee Titans
12 Houston Texans (from CLE)
13 New York Jets
14 New England Patriots
15 Green Bay Packers
16 Washington Commanders
17 Pittsburgh Steelers
18 Detroit Lions
19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
20 Seattle Seahawks
21 Los Angeles Chargers
22 Baltimore Ravens
23 Minnesota Vikings
24 Jacksonville Jaguars
25 New York Giants
26 Dallas Cowboys
27 Buffalo Bills
28 Cincinnati Bengals
29 New Orleans Saints (from SF)
30 Philadelphia Eagles
31 Kansas City Chiefs

With the 2022-23 NFL season wrapping up, we now know the complete NFL Draft order. You can see the entire first round above.

You will notice there are only 31 picks in the first-round of the 2023 NFL Draft, but there are 32 teams in the NFL. This is because the Miami Dolphins forfeited their own first-round pick after an investigation showed the team violated league policies around the integrity of the game—they spoke with Tom Brady and Sean Payton while both were still under contract. This is very important to keep in mind when betting on players to be taken in the first round of the draft. Be sure you read the market carefully, as there will be a difference between the first round and the first 32 picks.

Odds to Have the First Overall Pick in 2023 NFL Draft

Team Odds
Houston Texans +300
Atlanta Falcons +400
New York Jets +500
Chicago Bears +700
Seattle Seahawks +700
Jacksonville Jaguars +1200
Detroit Lions +1200
Carolina Panthers +1200
New York Giants +1400
Pittsburgh Steelers +1800

Odds as of September 7.

To start the 2022 NFL season, the Houston Texans had the lowest NFL win total and the best odds to finish the season with the fewest regular season wins. This would suggest they are the favorite to get the first pick in the 2023 NFL Draft at this point.

Teams to Select First in Past Drafts

Year Team with 1st Pick
2022 Jacksonville Jaguars
2021 Jacksonville Jaguars
2020 Cincinnati Bengals
2019 Arizona Cardinals
2018 Cleveland Browns

Here are a few trends when it comes to the teams selecting first overall:

  • The Colts (both as Baltimore and Indianapolis) and Rams (as Cleveland, St Louis, and Los Angeles) are tied for the most times picking first overall with seven each
  • Three teams have never selected first overall: the Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, and Baltimore Ravens
  • The first overall pick has been traded five times, most recently in 2016 when the Rams traded up for Jared Goff
  • A team from the AFC North has had the first overall pick in three of the last six seasons
  • The Cleveland Browns (2017-18), Cincinnati Bengals (1994-95), Philadelphia Eagles (1936-37), and Jacksonville Jaguars (2021-22) are the only four teams to ever select first overall in back-to-back drafts

NFL Draft Order – How the Process Works

Unlike the NBA and NHL, there is no draft lottery in the NFL. The first 18 picks go to the 18 teams that didn’t qualify for the playoffs. The team with the worst record gets the #1-overall pick; the team with the second-worst record gets the #2-overall pick, and so on.

If teams have the same win/loss record, the tie is broken by strength of schedule. The team that played the weaker strength of schedule is awarded the better draft pick. In 2015, for example, the Titans and Browns tied for worst record in the NFL at 3-13. The Titans got the #1 pick (which they traded to the Rams) because they played a weaker schedule than the Browns.

The final 14 picks go to the 14 teams that did qualify for the postseason. Picks #19 through #25 go to the six teams that were eliminated in the Wild Card round. The #19th pick goes to the team with the worst regular-season record among those six teams, and so on.

Repeat this process for teams eliminated in the Divisional Round and Conference Championships. The #32 pick goes to the team that won the Super Bowl.

Archived NFL Draft odds: 2022, 2021

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