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DraftKings continues to innovate in the world of sports betting, and one of its best gems is the Same Game Parlay Extra feature, commonly referred to as SGPx. This feature allows you to ramp up your sports betting strategy by combining multiple Same-Game Parlays (SGPs), and even single bets as well, into one large SGPx.

DraftKings SGPx can make for massive bet slips, increased wagering flexibility, and potentially rewarding payouts.

Let’s explore DraftKings SGPx, explore its nuances and rules, and discover how to make the most of it.

What Is a SGPX on DraftKings?

Before diving into the details on building a DraftKings SGPx, let’s establish what DraftKings SGPx is all about.

In essence, SGPx is a notable feature on DraftKings Sportsbook that allows you to assemble a custom parlay with various same-game parlay wagers, and if you want, single bets from multiple games as well. It’s a useful tool to polish your sports betting strategy, allowing bettors to combine same-game parlays and increase potential payouts, while bringing the action to the next level.

DraftKings SGPx screenshot Inter Miami

For example, you could take all the following elements and combine them into a SGPx:

  • Aaron Judge to Record a Home Run, Gerrit Cole 5+ Strikeouts, NRFI Same-Game Parlay (+650)
  • Lionel Messi Anytime Goal Scorer, Both Teams to Score, Inter Miami Over 2.5 Goals Same-Game Parlay (+260)
  • Detroit Lions +6.5 vs. Kansas City Chiefs (-105)

With the DraftKings SGPx feature, a successful $10 wager on this big bet slip parlayed together would net you a total payout of $527.14 at +5171 odds. Often times, building a SGPx can be more lucrative than relying on a typical DraftKings promo code.

Other sportsbooks have similar features under different names. FanDuel calls this feature a SGP Plus (SGP+), and it offers the same level of flexibility and potential for increased payouts. Over at Bet365, they call it the Bet Builder Plus. Many sportsbooks are beginning to offer this type of feature to keep bettors happy in a competitive landscape.

How to Build a SGPx

Building a SGPx with DraftKings isn’t difficult once you know what to look for.

After you’ve logged in to your DraftKings account, you’ll want to find the first event you want to include with your SGPx. Toggle same-game parlays on, and make your selections without placing the wager. Find the next SGP or single bet you want to add to your SGPx and add that to your bet slip.

Once you’ve selected everything for your SGPx, go to your bet slip and scroll down to the bottom. There, you’ll find a ‘Parlay’ section with a small ‘SGPx’ symbol. Enter the amount you want to wager, place the bet, and voila! You’ve just built a DraftKings SGPx.

DraftKings SGPx feature bet slip screenshot

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to build a SGPx:

  1. Sign in to your DraftKings Sportsbook account
  2. Find the event you want to add to a SGPx
  3. Click the toggle ‘On’ for Same Game Parlays
  4. Make your Same Game Parlay selections for the first event – don’t finalize the wager
  5. Repeat the process for each single wager or SGP you want included with your SGPx
  6. Go to your bet slip to review each wager you’ve added
  7. Enter the amount you want to wager on the SGPx in the ‘Parlay’ section of the bet slip
  8. Click ‘Place Bet’ to finalize the DraftKings SGPx

Follow the steps listed above to turn on a DraftKings SGPx. You can contact the helpful DraftKings customer support team if you have any further issues building a SGPx.

What Is the Difference Between DraftKings SGP and SGPx?

The fundamental difference between a standard same-game parlay and SGPx lies in the versatility, scope of options, and potential payouts offered by SGPx.

With DraftKings SGPx, you can extend your parlays beyond a single SGP, encompassing multiple events and creating a more dynamic, expansive, and flexible betting experience.

Take for example a standard NFL same-game parlay compared to an NFL SGPx on DraftKings Sportsbook. Your average NFL same-game parlay would only let you combine multiple props/outcomes from a single game, limiting the NFL odds to the confines of that specific event.

With DraftKings SGPx, you can combine multiple SGPs from two or more different NFL games. You can even throw some standalone wagers in there as well, like a single moneyline bet from a completely different game, to increase the odds further if you so desire.

Ultimately, SGPx provides even more flexibility and potentially even bigger payouts depending on how big you go with your SGPx. Simply put, SGPx takes everything you love about same-game parlays and makes everything bigger. Personally, this is one of my favorite features I’ve seen at any of the NFL betting apps on the market.

DraftKings Same Game ParlayX Rules

DraftKings SGPx is a feature designed to improve your sports betting experieince, offering virtually limitless possibilities.

Some important rules to consider with DraftKings SGPx include the following:

  • SGPx Versatility: SGPx can be used to construct both Parlay and Round Robin combinations, catering to numerous betting strategies.
  • Single Bet Integration: Keep in mind that an SGPx bet, regardless of the number of parlay legs, will be regarded as a single pick within a parlay or round-robin combination.
  • Embrace Bonus Bets: DraftKings accommodates the use of bonus bets in SGPx, introducing an additional layer of opportunity to your wagering.
  • Separate Single and SGP Bets: You can integrate multiple legs from the same game in an SGPx, however, you can’t parlay single and SGP bets derived from the same game.

These rules are important to keep in mind when formulating your DraftKings SGPx, however, they have safeguards in place that will notify you if a particular betting element is ineligible.

DraftKings SGPx Parlay FAQs

Still looking for answers on DraftKings SGPx? Here are a few quick FAQs.

What is Same Game Parlay X?

Same Game Parlay X (SGPx) is a feature at DraftKings Sportsbook that lets you combine multiple same-game parlays and even single wagers into one massive bet slip. The result is increased betting flexibility and possibly bigger payouts.

What happens when a player doesn’t play in my SGPx bet?

If a player doesn’t play in your SGPx bet, then DraftKings will void the parlay. In this event, your initial wager will be returned to your account.

What sports can I do a SGPx wager on?

You can build a DraftKings SGPx for sports that are usually eligible for same-game parlays. Popular examples of these betting options include NFL, MLB, and soccer games in various leagues.

Where can I place a SGPx bet on the DraftKings app?

You can place a SGPx bet on the DraftKings app through the ‘Parlay’ section at the bottom of your bet slip. This will be easy to see once you’ve added multiple same-game parlays and you’ve scrolled to the bottom of your bet slip.

How to turn on DraftKings SGPx?

Turning on DraftKings SGPx is as simple as adding multiple same-game parlays, and standalone wagers if you’d like, to your bet slip. Once you’ve added everything to your bet slip, just scroll to the bottom to find the ‘Parlay’ section and place your SGPx.

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