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Same-game parlays are quickly becoming one of the most popular betting types on the NFL wagering market. Sharp sports bettors are always on the hunt for sportsbooks that offer more flexibility when making multi-leg wagers on a single NFL game.

If you’re an NFL fan looking to improve your betting experience and potentially cash in on some lucrative wins, same-game parlays (SGPs) might be just the ticket. Combining multiple bets within a single game, SGPs offer the chance to amplify your excitement and payouts.

Learn more about NFL same-game parlays, including some simple strategies that can potentially make you a more successful sports bettor.

What Are NFL Same-Game Parlays?

NFL same-game parlays are a wagering type that combine multiple outcomes or prop bets from a single game into one bet slip.

Bettors correlate multiple results from the same NFL game, and if each leg of their NFL same-game parlay hits, the payouts can be significant.

Same-game parlays are so popular because the correlated wagers are usually based on one outcome affecting the likelihood of another also happening. For example, if you’re planning to bet on the Kansas City Chiefs beating the Philadelphia Eagles, then it probably makes sense to correlate a big performance from Patrick Mahomes in an NFL same-game parlay.

Correlating outcomes in an NFL same-game parlay is an effective way to minimize risk and potentially increase your payouts.

Parlays are known for being high-risk, high-reward betting types, but same-game parlays help mitigate some of the uncertainty and allow sports bettors to be more strategic.

How to Create a Same-Game Parlay for NFL

Wondering how to create a same-game parlay for NFL action? While the process can be different depending on your sportsbook of choice, the general steps are usually the same.

Personally, my favorite sportsbook for creating NFL same-game parlays is FanDuel, so let’s use this top-notch sports betting app as an example.

NFL games eligible for same-game parlays will feature a blue and yellow ‘SGP’ tag on the FanDuel app. Most sportsbooks will include something similar to indicate a same-game parlay can be built.

FanDuel NFL games with Same Game Parlay on app

Once you’ve selected the NFL game you want to build a SGP for, navigate to the ‘Same Game Parlay’ tab on FanDuel and begin selecting multiple legs for your parlay. Once everything has been added to your bet slip, it’s time to finalize the same-game parlay.

Here’s a quick step-by-step breakdown of how to build an NFL same-game parlay:

  1. Find the NFL game you want to build a same-game parlay for
  2. Look for a label indicating that NFL same-game parlays are available for that game
  3. Navigate to the Same Game Parlay tab if applicable
  4. Make multiple selections to build a same-game parlay and add the wagers to your bet slip
  5. Enter the stake you want to wager and finalize the NFL same-game parlay

Again, this process can differ depending on the sportsbook, but the general idea remains the same. Find the game you want to build a NFL SGP for, make sure it’s eligible, and add multiple correlated wagers to your bet slip.

Best NFL Same-Game Parlay Strategies

Sharp sports bettors love NFL same-game parlays for the ability to strategically correlate multiple bets into one wager. It’s not difficult to understand the benefits of an NFL same-game parlay even if you’re a rookie sports bettor.

Here are a few of the best NFL same-game parlay strategies to keep in mind:

  • Correlated Bets: Identify scenarios where the outcomes of different bets are correlated. For example, if you expect a high-scoring game, consider parlaying the over on the total points with player prop bets involving star quarterbacks or wide receivers.
  • Player Performance and Props Combo: Start by analyzing player performance prop bets such as passing yards, rushing touchdowns, or receptions. Combine these with the game’s overall outcome, like the moneyline or point spread. This strategy allows you to capitalize on both individual player performances and the game’s result.
  • Team Performance and Totals Combo: Combine team-related bets such as team total points, turnovers, or even specific quarter scores with the game’s total points over/under. This approach provides a holistic view of how the teams might perform.
  • Weather and Venue Considerations: Weather conditions and the stadium environment can significantly impact gameplay. Take a quick look at weather reports and consider how outdoor conditions might influence player performance, scoring, and turnovers. This information can help you make more informed selections for your NFL SGP.
  • Injury and Roster Analysis: Stay updated on injury reports and roster changes leading up to the game. If a key player is sidelined, it could impact the game’s dynamics and outcomes. Factor these developments into your parlay selections.

Remember, the best strategy for any betting market is to always wager responsibly. SGPs allow for more strategy than your average parlay, but they still come with a fair bit of risk.

NFL Same-Game Parlay Odds and Payouts

Understanding the odds and how they affect potential payouts is crucial for successful NFL same-game parlay betting.

Each bet within your parlay will have its own set of odds, and these odds are multiplied together to determine the overall line for your NFL SGP. While the increased risk comes with the potential for higher payouts, keep in mind that all bets in your parlay must hit for you to collect the increased winnings.

