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Big Brother 17 Odds – Who’s the Early Favorite?

John Benson

by John Benson in News

Jun 19, 2015 · 12:07 PM PDT

Professional poker player Vanessa Rousso will star on Season 17 of Big Brother.

[Pictured: professional poker player Vanessa Rousso, one of the contestants on Season 17 of Big Brother.]


Let the voting begin! The houseguests for Big Brother 17 have been announced.

This season, fans will see the show’s first transgender houseguest (Audrey Middleton) square off with the likes of a professional wrestler, a dentist, a poker dealer, and an interior designer, among many, many others.

Of course, diehard fans are already wondering when (not if) more people will be will be added during the upcoming season, which begins with a two-night premiere on June 24-25 (8:00 PM on CBS).

With the premiere just around the corner and now that we know a little about each contestant, it’s time to take a look at the initial odds to take home the season 17 crown.


Pre-show odds to win Big Brother 17:


Austin Matelson: 5/1

As a professional wrestler, Austin Matelson, 30, knows a few moves. Let’s see if the Woodland Hills, Calif. resident can intimidate his out of eviction.


Audrey Middleton: 7/1

The aforementioned transgendered contestant, Middleton is a 25-year-old digital media consultant who promises to not float, and instead make bold moves and get blood on her hands. We like her already.


Becky Burgess: 10/1

A Denver-based retail manager, Burgess claims to be ultra-competitive. While that may not win her any friends initially, it’s that kind of moxie that could find returning from an eviction.


Shelli Poole: 10/1

Inherently, interior designers make a career out of steering customers into the right choice. That’s why this 33-year-old Georgia native will make fast friends in the house and survive well into the season.


John McGuire: 12/1

Having made it through dental school, the Scranton, Penn. dentist obviously knows a thing or two about handling stress. At the very least, he could make some allies by offering gingivitis screenings.


Vanessa Rousso: 12/1 (PICTURED)

You don’t earn more than $4.5 million in poker winnings by accident. This 32-year-old poker pro clearly knows how to make the right play at the right time. She’ll do just fine this season.


Steve Moses: 15/1

In the looks department, this 22-year-old mechanical engineering student appears overmatched. However, his smarts could end up being a key factor.


James Huling: 15/1

This armed forces veteran, who currently works as a retail associate, has a tailor-made Big Brother resume having grown up in a boys home before being adopted. We’re hoping he becomes the Oliver Twist or, better yet, the Artful Dodger, of reality television.


Clay Honeycutt: 22/1

This former college football player is already complaining about not seeing his family for 90 days. Doesn’t he watch the show? Consider him a longshot.


Jace Agoli: 25/1

Agoli, a 23-year-old personal trainer, is an avid surfer, skateboarder, and snowboarder. Now he hopes to be trapped inside of a house for 90 days. We don’t see that ending well.


Meg Maley: 25/1

When a relatively young contestant says everyone in the house is going to like her, odds are she’s not long for the show. Maley probably lacks the worldliness and gamesmanship to last too long.


Da’Vonne Rogers: 25/1

It’s one thing to be a poker pro; it’s another to be a dealer. While we won’t question the dexterity of Rogers’ fingers, we aren’t sure she’ll be able to tell who’s bluffing the way Rousseau will.


Jason Roy: 33/1

Every season there’s a houseguest everyone hates. Meet Roy, a 25-year-old supermarket cashier from Swansea, Mass., who claims to have a big mouth and never shies away from conflict.


Liz Nolan: 35/1

The emotional, Miami-based marketing coordinator, 23, said she’s not looking forward to sharing a bathroom. This pretty face won’t be a houseguest for long.


(Photo credit: photo by flipchip/lasvegasvegas.com [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons. Photo has been cropped.)


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