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Fastest Withdrawal Options Available at Sportsbooks

Updated October 8th, 2019
Published July 6, 2018

fastest withdrawal

Navigating the delicate details of your sportsbook’s payout options can be complicated and occasionally overwhelming. In fact, finding out which withdrawal options pay out the fastest can be a big hassle.

That’s where we come in. Here, you’ll find expected withdrawal times that are based on both the withdrawal method and your chosen online sportsbook. With our help, you’ll know exactly what to expect when converting your hard-earned wins into cold hard cash.

Fastest Withdrawal Times

Shortest Available Withdrawal Time Sportsbook Link
15 minutes Bovada
24 hours BetOnline
24 hours Sportsbetting.ag

We Only Deal With Top-Quality Transparent Sportsbooks

We’ve acquired data on withdrawal times by using our own betting experience at the online sportsbooks we review, as well as exhaustively researching each sportsbook’s financial terms and conditions.

Not only are the payout times we list accurate, but they can be verified by these sportsbooks’ customer service departments. We feel that it should be mentioned that representatives from each took no more than 24 hours to respond to any inquiries we had about the withdrawal process.

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong when you’re withdrawing, your sportsbook customer service will assist you with any concerns you might have.

Why Only the Best Matters

The most important aspect of selecting a sportsbook is its reputation. A long history of solvency – as well as a consistently high bar for customer service – always counts more than anything else.

If you’re using an unlicensed sportsbook, you simply can’t acquire accurate information regarding withdrawal timelines. They may advertise lightning-quick payouts, but remember: If it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

Only licensed sportsbooks pride themselves in financial transparency, striving to set specific expectations for their bettors.

Regardless of Method, You Must Verify Your Identity Before Withdrawing

At every sportsbook we review and recommend to sports bettors, you’ll be asked to verify your identity before successfully receiving your first withdrawal. Rest assured, you’ll only be asked to do this once.

If you have any questions as to why you’re required to verify your identity – and how to go about the identity verification process – check out our thorough guide on the subject.

The Fastest Withdrawal Method: Bitcoin

If you’re looking to receive your payment as quickly as possible, you should be using the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Among Bitcoin’s many advantages is its incredibly fast payout speed.

  • Bitcoin withdrawals at Bovada take a mere 15 minutes.
  • Both Sportsbetting.ag and BetOnline pay out in Bitcoin within 24 hours.
  • Intertops’ Bitcoin withdrawals never take longer than 48 hours.

Withdrawing with Bitcoin isn’t always super straightforward, which is why we wrote an entire guide on the withdrawal process, from the very first steps to the very last.

Bank Wires

Bank wires aren’t the quickest option available, but they’re still a prevalent method of deposit for many American bettors to receive funds. After all, bank wires land directly in your bank account balance, making your winnings instantly available.

Bodog provides bettors with bank wire transfers within 3-5 business days (after a short 24-48 hour processing period).
5Dimes completes bettors’ bank wire transfers within 4-6 business days.
GTbets executes bettors’ bank wire transfers within 12 business days.
Bet 365 tenders bank wire transfers within a 2-10 business day period.

Couriered Check

Couriered checks are slightly slower than bank wires, simply they’re received through third-party mailing services like FedEx or USPS. Despite their slow speed, the majority of sportsbooks offer bettors the option to receive payouts via check.

  • BetOnline provides bettors with checks within 5 business days. This is the fastest withdrawal time in the industry.
  • Bookmaker sends bettors bank wire transfers within 4-6 business days.
  • Bovada offers bettors bank wire transfers within 12 business days.
  • RealBet tenders bank wire transfers within a 2-10 business days period.

Person-to-Person (P2P) or Money Order Transfers

Fewer and fewer sportsbooks offer this option due to the long waits associated with payouts, but money order withdrawals are still available at select sportsbooks.

  • Bookmaker offers bettors money order transfers within 2-3 business days, making them the industry leader in this regard.
  • BetDSI sends bettors their withdrawals via money transfer within 3-5 business days.
  • Sportsbetting.ag takes a maximum of 15 days to send payouts with money transfers.

Withdrawals Are Quicker During Down Seasons

Sometimes, you may notice that your withdrawals are processed and received significantly faster than the stated time frames above.

Say that you’re betting the moneyline on a regular season match between the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Florida Panthers in early April. Because this type of event won’t likely draw a ton of betting volume, they’ll like have fewer withdrawals to process. With less payouts to divvy out, there’s less stress on your sportsbooks’ financial department. Less stress means there’s a strong chance that you’ll get your payout faster than normal.

Withdrawals May Take Longer in Busy Season

Conversely, if you’re betting on the Super Bowl (or any of the other events with the highest betting volume of the year), there’s a chance that your payout times will be stretched against the maximum stated timeframe.

In rare cases, they may even be slightly delayed if your sportsbook receives even more bets than they were expecting. This isn’t unheard of, given the size and increase of the global betting market every year.

However, don’t hesitate to contact your sportsbooks’ customer service department if you’re wondering what’s happening with your withdrawal. They’ll be more than happy to answer any and all of your questions, and provide some clarity as to when you can expect to receive your payout.

Start Betting With Confidence!

If you’ve got any more questions related to any aspect the financial portion of your sportsbook, make sure to check out our comprehensive guide to depositing and withdrawing.

If you’re ready to start betting at your online sportsbook of choice, check out our how-to guide for sports betting, where we give you quick, actionable tips to grow your bankroll in a hurry!


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