FanDuel NFL Same Game Parlay bet slip Detroit Lions Kansas City Chiefs


Sportsbooks used to avoid NFL same-game parlays entirely because sports bettors can correlate different wagers in order to generate more favorable odds and higher payouts. While sportsbooks have opened SGP markets to a greater extent, that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to find this betting type for every game.

Further to that point, not every outcome/prop bet will be made available as part of NFL same-game parlays. You’ll have to check in with your sportsbook of choice to see what options you have for any given NFL same-game parlay before determining odds and finalizing the wager.

Be sure to compare NFL odds across different sportsbooks to find the best value for your SGP bets.

Sportsbook Rules for NFL SGPs

There was a time that many sports betting sites didn’t allow for same-game parlays. Fearing that they would give sports bettors an unfair advantage, same-game parlays were difficult to find at even the biggest sportsbooks.

Thankfully, that’s starting to change. As more sportsbooks begin to offer same-game parlays, NFL bettors are finding more ways to combine wagers in one game and increase their profits over the long haul.

FanDuel NFL Same Game Parlay Detroit Lions +6.5 and Over bets

Even with the increased flexibility of allowing NFL same-game parlays, there are still a few important rules to keep note of:

  • Bet Validity: Confirm which bets are eligible for parlaying. Some sportsbooks might exclude certain types of bets, such as alternate spreads or alternative totals, from being combined in the same-game parlay. Look for a ‘Same Game Parlay’ or ‘SGP’ label on your sportsbook app of choice.
  • Cancellations and Postponements: If a game is cancelled or postponed, it can impact your parlay. Some sportsbooks might void the entire parlay if a game is not completed as scheduled, while others could adjust the odds or pay out based on completed legs.
  • Cash-Out Options: Many sportsbooks offer cash-out options, allowing you to settle your parlay before all legs are complete. Keep in mind that cash-out amounts are generally lower than potential parlay winnings, but they offer a way to secure a portion of your bet.
  • Maximum Payout Limits: Sportsbooks often have maximum payout limits for parlays, including same-game parlays. Be aware of these limits when crafting your same-game parlay to avoid disappointment.

Not all sportsbooks offer NFL same-game parlays, and some of them can be quite restrictive with their rules and regulations. Still, if you see an NFL same-game parlay made available, then it’s a great opportunity to correlate some wagers and potentially win big.

Best Sportsbooks for NFL Same-Game Parlays

Looking for the best sports betting sites to start making NFL same-game parlays? Check out the suggestions in the table below for sportsbooks that typically offer a wide range of NFL same-game parlay markets.

NFL SGP Sportsbooks Promo Code Details
FanDuel Sportsbook FanDuel Promo Code
DraftKings Sportsbook DraftKings Promo Code
BetMGM BetMGM Promo Code
Caesars Sportsbook Caesars Sportsbook Promo Code
Bet365 Bet365 Bonus Code

Hit the links in the right side of the table to get more details on the best football betting promo codes available at each of these sportsbooks. The five NFL betting apps recommended above won’t let you down if you want to start making NFL same-game parlays.

NFL Same-Game Parlay FAQs

Have more questions about NFL SGPs? Maybe these quick answers to FAQs will help settle the score.

What are NFL same-game parlays?

NFL same-game parlays are a type of sports betting wager that allows you to combine multiple bets within a single NFL game into one large wager. Unlike traditional parlays that involve bets from different games, same-game parlays focus solely on one NFL game, offering the chance to win bigger payouts by correctly predicting multiple outcomes within that single game.

How do same-game parlays work?

Same-game parlays work by allowing bettors to combine different bets on a single NFL game into one wager. You can select various bets, such as predicting the winner, the total score, individual player performances, and more.

What is a 3-leg same game parlay?

A 3-leg same-game parlay refers to a specific type of same-game parlay that consists of three different bets within a single NFL game. All three selections must be correct for the parlay to win. If even one selection is incorrect, the entire parlay will be graded as a loss.

Are NFL same-game parlays available at all sportsbooks?

NFL same-game parlays are offered by many sportsbooks, however, availability can vary depending on the sportsbook's policies and offerings. It's recommended to check with the specific sportsbook you're interested in to confirm whether they offer NFL same-game parlays.

How to win NFL same-game parlays?

To win NFL same-game parlays, you need to correctly predict all the outcomes you've combined in your SGP. Correlating outcomes that are likely to occur, such as a Cincinnati Bengals win and 275.5+ passing yards from Joe Burrow, is an effective strategy for winning NFL same-game parlays.

What happens if the sportsbook voids one leg in a same-game parlay?

If the sportsbook voids one leg/selection in an NFL same-game parlay, it typically depends on the sportsbook's specific rules and regulations. In some cases, the parlay might still be valid and your remaining selections will stand. However, some sportsbooks might treat the entire parlay as a loss if any leg is voided.

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