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The Best Places to Learn More About Using Bitcoin

Updated October 8th, 2019
Published May 8, 2018

bitcoin with cash

Trying to understand Bitcoin can be a dizzying process. That’s why we’ve created a simple and efficient resource for any Bitcoin or cryptocurrency related question you might have.

From how to buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin all the way to the best educational resources on the “internet of money” we’ve got you covered.

Without further adieu, here are all the Bitcoin resources you’ll ever need. Start using Bitcoin for your sports betting today!

Best Guides to Using Bitcoin at Your Sportsbook

We’ve created a whole section on the ins and outs of how to use Bitcoin at your sportsbook. Heck, we even created a step by step guide to depositing and withdrawing Bitcoin at your sports betting site of choice.

We take the utility and potential of Bitcoin seriously and believe that Bitcoin has unique advantages when it comes to betting on sports. We want to equip you with all the essential knowledge you’ll need to start betting on sports. You don’t have to look very far, that’s for sure!

Best Online Wallets

Online wallets are the most widely used type of Bitcoin wallets. They are very handy for bettors who want ease of access and transfer for their Bitcoin.


Green Address



Best Desktop Wallets

Desktop wallets operate similarly to online wallets, except that they’ll store your Bitcoin on your hard drive instead of the “cloud” like online wallets do. You’ll be in sole possession of your Bitcoin with a desktop wallet, but you’ll only be able to access it when you’re at your computer.

Bitcoin Core

Green Address




Best Mobile Wallets

Mobile Wallets are the easiest to use of any Bitcoin wallet. They’re optimized for SPV (Simplified Payment Verification) which allows you to transfer Bitcoin with an easy scan of a QR code.

You can only use mobile wallets on any smartphone, regardless of whether you’re using an Apple phone, an Andriod phone, or a Windows phone.

Best Mobile Wallet for iOS:

Breadwallet (iOS)



Best Mobile Wallet for Android:





Best Mobile Wallet for Windows:


Best Cold Wallets

Using a Cold Wallet is the safest way to store your Bitcoin, but also the most cumbersome. It isn’t connected to the internet, which makes transferring your Bitcoin harder. However, because a “cold” wallet isn’t connected to the internet at all, it is 100% secure against any sneaky hackers lurking on the internet.



Ledger Nano S

Digital Bitbox

Best Bitcoin Exchanges for Buying and Selling Bitcoin

Given the massive popularity of Bitcoin, there are a ton of Bitcoin exchanges out there. Many of them have questionable safety and security standards, but the six we list are 100% verified and trusted.



Gemini Exchange




Best Bitcoin News Sites

Something new and exciting happens in the world of Bitcoin every single day. Here are the best websites to keep yourself up to date with the latest in the world of cryptocurrency.



Bitcoin Magazine


Kyle Torpey’s Daily Bitcoin Recap

Best Resources to Learn More About Bitcoin

Even the most seasoned Bitcoin experts sometimes need refreshers on how Bitcoin technology actually works. Plus, the story and timeline of Bitcoin is infinitely fascinating and worth checking out.

Explain Bitcoin Like I’m Five

The Original Bitcoin Whitepaper

A Bitcoin Web Comic

Bitcoin 101 by CoinDesk

Bitcoin for Beginners (by Bitcoin Jesus, Andreas Antonopoulos)

Best Bitcoin Documentaries

For many of us, the easiest way to learn is via a film or a documentary. Here are some easy to access documentaries that explore the fascinating story of Bitcoin.


Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin – The End of Money as We Know It

Resources for Learning the History of Bitcoin

As we mentioned above, the history of Bitcoin is incredibly interesting. For the best walk simplified walkthrough of Bitcoin’s crazy origin stories, check out our the resources below.

A Short History of Bitcoin by Forbes Magazine

History of Bitcoin in an Infographic

Predicting the Price of Bitcoin and Identifying the Major Factors Behind its Rise

Best Resources for Estimating Transaction Fees

Usually, the only fee you’ll have to pay when you’re using Bitcoin at your sportsbook is the transaction fee, or the miner’s fee, when you make a deposit at your sportsbook. Sometimes when Bitcoin’s network is bustling, these fees are higher than average.

Use the two resources below to get an extra accurate assessment of how big your miner’s fee will be before making a Bitcoin transaction.

Transaction Fees Estimates

Bitcoin Fees Estimates (Single Source)

Best Bitcoin Deposit Bonuses

We created a comprehensive guide to the best Bitcoin deposit bonuses to help you find sportsbooks that will actually reward you with juicy bonuses, just for using Bitcoin.

Best Bitcoin Sportsbooks

We review a ton of sportsbooks, including many that are Bitcoin enabled. When you’re selecting sportsbook, if you can see the Bitcoin logo at the top of one of our reviews, you’ll know it’s a sportsbook you’re free to bet with Bitcoin at!


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