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Updated December 20th, 2019
Published December 12, 2017

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With Bitcoin (“BTC”) booming in popularity, many sportsbooks are offering an option to fund your betting account with the digital currency. With so many different sites available, figuring out which one suits both your cryptocurrency and sports-betting needs can be overwhelming. We’ve compiled a complete list of which popular sportsbooks currently accept Bitcoin as a form of payment and everything you need to know about them.

Note: All sites below (except one) convert Bitcoin to USD upon deposit. They also convert your USD to Bitcoin at the time of withdrawal. This protects users from any major swings in Bitcoin’s price. All dollar amounts below are USD unless otherwise stated.

Updated list of the best betting sites that accept Bitcoin deposits:


Bitcoin Details
Bovada was one of the first internationally recognized sportsbooks to accept Bitcoin deposits and provide Bitcoins withdrawals. Their minimum deposit in BTC is $20, while the maximum is $5,000, and their withdrawal limit is pegged at $3,000 per transaction.
Bovada’s Bitcoin interface is modern and seamless, and what makes the sportsbook such an excellent option for Bitcoin users is that there are absolutely no fees whatsoever for deposit and withdrawal.
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SportsBetting.ag erases all geographic restrictions placed on bettors if they use Bitcoin as a deposit method. The site processes deposits and withdrawals from Monday to Friday and wait times vary depending on your customer profile.
The minimum deposit is set at $20, and the maximum is set at $25,000. One free withdrawal is allowed per month.
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BetOnline is a big crypto bull. Not only do they offer Bitcoin transactions, but they also offer deposits via Ethereum and Litecoin as well. Deposits are credited in two hours or less, almost without exception. It takes a maximum of 48 hours to process withdrawals. Usually, the process takes under 60 minutes, if the withdrawal is requested between Monday and Friday.
The maximum deposit is $25,000, while the maximum withdrawal is $10,000. There is a 2% fee on all withdrawals, including Bitcoin. They make up for this minuscule fee by accepting a wide variety of payment methods, including a bevy of cryptocurrencies.
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GTBets has some added flexibility when it comes to BTC withdrawals and deposits, but, for the most part, all of their regular deposit and withdrawal rules apply to Bitcoin. They do not make many special exceptions for cryptocurrency transactions.
GTBets pays out their clients once every seven days, with one free withdrawal every rolling 30 day period. Additional withdrawals will be subject to a fee of 5%, maxing out at $60. The maximum deposit with BTC is $5,000, while the minimum deposit is $300.
Bitcoin withdrawals are not available to those who deposit with credit cards.
However, they are available to those who deposit via other methods. If you deposit in Bitcoin, you are allowed to choose an alternate method of withdrawal.
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MyBookie, as their name suggests, acts much like a traditional bookie. When it comes to Bitcoin, their deposits and payouts max out at $10,000. Deposites take an estimated 1-2 days to be confirmed. Once processed, withdrawals will be sent within one week. Mybookie.ag processes payments on business days only, generally from Monday to Friday.
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As they often do, Bodog introduced Bitcoin withdrawal and deposit options before their sister book, Bovada. The sportsbook introduced Bitcoin payments to their repertoire in early 2016. The maximum BTC deposit is $5,000, while the maximum withdrawal is $3,000. There are no fees whatsoever for deposit and withdrawal.
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Xbet’s Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal options are much like the site itself: intuitive and easy to use. The entire process is stress-free. The minimum Bitcoin deposit is set at $25, and the maximum caps out at $10,000; however, these limits can change in accordance with your customer profile. Withdrawals are only processed between Monday and Friday, and the time between confirmation and payout ranges from a few hours to 48 hours. It’s also worth noting that Xbet’s Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal options for its mobile interface are particularly well developed.
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Bookmaker is regarded as one of the most reliable in the industry when it comes to Bitcoin deposits, and the example that many sportsbooks aspire to follow. Their Cashier section and deposit options are nothing short of top-notch. This high standard for quality extends itself to their Bitcoin payments. There are no fees for either withdrawal or deposit, and both processes are quick, as long as they are executed during regular business hours. While this isn’t necessarily an ideal time frame, Bookmaker is a classically professional outlet.
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BetNow is known for its high transaction limits. They carry over this reputation into their more recently introduced Bitcoin payment option. There is no such thing as a deposit limit at BetNow, and all withdrawals are free if they are over $5,000. You can withdraw a maximum of $40,000 per week, and you can request withdrawals and deposits between Monday and Friday.
