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The Top 8 Gambling Destinations in the World

Aaron Gray

by Aaron Gray

Updated Mar 5, 2021 · 11:01 AM PST

Online sportsbooks and online casinos are hugely popular nowadays, but there’s something special about a “bricks and mortar” casino that just can’t be replicated. The glitz and glamour, the dealers, and the atmosphere make it an unparalleled experience.

Some places, of course, do it better than others. We’ve put together a list of the best gambling destinations from around the world. If you love to bet and are looking for the ultimate betting experience, make sure these go on your list!

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Top gambling destination Las Vegas, Nevada

This one is a no-brainer: Vegas is the world’s most famous gambling hotspot with over 70 casinos. The main focal point is the 4-mile stretch simply called ‘The Strip’.

No matter what kind of wagers you want to make, if you can’t find it in Vegas, you can’t find it anywhere.

No matter what kind of wagers you want to make, if you can’t find it in Vegas, you can’t find it anywhere. Vegas’ top-notch retail sportsbooks are less of a novelty than they were prior to the overturn of PASPA in 2018, but “America’s Playground” is still home to many of the most exciting places to bet on sports in person.

So, what’s the best time to visit Las Vegas?

2. Macau, China

Las Vegas is no longer the gambling capital of the world, that title has been snapped up by the Chinese city of Macau. It’s the only area in China where gambling is permitted, and since the Chinese do love a spot of betting, business has boomed!

The only thing missing from the Macau casino mix, is the fancy sports betting lounges that make sports betting so much fun. The reason for this is that sports betting in Macau is monopolized by one sportsbook

You can place your wager on soccer or basketball at just 10 outlets, called Macau Slot, around Macau City. Just don’t expect wall-to-wall screens showing multiple sports.

That said, Macau is still the ultimate gambler’s paradise (just minus the sports). It’s home to the largest casino floor in the world, The Venetian, which comprises of 376,000 square feet of gaming space, 640 gaming tables and 1,760 slot machines.

3. New Jersey

New Jersey may not be the first place that springs to mind, but the Garden State has been experiencing a casino revival over the last few years, with some previous-closed venues reopening their doors.

In 2015, Atlantic City was named the best gambling destination in the world, beating the big guns of Vegas and Monte Carlo. The resort city, located on the Atlantic coast boasts numerous casinos, and offers plenty of evening entertainment and fine dining to keep you amused when you’re taking a break from betting.

New Jersey is also among a growing number of states with legalized sports betting, with both online and casino-based wagering available. 

4. Reno, Nevada

Top gambling destination Reno, Nevada

Las Vegas isn’t the only gambling gem in Nevada. The Biggest Little City in the World is a destination in its own right. Located in northern Nevada, Reno impresses with iconic casinos such as the Eldorado and Peppermill. It’s also worth taking a break from betting to see Lake Tahoe and the stunning scenery of the surrounding area.  

Sports fans have plenty to choose from, with a sportsbook in almost every Reno casino. You can easily wander from the Blackjack table to the sportsbook to bet on the big game and watch all the action on huge, state-of-the-art HD TV screens.

5. London, England

London is a gambler’s paradise, with no rigid anti-gambling laws to worry about. Anyone (over the age of 18) can bet on pretty much anything. If you happen to be across the pond when your favorite team is playing in the NFL or NBA, you’ll have no problem finding a sportsbook that’s taking wagers.

Check out some of the fancier casinos (like The Ritz Club or The Hippodrome), but there are also smaller, more casual sportsbooks that can be found all along the high streets.

6. Singapore

Singapore is relatively new to the scene, with gambling having been legalized in 2005. Despite its newbie status, it’s established itself as one of the best gambling destinations in the world.

Sportsbooks aren’t really a thing here yet due to the strict gambling laws in the city-state, but the casinos certainly make up for it. Stay in one of the super luxurious casino resorts, like the Marina Bay Sands, and enjoy over 350 tables in their casino. Why not visit their theme parks, nightclubs, or cool off in the infinity swimming pool while you’re at it?

7. Aruba

Top gambling destination, Aruba

If you needed another reason to visit Aruba – other than white sandy beaches and aqua blue water – then the exotic casinos should do it. Dubbed the ‘Vegas of the Caribbean’, Aruba has everything you could ever want from a gambling destination.

There are plenty of 24/7 casinos to satisfy even the most active of gamblers. The Crystal Casino, the Copacabana, and the Casablanca are all worth checking out.

Most hotels and resorts have gambling machines to place sports bets, but some (like the Stellaris Casino) also have giant TV screens where you can sit back, relax, and take in all the major matches.


8. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Top gambling destination, Monte Carlo

When you think of Monte Carlo and gambling, images of James Bond spring to mind. Where Vegas can be garish and outlandish, Monte Carlo is opulent and classy, which appeals to the most sophisticated of gamblers.

The micro-state may be the smallest country in the world, but it’s the ultimate gambling destination in Europe. Don’t be put off by its reputation of opulence: Monaco has something for everyone. From the 1 cent minimum bets at the Bay Casino to the high-stakes games at the Casino de Monte-Carlo, you’re sure to find your niche.

Despite Monaco being home to the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, one of the world’s most famous sporting tournaments, there is no sports betting allowed. However, the event is still worth going to watch.



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