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  • We tracked the odds to make the playoffs for all 32 NHL teams throughout the 2021-22 season
  • Five teams in the Western Conference battled for the last few available NHL playoff spots
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After COVID-19 forced the NHL to restructure the divisions and conferences for the 2020-21 NHL season, things reverted back to their regular structure for 2021-22. The Metropolitan and Atlantic made up the Eastern Conference, while the Pacific and Central formed the Western Conference.

We tracked the 2022 NHL Playoffs odds for all teams at online sportsbooks throughout the 2021-22 NHL season. The graphs below were generated by averaging the odds from reputable online sports betting sites.

NHL Eastern Conference Playoff Odds

 Make & Miss Odds in Eastern Conference

Team Odds to Make Playoffs Odds to Miss Playoffs
Florida Panthers -20000 +4500
Tampa Bay Lightning -10000 +3500
Toronto Maple Leafs -10000 +3500
Carolina Hurricanes -10000 +3500
Pittsburgh Penguins -5000 +2000
New York Rangers -2500 +1200
Boston Bruins -2000 +1000
Washington Capitals -1200 +750
New York Islanders +600 -900
Columbus Blue Jackets +2000 -5000
Detroit Red Wings +2000 -5000
Buffalo Sabres +3500 -10000
New Jersey Devils +3500 -10000
Ottawa Senators +3500 -10000
Philadelphia Flyers +3500 -10000
Montreal Canadiens +4500 -20000

Odds as of February 3rd 

  • [Apr 5]: The NHL Playoff Picture is all but set in the East, which is why almost no odds are being offered by online sportsbooks. The only team still getting odds is the Islanders, who sit in 9th with +6500 to make it.
  • [Mar 16]: There has no been any updated odds to make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference since February. The reason being, the top eight teams are pretty much locked in. There’s currently a 13-point difference between the last wild card spot and 9th in the Eastern Conference.
  • [Feb 3]: The top eight in the Eastern conference have almost be locked in at this point. The Capitals are -1200 in the 8th and final playoff spot, while the Islanders continue to sit at +600 odds.
  • [Jan 11]: The Islanders are on the outside looking in, currently in the 9th spot at +350 to make the postseason. Apart from NYI, all teams currently sitting in a playoff position are huge favorites.
  • [Dec 13]: After making it to the 2021 Stanley Cup Final, the Canadiens are as long as +2000 to make the playoffs two months into the season.
  • [Nov 30]: The Islanders have been quite disappointing this season, and their NHL playoffs odds reflect that. New York‘s odds to make the playoffs have worsened from -280 to +245.
  • [Nov 4]: The Florida Panthers have the best odds to make the NHL Playoffs after their hot start. The Flyers and Penguins are currently both hovering around the 8th and 9th spot in the odds for the final playoff spot.
  • [Oct 5]: As the start of the season inches closer, fringe preseason playoff teams’ odds shorten. The Hurricanes’ average odds to make the playoffs have shortened from -150 to -172, while the Rangers’ average odds have shortened from -120 to -177.
  • [Aug 18]: The Lightning have opened with the best odds to make the playoffs in the East. A cluster of teams sit in the middle of pack at -150 including, the Capitals, Hurricanes, and Rangers.

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NHL Western Conference Playoff Odds

 Make & Miss Odds in Western Conference

Team Odds to Make Playoffs Odds to Miss Playoffs
Colorado Avalanche OTB OTB
Minnesota Wild OTB OTB
Calgary Flames OTB OTB
St. Louis Blues OTB OTB
Edmonton Oilers -1600 +840
Los Angeles Kings -1450 +770
Nashville Predators -850 +520
Dallas Stars -410 +290
Vegas Golden Knights -138 +108
Winnipeg Jets +6500 -20000
Vancouver Canucks +6500 -20000
Anaheim Ducks +15000 -50000
San Jose Sharks +15000 -50000
Chicago Blackhawks OTB OTB
Seattle Kraken OTB OTB
Arizona Coyotes OTB OTB

Odds as of April 5th

  • [Apr 5]: Odds have opened back up for the Ducks and Sharks, but it may be too late as both teams need to make up a double-digit point gap to catch Vegas for 8th and sneak into the playoffs. And despite sitting in 9th, the Stars are getting better odds than the Golden Knights, thanks to the three games Dallas has in hand.
  • [Mar 16]: There are currently five teams in the Western Conference battling for the last few spots. The Oilers, Kings, and Golden Knights are all fighting in the Pacific, while the Predators, Wild and Stars battle in the Central. Jets still have NHL Playoff odds, but are not really in the hunt.
  • [Feb 3]: The Kings have snuck into that 8th spot in the Western Conference Playoff odds. Their odds have improved from +150 to -126. The Avalanche are listed at -20000 to make the playoffs.
  • [Jan 11]: Teams on the outside looking in from the Western Conference are the Ducks, Kings, and Jets. The Jets are listed at +170 in the NHL Playoff odds.
  • [Dec 13]: The Minnesota Wild have certainly solidified themselves as a playoff contender at this point. The Wild’s odds have improved from -1025 to -3000.
  • [Nov 30]: The Jets and Stars are right on the bubble right now. The Jets odds have worsened a little bit from -164 to -128 and the Stars’ odds have improved from -128 to -210.
  • [Nov 4]: Vegas’ odds have started to slip as they were -1600 to make the NHL Playoffs and now they are just -475 after their slow start and slew of injuries. The Blackhawks have also won just one game in their first 11 as their odds continue to lengthen to make the playoffs in the West.
  • [Oct 5]: Canada online sports betting should be excited for Alberta teams, as the Oilers now have the third-best odds to make the playoffs in the West with their average odds shortening to -355. The Avalanche and Golden Knights are still listed as massive favorites to clinch a playoff spot this season.
  • [Aug 18]: The Avalanche have the longest odds of any team to make the playoffs in the NHL this season. Three teams hover around that 8th and final playoff spot in the opening odds, including the Jets, Kraken, and Blackhawks.