You are guaranteed to have your requests processed within 24 hours if they are entered before 3:00 p.m. ET on business days. Bitcoin is a great addition to BetNow’s aesthetically pleasing interface.
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WagerWeb is so enamored with cryptocurrency that, in addition to supporting Bitcoin payments, they also offer Altcoin deposits, plus deposits in Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple, and many, many more. By clicking on “deposits” in your account page, you can view all available digital coins. From the “cashier” section, you can see the fees associated with each individual currency.
All crypto deposits are confirmed within one hour, and usually sooner. Minimum and maximum deposit limits vary. WagerWeb will process withdrawals any day of the week. It is the only site in this list that does not automatically convert Bitcoin to USD on deposit.
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SBG Global
SBG Global has hopped on the Bitcoin bandwagon and recently started offering bets in Bitcoin. They have extremely high limits on BTC bets and no charges on deposits. Best of all, your BTC is credited to your account instantly. Withdrawal requests are processed from Monday to Friday (9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST). Both withdrawals and deposits take about two hours to process, with a maximum wait time of 24 hours, if the request is made within businesses hours.
The minimum withdrawal limit is set at $5, and the maximum at $40,000 per month. There are no fees on BTC deposits, nor on withdrawals between $5 and $5,000. However, withdrawals over $5,000 carry a 2% fee.
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5 Dimes
5Dimes recently added Bitcoin to their easy to use interface. When transacting with Bitcoin, 5Dimes users are not subject to any fees, either on withdrawal or deposit, and there is no max deposit to speak of. Deposits and withdrawals process within 40 minutes, maximum, seven days a week. 5Dimes also offers 24/7 live customer service should any part of the Bitcoin process go awry. As an extra measure of security, 5Dimes will need you to activate a device-based authentication service prior to your payout requests. This process is easier than it sounds, and it protects you and your Bitcoin from any malicious infringement.
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BetDSI started accepting Bitcoin deposits on January 28th, 2015, making them one of the earliest adopters of Bitcoin payments for sports betting. They allow bettors the option of withdrawing in Bitcoin when they deposit with a fiat currency. Withdrawal requests can be made from Monday to Friday, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. EST. Withdrawals and deposits are usually processed and confirmed within two hours; the maximum wait time is 24 hours if your request processes during business hours.
The maximum BTC deposit is $25,000, while the maximum BTC withdrawal is set at $50,000. Neither BTC deposits nor withdrawals have any hidden fees.
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Intertops has been Bitcoin-capable since December 2015. Much like the rest of their sportsbook, their Bitcoin functionality is world class. No fees are assessed on Bitcoin deposits, and your funds should be cleared and credited to your account in ten minutes or less. The maximum BTC deposit is $1,000.
Bitcoin withdrawals are processed from Monday to Friday only. The minimum withdrawal is $100, the maximum withdrawal is $2,500, and you may only withdraw your funds in BTC if you deposited in BTC. Intertops processes all BTC withdrawals within 48 hours.
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JustBet is extremely friendly to those who use Bitcoin as their currency of choice. Customers are allowed to request one Bitcoin payout per day, to the tune of $25,000, but no more than five payouts per week with a total value of $100,000. These rules on deposit and withdrawal are relatively flexible. If you contact customer service, it’s definitely possible to get some wiggle room in your withdrawal limits.
There are no deposit limits whatsoever, and no fees on either withdrawal or deposit. Just Bet has some of the quickest withdrawal and confirmation for cryptocurrency of any sportsbook. If you are not credited with your deposit within 20 minutes and do not receive your withdrawal within 30 minutes, they suggest contacting their 24/7 customer service helpline.
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Additional Notes

  1. When we say Bitcoin withdrawal and deposits have no fees, we are not including the “miners’ fees.” These fees are always charged when sending Bitcoin from your wallet to a sportsbook. Miners’ fees are always the responsibility of the sender. If you want your Bitcoin transaction processed in quickly, make sure to send the recommended miners’ fee.
  2. This list only includes mainstream sportsbooks that have adopted Bitcoin as a payment method. There are other “Bitcoin only” sportsbooks, but we have chosen not to cover these as they are less reliable than traditional sportsbooks that have adopted the currency.
  3. Every sportsbook in the list has options to place bets on every major league: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, as well as college basketball and football.

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