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Historical Super Bowl National Anthem Lengths, Over/Under Betting Results & Odds

Updated February 15th, 2022
Published February 2, 2021

The national anthem has been played/performed prior to every Super Bowl except for Super Bowl 11 – Vikki Carr only sang America the Beautiful. Betting on the national anthem is still a somewhat new thing, though.

The first time sportsbooks offered odds on the length of the national anthem at the Super Bowl was in 2007, when Billy Joel performed The Star-Spangled Banner. Since then, it has grown into one of the most popular Super Bowl prop bets.

Country artist Mickey Guyton performed the anthem at the most recent Super Bowl (2022) and went well over her betting line of 95 seconds. Guyton took nearly two minutes, stopping just short at 115 seconds. The artist set to perform the national anthem at the 2023 Super Bowl has yet to be named. We will update you here when we find out who will perform. For now, you can have a look back at the past Super Bowl national anthem lengths.

Super Bowl National Anthem Lengths, Performers & Betting Results

Super Bowl Performer Anthem O/U Anthem Length O/U
56 Mickey Guyton 1:35 1:55 Over
55 Jazmine Sullivan & Eric Church 1:59 2:16 Over
54 Demi Lovato 1:55 1:49 Under
53 Gladys Knight 1:47 2:01 Over
52 Pink 2:00 1:52 Under
51 Luke Bryan 2:09 2:04 Under
50 Lady Gaga 2:22 2:22 Push
49 Idina Menzel 2:02 2:04 Over
48 Renee Fleming 2:23 2:03 Under
47 Alicia Keys 2:15 2:36 Over
46 Kelly Clarkson 1:34 1:34 Push
45 Christina Aguilera 1:54 1:53 Under
44 Carrie Underwood 1:41 1:47 Over
43 Jennifer Hudson 2:04 2:10 Over
42 Jordin Sparks 1:47 1:54 Over
41 Billy Joel 1:44 1:30 Under
40 Aaron Neville & Aretha Franklin N/A 2:09 N/A
39 Choirs of US Military Academies N/A 1:53 N/A
38 Beyonce N/A 2:09 N/A
37 The Chicks N/A 1:33 N/A
36 Mariah Carey N/A 1:56 N/A
35 Backstreet Boys N/A 1:49 N/A
34 Faith Hill N/A 2:00 N/A
33 Cher N/A 1:55 N/A
32 Jewel N/A 1:27 N/A
31 Luther Vandross N/A 1:53 N/A
30 Vanessa Williams N/A 1:35 N/A
29 Kathie Lee Gifford N/A 1:40 N/A
28 Natalie Cole N/A 2:33 N/A
27 Garth Brooks N/A 1:45 N/A
26 Harry Connick Jr N/A 2:06 N/A
25 Whitney Houston N/A 1:56 N/A
24 Aaron Neville N/A 1:25 N/A
23 Billy Joel N/A 1:26 N/A
22 Herb Alpert (on the trumpet) N/A 1:34 N/A
21 Neil Diamond N/A 1:02 N/A
20 Wynton Marsalis (on the trumpet) N/A 1:22 N/A
19 San Francisco Boys and Girls Choirs N/A 1:21 N/A
18 Barry Manilow N/A 1:34 N/A
17 Leslie Easterbrook N/A 1:33 N/A
16 Diana Ross N/A 1:38 N/A
15 Helen O’Connell N/A 1:22 N/A
14 Cheryl Ladd N/A 1:18 N/A
13 The Colgate Thirteen N/A 1:19 N/A
12 Phyllis Kelly N/A N/A N/A
10 Tom Sullivan N/A 1:54 N/A
9 New Orleans Chapter of the Society for the Preservation of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America N/A 1:22 N/A
8 Charley Pride N/A 1:10 N/A
7 Little Angels of Chicago’s Holy Angels Church N/A 1:12 N/A
6 US Air Force Academy Chorale N/A 1:10 N/A
5 Tommy Loy (on the trumpet) N/A 1:13 N/A
4 Doc Severinsen (on the trumpet) and Pat O’Brien (spoken) N/A 1:26 N/A
3 Lloyd Geisler (on the trumpet) N/A 1:27 N/A
2 GSU Tiger Marching Band N/A N/A N/A
1 The Pride of Arizona, Michigan Marching Band & UCLA Choir N/A 1:16 N/A

The performance of the national anthem at the Super Bowl really took a turn with Whitney Houston at Super Bowl 25. Houston’s anthem went for 1 minute and 56 seconds and we’ve only seen one performance go less than 1 minute and 30 seconds since then – Jewel at Super Bowl 32, who went for 1 minute and 27 seconds.

Prior to Houston, the average length was just 1 minute and 23 seconds.

Super Bowl National Anthem Trends and Facts

Here are a handful of fun facts and trends we’ve unearthed:

  • The longest Super Bowl national anthem performance was Alicia Keys at Super Bowl 47, when she went on for 2 minutes and 36 seconds
  • The shortest Super Bowl anthem performance goes to Neil Diamond at Super Bowl 21, when he only took 1 minute and 2 seconds
  • All Super Bowls considered, the average Super Bowl national anthem length is 1 minute and 43 seconds
  • Since Whitney Houston’s performance at Super Bowl 25, the Super Bowl anthem average length has increased to 1 minute and 57 seconds
  • Since betting lines have been offered, the average Super Bowl national anthem performance has been 2 minutes
  • The over on national anthem length is just 8-7-1 in 15 years
  • The over on national anthem length has cashed in three of the last four Super Bowls
  • The national anthem has gone over 2 minutes in seven of the last ten Super Bowls
  • Though Whitney Houston started the trend of drawn out anthems, Tom Sullivan was the first to really extend the Star-Spangled Banner, coming in at 1 minute and 54 seconds in Super Bowl 10 – it’s the only performance that went over 1 minute and 30 seconds until Super Bowl 16
  • The average anthem length in Super Bowls hosted in Arizona is 1 minute and 51 seconds. The three previous performances were: Idina Menzel in Super Bowl 49, who went for 2:04 to cash the over on her 2:02 betting line; Jordin Sparks in Super Bowl 42, who went 1:54 to go over the 1:47 line; and Vanessa Williams in Super Bowl 30, who only went for 1:35, and there was no betting line. The over is 2-0 in Arizona Super Bowls so far.

Here’s a quick, high-level view of the betting results:

Super Bowl National Anthem Over/Under Record

Betting Result Overall Record Record in Last 5 Record When Outdoors
Over 8-7-1 3-2 4-4
Under 7-8-1 2-3 4-4

The national anthem at the Super Bowl has only been available to bet on for 16 years now. In that time, the anthem has gone over eight times, under seven times, and pushed (tied) once.


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The Super Bowl anthem has gone over in three of the last five years.

2023 Super Bowl National Anthem Odds

Prop Betting Line Over Odds Under Odds
National Anthem Length TBD TBD TBD

No artist has been named yet to perform the national anthem at Super Bowl 57 in Glendale, Arizona. When the artist is revealed, betting lines should open up very shortly after.

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