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  • Receive a visualization of how the 2017 MLB season played out.
  • Isolate each team in the divisional graphs, or see them compared to teams trending in the same direction.
  • Looking for most recent World Series odds?

The graphs below, which tracked the 2017 World Series odds for all 30 teams in the majors, were generated by averaging the odds from multiple sources. You can view each team’s odds in isolation or juxtaposed with the rest of their division.



AL East World Series Odds

AL Central World Series Odds

AL West World Series Odds



NL East World Series Odds

NL Central World Series Odds

NL West World Series Odds


The massive difference between the front-runners and bottom-feeders in each division can muddy the graphs above. The graphs below focus on teams trending in the same direction.


Top Contenders World Series Odds

Surprise Contenders World Series Odds

Playoff Teams

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